There are many occasions when you have the need to express or showcase your romantic feelings to your man with a gift. It may be your anniversary, his birthday, Valentine’s day, a going away or a welcoming back. If you want the best gift for your lover then you need to keep in mind his personality, his taste, his fashion sense, his desires and your closeness to him.

    Whether it is a new boyfriend, an old lover, or a lifelong soulmate, you will find something in this list of romantic gifts for him that will touch his heart, excite him or make him laugh with you!

  1. ABS Frame Papercut Light Box

    A magical wonderland of closeness and romance will be created in your room when you turn on this LED night light. This artwork features a beautiful scenery of mountains and lake with two lovers standing hand in hand under a tree, looking at the beautiful crescent moon and starry night sky. This gift’s light will shine right through your lover’s heart.

  2. AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

    If music be the food of love, play on with this waterproof, crystal clear sound producing machine. Take this with you to your adventure trips together or use it on your romantic settings to enjoy its full 360 degree immersive soundscape. It can play for 15 hours in all weather conditions and is extremely durable like your relationship!

  3. Best Boyfriend Ever Memory Book

    This memory book is printed with cute, romantic illustrations, loving quotes, artwork and stickers to help you organize all your cherished moments together in an unforgettable anniversary gift. It has helpful placeholders for sticking photos and for writing lists of your favorites. It even has love coupons that you can give to each other.

  4. Custom I Love You Comic Strip Gift For Boyfriend

    Comics are great fun, but imagine the fun your beau will feel when he finds out that this comic is about you and him! Hand drawn by a very talented comic book artist, this gift will capture the spirit of the singular romance that exists between you and your lover. A gift he will cherish forever!

  5. Customizable Bluetooth LED Glasses

    These beautiful sunglasses will electrify your night when you turn them on from your phone. You can feed them any text, design or animation and it will be flashed across their LED lenses continuously, enlivening the surroundings wherever you go! A must have gift for the fun loving romantic man in your life.

  6. Date Night Box Set

    This is a set of 3 different card decks each for a different level of intimacy: talk, flirt or dare! Talk is the most basic and dare is the most sexy level. The rules of this game are simple and the cards are fun to light up your conversations or to heat things up quickly. Your lover will love this dash of spark from you!

  7. Engraved Pocket Knife

    This magnificent handmade pocket knife comes engraved with your lover’s name on its handle. Its precision knife is made from stainless steel and it has a wooden handle with a belt clip. It looks robust and is built for heavy use. Your lover will fondly remember you every time he uses this great tool. You can choose from 5 different fonts for the engraving!

  8. Engraved Wooden Leather Watch With Photo

    This incomparable watch is the perfect gift for staying on your lover’s mind all the time. Just send a photo of you two which will be printed on the dial and a message which will be engraved on the back of this beautiful wooden wrist watch with a classic leather strap. This gift is durable and resilient like your relationship!

  9. Entwined Hearts Decorative Metal Wall Cross

    “And the two will become one, so they are no longer two, but one.” -Mark 10:8. This artwork beautifully captures the Christ’s message of love in a stylish metal crucifix that has two hearts entwined together in loving unity. This sublime gift is perfect for your religious lover or spiritual soulmate.

  10. FEDPOP Men’s Sexy Underwear

    Made with comfortable mesh fabric this transparent underwear can be chosen with a hearts or kisses print in black or red color. Give it to your lover as a provocative outfit that he can wear exclusively for you and you can literally stare at his excitement in it! Make him jump with joy with this gift!

  11. Forever My Superman Mug

    Every man can’t be the Superman, but every man wants his ladylove to think of him as one. Assure your lover that he is indeed your Superman with this white ceramic coffee mug which shows Superman carrying a bunch of flowers and two cloudy hearts rising up in the air. “Forever My Superman” proclaims this romantic gift for the one you love.

  12. Fury Bros.. Black Beard Man Candle

    A perfumed candle may sound like an unusual gift for men, but don’t worry, this candle is an exceptionally great gift for your man! Take a look at this dreadful tin of Black Beard candle which smells like sulfuric gunpowder and has an aged woodsy aroma, its manliness is already reeking out! This vegan friendly candle is hand poured in the USA.

  13. Hug This When You Miss Me Pillowcase

    Guys may not like hugging a soft toy and won’t like to be seen with one, but this stylish pillowcase will bring them the same comfort without making them look unmanly. This tender gift will remind them of you in a sexy cuddlesome way. Made with top quality cotton canvas this cover will endure the tightest hugs without any damage.

