The 90s were a great time for kids and Pokemon was one of the shows responsible for making that era so amazing. We were obsessed with ‘catching em all’ be it in the form of cards or tazos, be it a kid or your uncle, the love for Pokemon is eternal. We have come up with an extensive list of gift ideas exclusively for the Pokemon fanatics sure to get them excited.

    20 wonderful pokemon gifts that are unique and eccentric while being nostalgic for some, they are a great way to show your love and capture their imagination.

  1. Bulbasuar Planter

    This pokemon needs your help to complete the plant bulb on its back and once it is completed, an adorable Bulbasaur planter comes to life and is so cute that you cannot take your eyes off it. A vibrant color and an amazing design, this planter would make the perfect gift for any Pokemon Lover.

  2. Charmander Candle Holder

    A ceramic candle holder that so well designed that it completes the Charmander’s flame when it’s lit. The knight in the shining armor that brightens your place while protecting you from the dark, this Charmander will be by your side spreading cheer and happiness.

  3. Charmander Coin Bank

    A cute, fun and funky coin bank protected by Charmander, this gift will not only win hearts but teach your kids the idea of saving. A cute Pokemon which sits pretty in your shelf while safeguarding the reserves your kids have collected, this makes for the perfect gift.

  4. Crossbody Bag

    This Eevee Satchal is all you need and everything you have been looking for, an amazing design with rustic looks the satchel has fantastic detailing and is sure to catch attention wherever you go. They say ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ and nothing explains that better than this satchel.

  5. Cushion Pillow

    This cute and comfortable cushion is everything you have ever wanted. The design is absolutely fantastic, and the smiling Gengar makes for a great sidekick to have and the handmade cushion is of amazing quality, sure to stand the test of times. Is there a better gift than a cushion with an infectious smile ?

  6. Eevee 3D Night Light

    A cute lamp that takes shape as an adorable Eevee, it’s bright and shining light will illuminate your room and protect you from the gloom, safeguarding you from the darkness and ensuring a peaceful sleep. An innovative design which produces a creative three dimensional effect, this lamp that doubles as decor is a must have for any quintessential Pokemon fan.

  7. Fidget Spinner

    A 3D printed fidget spinner that takes shape in the form of the elusive Staryu Pokemon, this is probably the best gift you could give to anyone obsessed with Pokemon. It is custom made to suit your needs while it spins gracefully at the tip of your fingers.

  8. Magikarp Hat

    A handmade hat that embodies Magikarp and dons your head in all its glory, this beanie is sure to turn heads and the yarn is knit with amazing craftsmanship ensuring absolute comfort. A quirky yet funky gift that would sit well with anyone from a kid to a grandpa, you simply cannot go wrong with this one !

  9. Mega Construx Squirtle vs. Charmander

    A gorgeous lego set that brings the Pokemon to life in a battlefield that is fun to build and is of fantastic quality. Charmander and Squirtle go head-to-head in the arena and despite who wins, it goes down as a victory for you. A gift which is intriguing and amusing, challenging you at every step while it channels your inner Pokemon trainer.

  10. Pickachu Mug

    An adorable coffee mug with an absolutely amazing design, your morning beverage will be served with overloaded cuteness. The cup is made of premium quality material and is microwave safe, while the cup looks a class apart and doubles as a decor when it’s not holding your favorite beverage.

  11. Poke Ball Waffle Maker

    A top of the line waffle iron with a simple design churning out waffles that take the shape of sophisticated Pokeballs, this waffle maker is the perfect gift for any Pokemon fanatic. Your daily breakfast served with a twist and a whole lot of amusement, the Poke ball waffles are easy to make while the waffle iron itself is undemanding and effortless to clean.

  12. Pokedex Key Holder

    A handmade wooden Pokedex that functions as a key holder, you would be forgiven if you mistook the beautifully crafted wood for a decor. The design of the key holder perfectly mimics a Pokedex, and the amazing detailing would grab your attention right from the moment you set sights on it. Wouldn’t this make just the perfect gift for those who are obsessed with Pokemon ?

  13. Pokemon Hard Cover Notebook

    This limited edition notebook with an amazing cover makes for the perfect gift for any Pokemon geek. The graphic representation of the Charmander dreaming of evolving into Charizard is brought out so well that you could mistake it for a piece of art while the quality of the paper, and the sturdy build of the notebook ensures that it does its job wonderfully well and it’s not all about the looks. Well, some might still buy it simply for the looks, the design of the hard bind cover is mesmerizing to say
    the least.

  14. Pokemon Hooded Towel

    A vibrant hooded towel so comfortable, you would be forgiven if you mistook it for an apparel. The amazing design is inspired by Pikachu and looks absolutely adorable. This towel is sure to appeal to anyone who is a Pokemon fan and intrigue those who aren’t. Who doesn’t love a little kid wrapped in a towel with the Pikachu hoodie ?

  15. Pokemon Rolling Pin

    A premium quality rolling pin which adds a twist to the plain simple dough and makes baking a whole lot interesting. The design of the rolling pin is amazing and has Pokemons engraved in it with fantastic detailing. The cookies you make and the pastries you bake are sure to turn heads and amuse people and the Pokemon studded treats are sure to be in demand.

  16. Slakoth Plushie

    A cute plushie that is super soft and uber cool, this Slakoth would be right by your side while you laze around and look pretty in the shelf when you don’t need it. It is made with premium quality material and is very comfortable to cuddle, while it is designed beautifully and could easily pass by as a decor making it the perfect gift for the eternal Pokemon fan.

  17. Snorlax Bean Bag

    An extraordinary bean bag that embodies Snorlax in all its glory, this huge bean bag with its eccentric looks will make for an amazing addition to your living room. A high quality bean bag so comfortable that you wouldn’t want to sit anywhere else, this gift to sure to excite and entice the Pokemon fans.

  18. Snorlax Plush Slippers

    Cute and quirky, the Snorlax plush slippers are so adorable that you would to have them on no matter where you are go. Anything but a regular pair of slippers, they are sure to attract attention, and the eccentricity adds to the charm. Comfortable to wear, these slippers will put you at ease and make an amazing gift for the quintessential Pokemon fan.

  19. Squirtle Pokemon Socks

    Quirky, funky and fun, these Squirtle inspired pair of socks are so adorable that you will want to wear them even in the sun. A vibrant color with an amazing design, the socks are of premium quality, and the overloaded cuteness makes it really hard for people to take their eyes off them. Doesn’t it make the perfect Pokemon gift ?

  20. Universal Portable Charger

    An eccentric portable charger that hides in plain sight, this Pikachu will zippy zap your phone to full charge while most people wonder why you carry a Pikachu wherever you go. A cute and adorable gift that makes your life easier, this Pikachu is not a detective, but you would love to have him by your side anyway.