Yoga gifts

    Finding a gift for a yogi can seem like a difficult task with Yoga being such a big part of there life, which is why we have scoured through the internet to list out all the best yoga gifts out there!

  1. 108 Asanas Flashcards

    Never forget your asanas or poses with these helpful flashcards. Each card has the phonetic Sanskrit name of the asana with its English translation, description, category and a symbolic figure on one side, while the other side depicts the asana with helpful illustrations and notes on how to realise it. This is the ideal gift for a yoga teacher or an advanced enthusiast!

  2. Amazonite Mala Beads Yoga Bracelet

    This bracelet is made from carefully selected top quality beads that are polished to make them shine in 17 different color schemes you can choose from based on their aura and energy. There are exactly 108 beads in every bracelet to help the yoga lover in counting the mantras for meditation. It can also be worn as a necklace if desired.

  3. Aromafume 7 Chakra Incense Bricks

    These chakra incense bricks are ash free, low smoke, non toxic and long lasting! This gift set contains 7 Aromafume fragrances that are connected to each of the 7 spiritual centres in your body. Perfect yoga gift who want to open their chakras one by one with the rejuvenating scents of aromatic woods, exotic flowers, natural barks, resins, leaves & more!

  4. Bathroom Decor, Let That Shit Go

    With its straightforward double meaning this beautiful poster brings a powerful punch to your bathroom through the explicit maxim “Let That Shit Go”. It features a charming line drawing of Buddha sitting over a lotus in a yogic posture which symbolises enlightenment. You can customize this gift in 4 different sizes and 8 delightful color themes.

  5. Cairn Snow Globe

    This snow globe is perfectly suited for the yoga lover who values a calm mind. It is the perfect desktop accompaniment at any busy workplace to bring the mind back to tranquility with the help of its balanced stones which represent a perfect alignment of thoughts and mind. Give this gift of stillness and balance to add a bit of zen to any shelf or desk.

  6. Chakra Tapestry Wall Hanging

    This psychedelic tapestry is mind-blowing in its yogic appeal! Its chakra energy is oozing out from its center towards the outer edges and overflowing into the outside world. It comes with Velcro and hooks for easy hanging. It is made with high quality polyester fabric for the perfect look. Its color and patterns will instantly take your yoga lover into another world.

  7. Hand of Buddha Jewelry Stand

    You will be hard pressed to find a more graceful jewelry stand than this Hand of Buddha carved from sustainably harvested Sheesham wood. According to the ancient yogic belief this particular hand gesture brings spiritual progress, creates peace and establishes benevolence. Gift this to the yogi whose life you want to fill with Buddha’s transcendent treasure.

  8. Harmonising Gemstone Mandala

    Mandalas are ancient geometric patterns developed to bring spiritual and physical harmonisation into the life of every meditator and yoga practitioner. This handmade gem studded mandala works that same effect with more power. It combines the energies from such beautiful gemstones as Amethyst, Agate, Malachite, Tiger Eye, Red Quartz and Obsidian into one spellbinding wall decor!

  9. How To: Yoga Coffee Mug

    This How To Yoga Mug has pictographs of all the prominent yoga poses along with their related chakras, Sanskrit names and translations. Not only practical and useful but also fun, this mug comes with an authentic yoga mat coaster! This gift will easily cheer up the yoga lover in your life with its unique appeal.

  10. Mandala Flower Wall Clock

    This majestic wall clock features a large mandala which can evoke instant positivity and relaxation response. A useful tool for helping you on your yogic journey, this wooden clock has a hypnotic appeal that will inspire feelings of calm well-being. Its silent quartz mechanism will ensure there won’t be any distracting tick-tock sound!

  11. Mindful Yoga Mugs

    These stoneware mugs are hand crafted by the artist JoAnn Stratakos specifically for people with a yogic lifestyle. They are available in 3 different colorful designs, one with Om written in Sanskrit, one with an abstract illustration of a meditating figure, and one with a yogi in front of a lotus bloom. These mugs perfectly capture the earthy serenity of yoga.

  12. Modern Yoga Mood Lamp

    This 3D night lamp features an abstract figure sitting in a meditative stance to create a calming effect in the dark. Its light runs through 7 different color modes and a multicolor mode which can be selected with a tap of hand. The 3D effect in this mood lamp is actually just a persistent illusion, like the whole of reality in a yogi’s mind.

  13. Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

    This high tech gadget tunes into your brain to collect EEG based real-time neurological data. It then sends you sensory input so that you’ll know definitely when your mind is calm and when it is not. This gift will take the guesswork out of meditation and send your yoga lover right into the soaring heights of meditative ecstasy with minimum effort.

  14. Perdontoo Men Women Cotton Harem Yoga Pants

    These remarkable pants can be worn by people of all genders and ages. They have a stretchy elastic fitted waist and are comfortably wide to perform all of the yoga poses and routines with ease. This splendid gift is ready to make a perfect addition to your yoga lover’s wardrobe as it is available in 6 different sizes and 3 unique styles.

