Retirement is one of the most momentous occasions in an individual’s life. For such an all-important occasion, finding the perfect gift the retiree will appreciate can sometimes be a challenge. There are a number of gift ideas you can try out that the retiring father, husband, friend or colleague will really appreciate. They vary from regular items and can be anything from funny, unique, personalized to fit the occasion or special items made specifically for the retiring man. Here are a few retirement gift ideas for men you can try out.

  1. 100 Deadly Skills : Book

    Retirement is just the perfect time to catch up on all the fun and adventures of life but with all the adventure comes great danger as well. Navy SEAL Clint Emerson provides a hands-on practical survival guide to stay safe in a world full of threats of various kinds. Drawn from actual special forces operations, the information detailed in this book will come in handy for evading capture and eluding pursuers among a long list of other potentially life-threatening situation making this book a great read-up for the retiring man.

  2. A Pocket Watch

    This gorgeous steampunk style pocket watch gift is the perfect gift idea for the retiring man. This Beautiful and fully functioning antique styled bronze, wind up pocket watch is everything the retiree man needs and more, a lovely gift for the man who appreciates antique fashion. This open-faced style watch with a diameter of 2 in x 2 inches comes with a sturdy chain and a vintage clasp on one end and a contemporarily styled hook on the other end which makes it easy to attach to your belt loop or your pants pocket. It has a simple polished bronze back and can also be customized with the name of the receiver.

  3. American Legion Plaque

    This lovely American Legion clock is 11” in diameter and made from durable solid oak 3/4” thick. It is custom made to order and can be laser engraved with the receiver’s name for added effect. The clock hands are black spare shaped and the clock movement is smooth and silent. This lovely clock operates on a single AA battery and has a keyhole in the back for easy hanging on the wall. A lovely gift for the retiring gentleman.

  4. Digital Measuring Tape

    Measure the smart way with this unique portable digital tape. Made from polycarbonate plastic, this measuring tape is rugged and highly durable. This weather resistant tape delivers accurate measurement both indoors and outdoors. It has a large digital display, with 3 Memory functions both for the long-term as well as short-term memory hold. It can also be used for carrying out simple US Metric conversions. A good pairing gift with the multi tool pen above.

  5. Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    Make breakfast special for your retiring, husband, father or friend with this sandwich maker. Sandwiches are perhaps, everyone’s favorite breakfast, with this smart and easy-to-use machine, you can prepare sandwiches faster and more easily by simply choosing your bread and layer on the top of all the fresh ingredients you want. You can set up the sandwich maker and go about your business until you hear a beep that tells you your meal is ready.

  6. Frozen Beer Slushy Maker

    Just a few things are as pleasurable for the booze-loving retiree as a nice cold glass of beer. Which is why getting this frozen beer slushy maker as a gift for the retiree makes perfect sense. This battery powered machine helps to turn beer into a whipped frozen foam that makes such a delightful serving on top of your beer. You simply can’t get it wrong with this special gift especially if that retiring friend of yours loves his beer.

  7. Funny Birthday Card

    Deliver a witty message to that old retiree with this unique card. The folded card reads “you are just so old” but wait till the receiver unfolds the card and reads the wonderful message it contains and sees their face light up. The unfolded card reads “You are just so youthful. Good-looking, also, so I’m sure you’ve been told.” Get this beautiful card for that special retiree and get a lovely smile on their face in return.

  8. Get Off My Lawn Sign

    That old retiree of yours will definitely be spending more time at home now. Help him scare off the “annoying kids” and other unwanted guests with this funny “Get Off My Lawn” sign. This 18 by the 4-inch wooden sign is made from solid reclaimed pine and hand painted in dark forest green perfect for the retiree who wants to embrace his inner grouch now that he is retired.

  9. Handmade Wooden Docking Station

    This wooden docking station is a lovely and unique gift idea for the retiring man you love. This docking station can serve a variety of purposes including being used as a charging station for your phone as well as for holding your wristwatch, key, chains among other personal items in its various compartments. It is beautifully detailed, carefully sanded and hand painted with acrylic lacquer and can also be personalized with the receiver’s name to make it all the more special for the retiree you are getting it for.

  10. Heat-Sensitive Color Changing Mug

    Ceramic mugs are common gift items but not this one. This smart, heat sensitive mug has everything you want in a regular mug and more. Not only is it handy, sturdy, and durable, it is also decorated with a Heat-sensitive color changing ink which forms a Wi-Fi logo design that turns blue when your hot drink gets cold enough for you to enjoy. With this mug, you can never get scalded when taking your favorite beverage.

  11. Liquor Decanter

    This beautifully handcrafted decanter fits perfectly on every wine shelf. This 1150ml decanter is perfect for holding various drinks like whiskey, bourbon, scotch, cognac, brandy and other types of spirit. Asides from being Lead-Free, making it safe for health, this decanter is also quite beautiful with an intricately handcrafted ship; the Constellation1797 in striking detail sitting right inside of it with. It is made from hand-blown glass that helps to display your drink beautifully while keeping your favorite alcohol well preserved, preventing evaporation. It also has a stainless steel spigot with a leak-proof adjustable seal for easy flow.

