pineapple gifts

    Why give regular, boring gifts when you can get something that can make every day feel like tropical vacation or summertime? Like pineapples?

    Do you know how hard are pineapples to grow? It’s truly insane they are as cheap as they are. Either ways, let’s focus on finding the perfect pineapple gift that somebody who loves this crazy fruit deserves. 

  1. “Be A Pineapple” Quote Canvas Print

    First on the list is a beautiful and motivational artwork featuring a splendid pineapple with the quote, “Be a Pineapple! Stand Tall. Wear a Crown. Be sweet on the inside.” This canvas print is filled with the positivity and glamour of pineapples and is available in five different sizes for a perfect fit on any wall location in your room. It is also printed on high-quality canvas and hand-stretched by professionals in California.

  2. Beautiful Lamp

    Available in gold and silver shades, this mercury glass pineapple lamp features a built-in auto-timer, 6 hours battery life during straight use and auto-start function at preset times. It gives a calming and seductive light, which gently oozes out of the beautiful golden or silver pineapple. It will make a great gift that’ll always catch people’s attention with its creative design.

  3. Chemical Free Soap

    This pineapple-shaped soap will nourish your skin with its rich content of honey and moisture. It’s filled with anti-oxidants, which means slower-aging, fewer wrinkles and less damage to your skin. This soap is also 100% chemical-free, giving your skin its natural glow and healthy look with pineapple goodness that will keep you fresh all day long. This pineapple inspired gift is handmade with love and artistry!

  4. Coffee Mug

    This adorable, handcrafted pineapple mug is perfect for drinking your favorite hot or cold drink — be it pineapple or not. Just the sight of it will definitely increase the pleasure you’ll derive from your drinks! It also works excellently as a table or shelf decoration — or even as a small pot for planting indoor plants.

  5. Drawstring Bag

    sequin bag

    Made from magically reversible sequins, you can change this bag’s color just by running your fingers through it. It’s a small bag with high capacity, measuring 17″ x 13″ and made from high-quality water-resistant oxford cloth, making it perfect for outdoor use. It will keep your laptop, iPad, books, earphones, watches and ID cards safe while playing sports as well.

  6. Earrings

    Delicate and exquisite, these perfectly shaped pineapple earrings will enhance the charm and beauty of any face. Make your girlfriend sparkle with joy with this fine gift of pineapple jewelry from bling crystals and glass stones. This is the perfect jewelry for summer day wear, special occasions and tropical vacations.

  7. Fairy String Lights

    These USB-powered fairy lights can be connected to any laptop, tv or socket for drawing power, so you won’t need to worry about replacing the batteries. Plus, these lights have a soft golden glow that’s perfect for creating the most romantic ambiance. You can use them to decorate your walls, windows, doors, photographs and artworks. They are also rainproof, so you can freely hang them outdoors without any hassle!

  8. Giant Beach Blanket

    Why not relax on a giant pineapple blanket when you go to the beach this summer? This gift will make it very easy for you to do that. Made from skin-friendly microfiber that’s 5 feet in diameter and ultra-soft, this pineapple blanket is perfect for the beach, pool, parties and even concerts. Plus, its special material makes it an effective barrier between your body and the sand.

  9. Giant Pool Party Float

    Kickstart your party with this great looking giant pineapple pool float. Sparkling with vibrant colors and made with raft-grade non-phthalates material, this pineapple pool float can easily carry three adults cuddling each other! This pool float measures 76.5″ x 35.5″ x 7.8″ and feature more than 5x faster inflation and deflation. It also comes with an emergency kit included for worry-free fun.

  10. Measuring Spoons

    This gift is both decorative and functional — a perfect fit for any pineapple lover’s kitchen. These pineapple-shaped measuring spoons are made from zinc with a silver-tone finish for a long-lasting shine. They come in a set of four standard sizes of 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon. The spoon length is 5.25 inches.

  11. Nail Decals

    Show off your pineapple love with this nail art gift idea. It features unique and colorful pineapple designs to give a funky and different look to your fingernails! You can also put these nail tattoos on your toenails to go with your beach sandals for your tropical summer vacations. Order multiple types in bulk to save on the shipping costs.

  12. Neon Sign

    This pineapple-themed LED neon light can serve as an attractive window and room decoration for pineapple lovers out there. It gives a gentle warm glow, perfect for the nighttime romantic ambiance that soothes the mind. It can also be powered by two standard AA batteries or a standard USB cable—a good gift for replacing the boring old desk lamp.

  13. Newborn Receiving Blanket Headband Set

    This pineapple-themed gift is ideal for people who have a newborn baby in their family. This beautiful blanket and headband set is made from 100% Milk Silk fabric, which is extremely soft, warm and breathable for delicate newborn skin. Moreover, this baby blanket’s eggshell bionic design will ensure your infant will have a very stable sleep.

  14. Novelty Bandages

    This pineapple themed bandage pack is not just for show but contains actual medical band-aids you can use to heal your wounds in style! And if you don’t have an injury to heal, you can always use them as cute skin stickers because they look like puffy little colorful pineapples growing on your skin. This gift will make those boo-boos fun again!