  14. Humping Animals Adult Coloring Book

    Outrageously funny, this coloring book is pushing the boundaries of art with hilarity and sexiness. Give this mischievous gift to your boyfriend to release his inner creative passions with colors on paper. It is sure to set his mind right irrespective of whether he thinks too little or too much about sex.

  15. Inflatable Push Bumpers Sparring for 2 Players

    Playing spar as adults is a fun activity that will eventually lead to you falling upon each other or running into each other’s arms. This inflatable set of push bumpers will give you that sparring excitement right in your backyard or a beach. This is good exercise and intimate fun wrapped into one perfect gift.

  16. Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat

    Give your lover the perfect bliss every day with this 3 dimension deep kneading heated massage pillow! Put this shiatsu on your bed, strap it to your car seat or your favorite chair, switch it on and let it work its magic on your muscles. Its heat turns off automatically after 20 minutes to prevent overuse.

  17. Love Heart Crew Socks with Custom Photos

    This is a simple idea but a great gift. You can have your face printed along with your lover’s on these delightful crew socks. Just upload a photo of you two and choose from the 19 different color options. Your faces will be extracted from your photo and printed with a romantic heart design on high quality socks that are super comfortable to wear.

  18. Maad Romantic Novelty Toilet Paper

    This crazy gift is perfect as a funny gag on your lover’s birthday. Each sheet of this TP is printed with a happy pile of shit and bright red hearts! Its cheerful message spells out “Happy Birthday! I love the shit outta you!” Its colors and print are skin safe and will cause no irritation on your bum.

  19. Man Bar Soap Set

    Give your lover this set of Man-soaps to coddle him with the manly scents of Serbian Fir, Exotic Musk, Sandalwood, Silver Sage and Bergamot. These soaps will give him deep cleansing, hydration and revitalization of body to make him look younger and feel refreshed for love. Best gift to get him ready for romantic love making.

  20. Naughty Hammer

    So you want to declare your love for your favorite man’s tool? Hammer it down with this wicked gift! It’s a 16 oz. 12″ long, strong hammer, with a durable straight grain hardwood handle. It is personalised with the message, “Honey, I love it when you nail me” printed with outdoor grade vinyl and sealed so it won’t come off easily.

  21. One Heart Down Beanie and Scarf Set

    This scarf and beanie set is an amorous gift for your gaming lover. Give him the warmth of your love with its One-Heart-Down design which has 3 pixelated hearts out of which two are red and one is grey, signifying what you have already taken from them. It comes packaged in a cute little gift box to win your lover’s heart.

  22. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

    Give your lover the most immersive sound experience with this 4D stereo surround sound headset. Its ergonomic design is super comfortable and looks extremely eye-catching with the camouflage print and LED lights. Perfect for gaming, listening to music and films. Cuddle up with him while he enjoys the experience of this gift!

  23. Personalized Cuff Links

    These cuff links will not only make your lover look sharp and suave but will also give him an excuse to wear them more often as a way to keep you in fond remembrance. You can personalise them with an engraving of your name and a message in your own handwriting! You can buy them in round or square style in Steel or Rose Gold color.

  24. Romantic Dog Tag Pendant

    This romantic military tag is the perfect symbol of undying love with its beautiful quote and image of two lovers in a sweet embrace. This is the best gift for a veteran or a recruit who possesses a part of your soul no matter where you are or how far apart. It is hand stamped on heavy-duty stainless steel making it a long lasting gift.

  25. Sex Checks: 60 Checks for Maintaining Balance in the Bedroom

    This gift is for your intimate lover with whom you share the bedroom. It contains sex checks issued by the “World Bank of Savings and Love” that he can cash anytime from you or you from him. With 30 IOUs and 30 UOMEs you can easily get back what you have given and maintain the perfect balance in your erotic and romantic life.

  26. The Grand Cookie and Chocolate Filled Toolbox

    This is a toolbox full of freshly baked cookies and chocolates in the shape of various tools like hammer, hand saw, wrench and nuts and bolts! More than any other chocolate box this one is best suited for your manly man who loves working in his tool-shed or bears a tough exterior with a sweet romantic heart inside.

  27. USB Authentic Mixtape-Retro Personalized

    Mixtapes used to be the highest expression of love in the 90s. This gift gives them a new life by bringing new technology to the scene. Give your lover the rush of strong romantic nostalgia with this retro-cassette encased thumb drive which you can fill with your carefully chosen songs, videos or photos.

  28. With You I’m Home

    This charming camping scene is created by the artist Rachel Kroh to evoke the feeling of belongingness in lovers. Its simple message “With You I’m Home” conveys the fact that home is not tied to any building or place, but to the person with who makes you feel loved. This hand carved woodblock print is the perfect gift for your soulmate.