  12. Meat Thermometer for Grill And Cooking

    Grilling is hard work on its own, having to bother about not burning or under cooking your meat and ruining your steak can make it even harder. But not anymore with this special red meat thermometer. With this digital meat thermometer, the man at the grill can confidently cook to perfection. The thermometer is easy to use. You simply insert the tip inside the food and you get your accurate reading within mere seconds. It has a waterproof body and also has a back light for easily taking your readings.

  13. Mechanical Retro Flip D?wn clock

    The younger generation might not appreciate the beauty of a flip down clock from the seventies, but that retiring old man of yours will understand and appreciate the beauty of it. Which is why this digital, mechanical retro styled, flip down clock is an awesome gift idea. Not only does it tell the time accurately using Energy-saving quartz movement, but it also has a stylish appearance which makes it a lovely home decorative item as well.

  14. Money Tie

    Get this cute and creative gift for your retiring dad, friend or husband. This colorful tie is inscribed with old play money denominations from property trading board games that will strike a chord if you are a board game enthusiast or just something to bring a smile to there face with a unique gift.

  15. Mustache Mug

    More than just a Mug for holding your favorite beverage, this beautiful 13 oz. ceramic mug comes with a special Moustache guard which helps to protect your upper follicles from getting stained with the drink. It is durable, and easy to clean and comes with a lovely design that makes it a super attractive addition to the retired man’s mug shelf, or coffee table.

  16. Retiree Definition : T-shirt

    Who is a retiree? Answer that question in style with this lovely T-shirt. Made from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton (or polyester for the heather colors), this lovely t-shirt comes with an inscription that speaks loads about the easy life of a retiree. This lovely shirt is soft, light-weight and provides just the right amount of stretch making it absolutely comfortable for the men of all sizes.

  17. Retirement Celebration Glass

    Celebrate retirement in style with this special drinking glass. This lovely 16 oz. pint drinking glass is perfect for holding your beer or any other beverage of your choice. It comes with an etched “I’m retired” inscription rather than a painted one which guarantees extra durability. Along with the etched inscription is the image of a man showing the middle finger. It’s a perfect fun gag gift for your retiring friend or family member.

  18. Retirement Keychain

    A Keyring might be an everyday item, but you can get this special one as a retirement gift for that retiring man you cherish. This stainless steel keychain comes with an antique silver monkey charm, with a laser engraved “not my circus” charm and a silver stainless steel bar charm with the “happy retirement” inscription among other lovely charms you can add depending on your preferences. It’s a simple and beautiful gift idea he will totally love.

  19. Retirement Mug

    Help that retiring man make a loud statement with this special retirement mug. This 10 Oz mug has both sides printed in a grey, grainy font so the message is always visible whether you are left handed or right handed. The sly text reads “So Fucking Retired”, a bold statement from the old retiree. A great gift idea for that retired dad, husband, friend or colleague.

  20. Samurai Umbrella

    Stay dry in unique style with this awesome Samurai Umbrella. Unlike regular umbrella, you this special umbrella comes with a Nylon “scabbard” which can be strapped to your back. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap for maximum comfort and a push button for a seamless opening. This lovely umbrella brings out the inner ninja.

  21. Screwdriver Pen Pocket Multi-Tool

    Looking for a lovely gift for a retiring DIY enthusiasts? This multifunctional pen tool will make a lovely retirement gift for him. With a robust design and versatile functionality, it contains 7 different tools in one, including a smartphone stylus, screwdriver, bubble level, a universal ruler, and a Philips flathead bit. It comes in a bright yellow color that makes it easy to find and is also sturdy with a promise of long-term durability.

  22. Smash and Grab Gift Card

    Don’t let the stress of buying a gift for that picky man bother you, gift him a gift card instead. Present a gift card to him in a fun and innovative way. Its two inches of pure concrete for him to totally obliterate to get his gift card. Entertain his inner child and watch him express his macho nature smashing through the concrete block to reveal a code which he can then redeem for the gift card of his choice. It a mixture of fun, innovation and cuteness all in one block.

  23. Tool Belt

    Made of 92% pure leather with the rest of its body all metal, this is more than just an ordinary belt. It has a utilitarian design and comes with multiple tools which makes it perfect for when you are out shredding. It is water-proof and is inbuilt with its own bottle opener which comes in handy for opening your favorite beverage anytime. The buckle system of this belt is also made up of multiple tools such as Flathead and Phillips screwdrivers and Wrenches.

  24. Vintage Guitars Poster Print : Poster

    This lovely poster print is a beautiful visual compendium that takes you on a journey through 75 years of rock “n” roll history with its colorful catalog of 64 famed guitars from Leadbelly’s 12-string guitar to Woody Guthrie’s Fascist-killing machine all rendered in exquisite detail. It’s the perfect gift idea for the music-loving retiree.

  25. Whiskey Decanter

    More than just a Whiskey decanter, this world etched whiskey decanter is a masterpiece. This lovely globe decanter can hold up to 850ml of whiskey and has a vintage sail ship inside it for added aesthetic beauty. it comes with stainless steel stones to help cool your drink quickly without diluting it. It also has a wooden base, and two worlds etched drinking glasses, as well as a metal, pour funnel and glass stopper to keep your favorite drink safe and in perfectly fresh and flavorful condition.