  15. Pineapple Slicer

    Pineapple is a great fruit, but it can be difficult to cut it into perfect slices. That’s where this tool comes in. Just cut away the leafy top of your pineapple and attach this pineapple corer to the fruit, gently pushing it down to the bottom. In seconds you will have perfectly shaped pineapple rings for serving and eating without any core or eyes.

  16. Porcelain Pot

    Grow your succulents in style with this pineapple-themed pot, available in 11 vivid shades, including gold, orange, silver and rose. It measures 3.5″ in height and 4″ in width and comes with a natural-looking artificial plant that is very easy to clean—the best gift for a mess and maintenance-free decoration for both indoors and outdoors.

  17. Portable Makeup Bag Organizer

    Here’s the best makeup bag you can give to your gorgeous pineapple lover as a present! This bag is scratch-resistant, durable, water-resistant, and overall the perfect makeup bag that’s big enough for carrying all your cosmetics, toiletries and stationery items in one place—be it lipstick, mascara, sunscreen or even cash and cards. It features a beautiful pineapple pattern on a baby pink background too.

  18. Rocky’s Hot Sauce

    You’ve got to try this sensational hot sauce made with real pineapples that will tingle all your taste buds! Its delicious goodness of hot spices mixed with pineapples creates a unique flavor that will certainly unlock the savor of all your dishes. Tasting is believing, so order one for yourself and give it a try. Moreover, it’s not too hot or too mild, but just right!

  19. Sherpa Blanket

    This stunning pineapple blanket features many pineapples in a bright and trippy pattern that will look good and bring comfort to any room. It measures the right size for two people to snuggle in. It is also made from Sherpa fleece, making it smooth on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to shrinking and wrinkling as well.

  20. Shower Curtain

    Set the right tone for your entire day with this golden pineapples shower curtain made from top quality, water repellent, and easy-care material. It has reinforced grommets and durable hooks, so you will never have to worry about any tearing or breakage that can spoil your day.

  21. Simple Themed Notebook

    This pineapple notebook is perfect as a dream journal for pineapple-minded people. Available in 12 different color options, each one is so vibrant and joyful that you will want to immediately buy the complete set! These fun notebooks measure 8″ x 10″ and include 192 pages of crisp white ruled sheets in each book. Their cover has a premium matte finish, which makes them look so endearing as well.

  22. Solid Copper Tumbler

    Made from 100% genuine miracle metal, this copper pineapple tumbler has a removable top that can act as a decorative mug holder and a copper drinking straw that’ll give you an unforgettable sipping experience. It will naturally keep your drinks cool and looking good. This tumbler is available in three sizes and each piece is coated with food-grade lacquer. It comes in a presentable gift box too!

  23. Special Handmade Bowl

    Here’s a great piece of handmade pottery that is molded from a real pineapple and is finished to produce an unbelievable level of detail. This gift idea is perfect for serving fruits of all sizes, especially during the summertime. Each bowl measures approximately 6″ long, 5″ wide and 2 1/2″ tall, with slight handmade variations in each product.

  24. Stash Box

    This stash box comes with a 60ml ultraviolet-proof glass stash jar, four-piece titanium grinder and a smooth rolling tray. Each item has a trippy metallic pineapple logo with a pineapple design embossed on top as a homage to Pineapple Express. It is also smell proof and features a lock and key for added security! This makes an excellent gift for stoners with nosy parents or roommates.

  25. Sunglasses

    No pineapple lover can resist these novelty sunglasses that will make you look like a pineapple-eyed person. It’s clear lenses offer 100% UV400 protection for your eyes and the frame is very comfortable to wear. It’s an extraordinary gift for Hawaiian dress ups, beach get-togethers and fun-filled parties. These party-starters are one size fits all for most kids and adults as well.

  26. The Fantastic Pineapple (Finger Puppet Book)

    This finger puppet book is the perfect pineapple gift for all parents of cute little toddlers. It features the wish-granting magic pineapple that will teach early humor and language patterns to your kids. The finger puppet pineapple encourages interactive play between the little ones and their parents and helps them with hand-eye coordination and lots of enjoyment!

  27. Themed Necklace

    Want to bring an extra special good luck blessing to your love life? Then this pineapple inspired necklace is a must-have gift for your sweetheart this Valentine’s day! The necklace’s pineapple charm is handmade from brass plated with gold or silver based on your choice and the silver chain has three size options. It comes in an elegant jewelry box ready for gifting as well.

  28. White Tea

    This tea is delicious and a must-try for any pineapple lover. Its mixture is prepared by hand using the best ingredients for a phenomenal flavor profile by carefully combining organic white tea with sweet, succulent dried pineapple chunks. This fruit tea has three different weight options to choose from and its aroma will turn you into a tea addict in an instant!

  29. Wine Bottle Stopper

    Pineapples are naturally designed to be the best wine stopper — except it’s too big. But this product takes care of that problem because it measures the perfect size for a wine bottle stopper. It is made from a durable zinc alloy, which blings like jewelry and comes in a classy gift box.

  30. Women’s Pineapple Jumpsuit

    Get this fabulous pineapple jumpsuit for your next costume party or give it to a friend for a Halloween sleepover. Made from super-soft high-quality fabric, this pineapple onesie is very comfortable to wear even as a sleeping dress. Plus, it has two hand pockets and two zipper pockets for carrying valuables and a matching pair for men if you are buying for couples.