Ricky and Morty is one of the most popular shows in the world, the sitcom has a huge fanbase and if you are looking for a gift inspired by the show for a fanboy or a fangirl, you’ve come to the right place. We have a manifold of options that are diverse and you could take your pick from the exhaustive list.

    25 amazing unique gifts that are sure to excite and entice the quintessential Ricky and Morty fan!

  1. Collectors Box

    rick and morty gifts giftbox

    The Ricky and Morty collector’s box is an assortment of everything you would like from the show. The quality of the products is amazing with detailed graphics that is sure to win over any super fan. It is an officially licensed product so be rest assured that this box is blessed by Ricky and Morty themselves.

  2. Einstein Cup

    rick and morty gifts coffee cup

    A geeky and an unique cup with an eccentric design, it doubles as a decor for your place. Its handmade and Einstein Rick is sculpted beautifully with an animated look. It is a multi purpose cup and could be used to house things that geeky Rick would find useful. It is indeed an amazing gift and one that people would cherish.

  3. Glow in the dark tee

    rick and morty gifts tshirt

    This glow in the dark tee is uber cool and lots of fun. The black color makes almost everybody look good, while Rick’s glow is sure blow people away in the dark. The fabric used is of amazing quality making it comfortable to wear while pulling off the style in swagger.

  4. Inflatable Chair

    rick and morty gifts bean bag

    This Pickle Rick chair is weirdly attractive and you are almost forced to take notice of how well its made. It’s eccentric and dorky, handpicked for the quintessential Ricky and Morty super fan while the quality of the chair is amazing and ensures you are at ease sitting on a pickle.

  5. Label Pins

    rick and morty gifts pins

    Custom made pins for the die hard Ricky and Morty fans, they are cute, quirky and funny sure to hog all the limelight wherever you go. The pins are handmade with amazing craftsmanship and the detailing on them is absolutely stunning that makes for an exemplary gift.

  6. Mad Max

    rick and morty gifts car toy

    If you are looking for a Ricky and Morty themed gift, look no further. This collectible figure of Ricky as Mad Max is amazing and nothing like you have ever seen before. The detailing on the figure is fabulous, and the figure on the whole could pass as decor, it fits perfectly on any table and is always the center of attraction.

  7. Monopoly

    rick and morty gifts monopoly game

    Your favorite game themed on your favorite show, this is Monopoly with a twist. This officially licensed game is made specially for the Ricky and Morty fanbase and comes with collectibles related to the show. It is sure to be a popular choice on the game nights and makes for the perfect gift.

  8. Motion Lamp

    This Ricky and Morty motion lamp with a space cruiser design will light up the dark and complete the void in the room. Now, hold that thought, its not what it seems and while the design is confusing, it makes for the gift to be unique. A freakishly funny lamp, it is sure to raise their eyebrows when they see it.

  9. Mr. Meeseeks Ankle Socks

    rick and morty gifts socks

    Mr. Meeseeks is one of the most loved characters from Ricky and Morty and he is all over this set of five ankle socks. Quirky and dorky, the design of these socks would bring back memories of the show and sit well with the fanbase. Cute, cool and comfy, these socks make for an amazing gift.

  10. Mr. Meeseks Hat

    rick and morty gifts beanie

    Cute, appealing and fun, this hat is everything a Ricky and Morty fan needs. The handmade crochet hat is comfortable to wear and has a stylish design that grabs attention wherever you go. A vibrant color code which matches your apparel and immaculate details that adds to the beauty, this is a must have in your closet.

  11. Pendant

    rick and morty gifts pickle keychain

    Da Pickle Pal Glass Acorn Pendant is handmade with a glossy finish. The design and the detailing of the pendant is unmatched and the finish is beautiful. It’s weird with a sneered face and would endear the Ricky and Morty fans.

  12. Pickle Rick

    rick and morty gifts pickle pillow

    This animated soft toy will awaken the Ricky and Morty fan in you. Pickle Rick biting the lip is beautifully brought out and look amazing. The plushie itself is a soft and comfy and when not with a kid doubles as a collectible item and fits right in with the other memorabilia in the shelf.

