There is no better time to kick back, relax and seek inner peace than in retirement. With all the extra time on her hand, retirement is just the best time for the retiring mom to try out some unique gifts that help her to get soothing relaxation which makes a relaxation themed gift just the perfect choice for her. Here some unique gift ideas that help to achieve a state of calmness and also delivers a special ambiance for the retired mom’s home.

  1. Acupuncture Footwear

    Treat the retiree mom to special stimulating and detoxifying acupressure massage with this Natural Gem Stone Reflexology slippers. This special sandal is made from bamboo, has memory foam soles and uses beautiful gemstones to facilitate static release and enhance relaxation for a better sleep, cheerful walk, and overall healthy living.

  2. Anti Stress Bulb

    This beautiful anti-stress bulb helps to bring the soothing harmony and peace of nature right into the home and create a perfect atmosphere for relaxation. It is made from an actual light bulb, faux plants (which you can replace with natural plants of your choice) and a pack of special stones all of which are guaranteed to help lighten the mood at all times. Simply staring the anti-stress bulb for 15 seconds while taking deep breaths has been proven to be quite effective in calming anxiety while improving focus.

  3. Bathtub Support Board

    Bath time can be a time to relax and enjoy yourself in the soothing water. This relaxation bath board is a lovely way to bring in some fun and enjoy your time in the tub. It comes with a wine glass holder, two recessed holes for holding tea lights and a slot for holding your I pad or iPhone so you can enjoy music or any type of entertainment the retired mother might want in the bath.

  4. Glass Wearers Pillow

    The retiree glasses-donning mom might have a hard time laying down comfortably with her glasses on, but not anymore with this special LaySee Pillow. This comfortable pillow is made with natural latex filling for improved comfort and has a smooth and supple outer surface made with Tencel which is perfect for even the most sensitive skins. Watching T.V., reading, or simply lounging around with glasses on is a lot easier with this lovely pillow.

  5. Heng Balance Lamp

    Gift the retiring woman this beautiful lamp which is a blend of classical and modern technology and everything in between. Unlike regular lamp, the Heng Balance Lamp does not use a switch, instead You switch the lamp on using magnetic balls which keep themselves balanced in the middle. What you get is perfectly bright and warm light which is safe for your eyes and delivers the perfect ambiance to the home of the retiring mother.

  6. No Cut Gloves

    For the retired woman that loves to cook, this special cut resistant gloves offer a unique way to cook with greater confidence. These special gloves have an ergonomic design which offers extreme comfort and improved flexibility when cutting, slicing or chopping with a knife or handling any other type of sharp object.

  7. Over the sink Easy Kitchen Board

    With this lovely item, you are gifting two kitchen items in one to the retiree mom; a durable, non-porous cutting board made from odor resisting material that doesn’t dull your knives and a removable silicone strainer which has a 2.5-quart capacity and can be collapsed flat for easy storage

  8. Phone Magnifier

    Movie night just got better with this phone screen magnifier with a unique retro-styled TV design. The device is easy to use. You simply place your mobile device in the slot at the back of the magnifier and align it with the phone stand, you can project whatever you want to watch on the large 8-inch screen with 2x magnification. The retired mom will feel satisfied with the feeling of watching TV from back in the 60’s and 70’s you get with this magnifier.

  9. Quick Sushi Roller

    Whether for a pro chef or an amateur retiree mom that loves to cook, this easy to use Sushi Maker is perfect for making elegant sushi at home and can also come in handy for making any type of rolled food as well. A lovely gift for the retired mom that loves to spend time in the kitchen.

  10. Rainbow Knives

    This lovely gift item for the retiree mom contains a set of 5 Elegant chef-quality Knives. Each of the knives is made from highly durable stainless steel and is coated with Titanium which gives it a rainbow color that creates a unique soothing effect. The knives also have an ergonomic handle for easy and comfortable use.

  11. Soothing Zen Garden

    This unique mini desktop Zen Garden is a perfect gift for the retiree who will love to try out the soothing and calming effect of Aromatherapy in her home. The Zen garden features Lava Rock oil diffuser stones, in a blue base with a lovely metallic spray accent, it also contains Pagoda, artificial plants, golden tree and a small rake for creating designs in the sand. You simply add a few drops of the oil on the stone and it diffuses its soothing fragrance throughout the home creating the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

  12. Spiral Led Lamp

    Give your home a casual or meditative ambiance with this special Spiral LED Table Lamp. This unique spiral-shaped lamp Stands at about 14 inches tall and is about 8.3 inches in diameter. More than just a table lamp, it can also serve as the perfect decorative item as well adorning the reading desk with cool and bright contemporary minimalist lamp of the retiring mom. A lovely gift for the retiree interested in something new and different.

  13. Sun Jar

    This lovely Sun Jar is the perfect way to create a beautiful ambient light for your home and it does so using sunlight. The jar captures a little bit of sunshine during the day and glows on automatically one its night time, but can be switched off if you want to.

  14. Wake Up Alarm

    Improve sleep, energy, and overall wellbeing for the retiree mom with this lovely Light therapy lamp with a natural sunrise alarm clock. With this light therapy lamp, you can relax and drift off to sleep under the dimming light of sunset from the lamp and its soothing sounds. The retired mom also wakes up to the light of the colored sunrise simulation alarm which has been proven to give a refreshing start to a new day.

  15. Yin Yang Zen Garden

    Help the retired mom to relax, relieve stress and pursue inner peace with this unique Tai Chi Pattern Zen Garden. This customizable set comes complete with Buddha statue, rock mini pavilion, a wooden rake and a candle holder for your special soothing scented candle. It is top quality and beautiful Zen garden for the retiree in pursuit of inner peace.