  15. Personalized Yoga Mat Holder

    This elegant yoga mat holder is handmade from superior quality pine wood in the United States. It comes in 3 different finishes: Natural, Dark Walnut and Mahogany to match the aura of any room. You can personalise it with a name, slogan or design which will be engraved on its front. Best gift for the special yogi in your life who carries a mat or two!

  16. Quan Jewelry Handmade Yoga Necklace

    This gift of jewelry will go beautifully well with rest of the yoga gear of your yoga lover. It comes in a unique vintage manila envelope with the quote “Beathe it all in, Love it all out” written in an alluring font. This elegant handcrafted necklace features the classic scorpion pose performed inside a heart pendant. It will look stunning on any outfit!

  17. Rainbow Chakra Yoga Mat

    This Rainbow Chakra tapestry can be used as a yoga towel mat for Hot Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini, Yin and Restorative Yoga. It can also be used as a yoga themed curtain, shawl or wall decoration! Its amazing design features all the 7 chakras with their traditional symbols printed on top of radiant rainbow colors.

  18. Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench

    Shirshasana or headstand is the king of yoga poses and also the most scary. This yoga bench will turn that scariness into joy with its unique support system by providing comfortable grip for your hands and cushion support for your shoulders and head. Made with Beech wood this ergonomic yoga gift can also be used for a number of other exercises involving Pilates and aerobics.

  19. Terrarium Yoga Bunny

    Cast in high quality designer resin this captivating bunny in a Namaste pose is hand painted and sculpted in amazing detail to evoke feelings of sublime beauty. It’s the best gift for the peaceful yogi in your life who loves to smile. It can be used as a decorative statue on the fireplace mantel, or in a garden underneath a tree.

  20. The Ohm Gnome

    A classic and delightful gift, this adorable Ohm Gnome will bring robust serenity to your home and garden. It features a lovable bespectacled garden gnome dressed in a red cap, blue cardigan, jeans and boots in incredible detail, sitting in the yogic Dhyana Mudra which is the quintessential posture of meditation. It is a truly wonderful gift for any yoga lover!

  21. The Yoga Garden Game

    This Parent’s Choice award winning game is designed to teach kids the basics of yoga. Its objective is to plant a flower in the garden before the night falls and in this process the players will learn various classic yoga postures and creatively invent their own! This cute and colorful gift will win the hearts of all the little yogis.

  22. The Yogis Journal

    Yoga is about the internal life as much as it is about the external life and this unique gift brings attention to the internal life of the yogi by providing guidance towards all aspects of yogic thinking and intentions throughout their day to create a tranquil space for love and gratitude. It comes with a bunch of free bonuses to make the maximum impact!

  23. ThinkFun Yoga Spinner Game

    This fun game of balance and flexibility is inspired by the yoga poses that can be performed by children from ages 5 and above. Its gameplay will help strengthen the mind and body of the players and create a motivation for working together towards shared goals. This award winning game is the best gift for future yogis in the making!

  24. URBNFit Yoga Wheel

    This gift is for the advanced practitioners of yoga who want to realise their maximum potential. This cutting edge yoga prop will help you achieve mastery over the most challenging yoga asanas of all time. It is made from extra durable, truly reliable and super comfortable material and is extremely useful in improving balance, flexibility and releasing muscle tension.

  25. Yoga Dice

    This gift box contains a set of 7 wooden dice, one for each chakra of your body, printed with pictorial representations of different yoga poses such as Downward Facing Dog, Warrior, Seated Forward Bend, Cobra Pose and more. The concept is simple – throw the dice and enact the resulting 7 poses, and you’ll have your practice session for the day!

  26. Yoga Soap

    Yoga soap is for inner peace and outer freshness, for your daily shower salutation! This funny novelty soap is actually very good for the skin as it is made from vegan friendly bath oil and scented with a fresh lavender perfume. It will prepare your body for a day full of Namaste and lots of yoga. This is the best gag gift for any yoga lover!

  27. Yoga Tube Skirt

    This versatile yoga tube skirt is handmade from very stretchy cotton Lycra. It can be worn over leggings, as a mini skirt, as a top over fringe skirts, or it can even be rolled up and worn as a belt or a head scarf! It is available in 10 different colors and 4 different size options. Best gift for your free spirited granola girl!

  28. Yogeasy Premium Yoga Blocks

    These high quality dense-foam yoga blocks are designed for those strenuous yoga poses that can cause discomfort to your wrists and palms. This thoughtful gift will indicate your singular loving care for the yoga lover who receives it. These “Yogeasy hands” are the perfect ergonomic pads for the people who are never afraid to push their physical boundaries.

  29. Yogi Fun Kids Yoga

    This set of fun games and activities is for introducing kids and families to the wonderful world of yoga! These games can be played inside a house or outside in a group. The gameplay will connect all children to the quiet place that exists within themselves. This gift is for creating a confident and peace loving generation for the future!

  30. Zafu Meditation Cushion

    This meditation cushion in the traditional Japanese Zafu style makes it easy for the practitioners to maintain their meditative posture by keeping the spine straight and chest open. It ensures perfect relaxation during meditation. Its handmade cover is designed with symbolic Indian art and filled with organic buckwheat hulls from upstate New York.