  13. Projector Pen

    rick and morty gifts pen

    A pen that could project the image of Morty, now that’s the perfect for a Ricky and Morty geek. It’s a fun gift with a funky feature sure to grab attention wherever you use it. The pen is of premium quality and glides smoothly when you write while the design of the pen is amazing with fine detailing.

  14. Rick and Morty mug

    rick and morty gifts coffee cup 2

    A handmade mug specially for the Ricky and Morty fans, this is simply perfect for a gift. The mug has an appealing look, and it crafted beautifully with amazing detailing that will leave you stunned. Enjoy your favorite beverage without worries as Rick handles all the heat and makes sure you have a comfortable grip.

  15. Ricky and Morty Pyrography

    rick and morty gifts plank

    A handmade Ricky and Morty pyrography that gives the popular characters a new look. It is sure to grab all attention with its unique design and the custom made art is beautiful and appealing and for those who aren’t familiar with the show, this pyrography would come across as a piece of art.

  16. Ricky and Morty wallclock

    rick and morty gifts clock

    Geeky and sleek, this wall clock will be don the walls in all its glory and warrant a second look. The design is unique with fine detailing that brings out Rick and Morty beautifully. One for the fans, this gift is sure to excite and mesmerize them reminding them of a glorious show.

  17. Ricky and Morty Whiskey set

    rick and morty gifts whiskey glasses

    The Ricky and Morty whiskey set is sure to roll back memories and remind you of your childhood. The set comes with whiskey glasses and a decanter with the characters of sitcom inscribed on the glass, it looks amazing and the craftsmanship is fabulous enriching your overall drinking experience.

  18. Sheets

    rick and morty gifts bedsheet

    These sheets are simply perfect for the Ricky and Morty superfans, they come with an amazing detailed print, and the funny design of the pillows makes everyone chuckle. You do not compromise on comfort as the sheet set is made from fine premium quality material giving it a long life.

  19. Slippers

    rick and morty gifts slippers

    Dorky yet perky, the Ricky and Morty slippers are sure to bring a smile on your face. Eccentric, they are perfect for domestic use and stand out from the regular boring slippers. They are very comfortable to wear, leaving you wanting more and wishing you could wear them everywhere.

  20. Snuffles Backpack

    rick and morty gifts bag

    A pretty bag with a neat design, this backpack would awaken the Ricky and Morty fan in everyone. The cuteness of Snuffles overshadows the amazing quality of the bag but make no mistake, the backpack is well made and does its job effectively while getting all the attention for its charm and beauty.

  21. Spaceship Coin Bank

    rick and morty gifts spaceship

    If you are kids are huge fans of the Ricky and Morty show, this coin bank is the best way to teach them about savings and finance. The spaceship with an amazing design and wonderful detailing doubles as a collectible item and would fit right in a shelf. A toy for the kids and a memorabilia for an adult, this simply is the perfect gift.

  22. Sweatshirt

    rick and morty gifts sweater

    The Ricky and Morty unisex sweatshirt is dorky and green and those who could pull it off are sure to look mean. The sweatshirt has an unique design and the first thing that catches your attention is the color which is bright and beautiful and makes for a great gift to a Ricky and Morty fan.

  23. The Rick Sanchez Bowtie

    rick and morty gifts bowtie

    A cute and sexy bow tie for the quintessential Ricky and Morty fan, it is sure to turn heads when you walk into a room. Easy to wear and easier to adjust, the bow tie looks amazing and is designed to match most shirts while the detailing on the tie is fabulous. The ‘Rick Sanchez Bowtie’ is sure to add style and swagger to wardrobe collections.

  24. Toy Set

    rick and morty gifts spacestation toy

    A construction toy with great quality and build, you could now build your own spaceship and garage. The Ricky and Morty theme is sure to get the sitcom fans excited, and the complex design of the set makes it a challenging yet fun gift.

  25. Tray

    rick and morty gifts plate

    The Rick & Morty rolling tray is an appealing product with a wonderful design. The detailing on the tray is absoultely amazing and the colors are vibrant. The tray is just perfect for those who struggle to roll and makes their job a lot easier while also satisfying the inner fanboy.