gifts for swimmers

    Swimmers love the water. We love the swimmers. So when buying them something, how can it not be unique or special. This is why we dug deep underwater and found the best gifts for swimmers.


    What does a swimmer not have enough of? Oxygen! Now while we can’t actually buy them oxygen that is not in a can, you can give them this powerbreather that helps them train for longer periods of time without getting stressed. A useful unique gadget for a swimmer? That’s right!

    Powerbreather works by supplying oxygen from outside through the pipes while CO2 and the water is thrown out from the bottom. A simple yet elegant present for a swimmer who wants to practice being underwater for as long as possible.

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    Wristband Tracker

    Swimmers practice daily, they like to keep track of there goals, improvements and sleep. So how about this wristband tracker that tracks all there vitals, syncing everything with the phone and also is waterproof up to 50m.

    The tracker is a perfect gift for any swimmer you know who wants to improve and are working hard at it.

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    Swim Typography Personalized

    Are you looking for a rather something personalized for a swimmer? Then this typography print personalized to them can be perfect. The poster can be personalized with the name and then if you wanted you could frame it before gifting or just send it directly as the poster. We are sure the swimmer will love it.

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    Be swimmer T-shirt

    Whomever you are buying it for, or maybe yourself? Be extra proud of your athletic choice and show the world just how proud you are. This t-shirt is a perfect gift to give any swimmer to let them know, you know how awesome they are.

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    Swimmer Wall Art

    T-shirt too small? How about a giant art across there living room? This art piece will bring together the entire room of any athletes house together. Convey the art of the water and the feeling of rush. Printed on canvas, the art feels exquisite to touch and premium to see.

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    Floating Speaker

    How about a present of music with them while they swim laps. Keep them motivated with there favorite music right there with them in the swimming pool. This waterproof, floating Bluetooth speaker can keep them company while they swim hard and fast across the pool. It’s got an inbuilt 10w speaker for them clear music in the pool and comes with Bluetooth 4.0 which uses less battery and doesn’t sacrifice music quality. A perfect gift for anyone?

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    Waterproofed iPod Shuffle

    If the speaker is not your favorite choice of music playback, you can also get this waterproofed iPod shuffle, specially designed for swimmers for them. It is waterproof down to 210 feet and 1-year warranty provided by waterfi. You can also add waterproof headphones when purchasing the iPod and complete the set to gift.

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    Swimmer Medal Holder

    Do you want to push the swimmer in your life to achieve more and motivate them to get all the medals in the world? Well, where are they going to keep all those medals? How about this achievers challenge medal holder that will showcase all their amazing medals for everyone to see and every time they come back for memories they will be reminded of how you motivated them with this gift.

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    Smart Swim Lounger

    Gone are the days of blowing up lame floaters because now you can have this smart lounger with Bluetooth. Its got an inbuilt Bluetooth music system so you can just lay around in the pool and enjoy the music. Although the price is a bit on the higher side it is a perfect way for a swimmer to relax in the place they love spending most of their time. Just blow it up, set up the Bluetooth and you are good to go.

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