physical therapist gifts

    You’ve come to the right place if you are on the hunt for a gift for a therapist or are looking for the best gifts for someone graduating in physical therapy.

    Health is the greatest strength and you can’t enjoy any of your material wealth if you are not physically fit. That’s why any new physical therapist needs to be congratulated for coming into a profession that enriches the lives of many. This carefully curated list will help you celebrate their achievement through special physical therapist gifts which they can use to show off their newly achieved status, which will prepare them for the next stage in life and which will fill them with courage and enthusiasm!

  1. Awesome Physical Therapist Coffee Mug

    This coffee mug will make your favorite physical therapist feel exceptionally awesome! In a multicolored and multi-font print on a black ceramic mug the message points upwards and reads “This is what an awesome physical therapist looks like!” It is printed on both sides and the mug can hold 11 ounces of any hot or cold beverage. It is dishwasher and microwave safe for easy use.

  2. Best Ever Book of Physical Therapist Jokes

    If there is one thing you need after finishing university to become an outstanding physical therapist it is a good sense of humor! And that’s why this gift is going to be a helpful as well as a hilarious addition in your PT graduate’s life. It contains lots and lots of jokes specially repurposed for physical therapists and their patients!

  3. Bone Shape Ballpoint Pens

    Can you find a better collection of pens to fill your physical therapist’s pen holder!? This set of 8 pens shaped like real human bones will add a definite shocking improvement to the decor of any physical therapist’s office with a crackling bang! These pens have a 0.7mm smooth ballpoint with premium black ink and they are all 5.5 inches in height.

  4. CafePress Physical Therapists Wall Clock

    This unique wall clock is custom made for physical therapists! It shows two happy stick figures, a male and a female, working out and having fun. It reads “It’s all about Motion. Keep Moving. Stay Moving.” Your recent graduate will want this in their new office because it will give them a happy excuse to smile with their patients. It’s 9.5 inches in diameter and comes with batteries included.

  5. GLOBBY Man Stress Reliever

    For someone who is new to the profession, dealing with patients all day long can be extremely stressful. That’s why this unique Globby doll makes for a thoughtful and practical gift that’s also very laughable at the same time! It is 5 inches tall and extremely satisfying to squish because of its durable and firm rubber. Stretch it, smash it, pound it and squash all your frustrations out on him!

  6. goldbabytee Muscle Whisperer Hoodie

    Muscle Whisperer is an apt title for physical therapists because what they do to their patients’ muscles is nothing less than sorcery and magic. This hoodie has the same title printed artistically over a beautiful line drawing of firm hands pressing down upon a patient’s back. It’s available in 4 different colors: Dark chocolate, Navy, Red and Royal, in 8 sizes!

  7. I Make Knotty People Cry Keychain

    A joke that physical therapists and their patients can easily relate to: “I make knotty people cry!” Your recent PT graduate will love to have this therapist key-chain to show off their newly earned status as a professional doctor! The key-chain also features a PT heart charm and its tagline measures 2 inches in length. It is made from allergy proof stainless steel.

  8. IEFLIFE Limitless Potential Necklace

    This amazing gift is meant for preparing your recent graduate for the next big step in her life: the real professional world! She must face it with lots of aspirations and strong determination. This elegant necklace will inspire her and will be a strong reminder of her limitless potential and magnificent future! It comes in a jewelry box with a motivational card and a velvet cloth.

  9. Personalised Physical Therapist Prayer Tag

    “Let the Divine Force flow from me to you, let our energy and spirit renew. Let me touch each one with healing hands…” These are some of the words on this sincere prayer etched on a rhodium plated dog tag which has the most brilliant shine! You can personalize it with a name to make it extra special. It will look good attached to any necklace, bracelet or key-chain!

  10. Physical Therapist Beer Mug

    A beer mug aimed at physical therapists cannot fail to be a good gift for any recent graduate! It features the Caduceus seal of medicine surrounded by the letters P and T in a bold white print. It measures 5 5/8 inches in height, 4 3/4 inches in maximum diameter and it can contain 12 oz of beer. Its sturdy glass is handmade in the USA.

  11. Physical Therapist Compact Mirror

    This sleek graduation gift is well suited for the recent physical therapy graduate who is also a pretty woman! She will love it because it’s a handy gadget which she can even use at her graduation ceremony! This compact has two top quality mirrors and its top has a decorative cover in rose pink with a symbol of peace, a symbol of love and a symbol of a physical therapist!

  12. Physical Therapist T-Shirt

    This short-sleeved crew-neck t-shirt shows a physical therapist working on a patient’s leg and we can almost hear the clicking sounds indicated by its clever design. This brilliant abstract art is complemented by the tagline and banner which celebrates your physical therapy graduate’s profession. It’s made from 100% combed and ringspun cotton and available in 7 primary colors and 7 adult sizes!

  13. Physical Therapy Bracelet

    This charming bracelet is the perfect wrist ornament for the newly graduated physical therapist. It has a very stylish modern design with 3 different charms: a physical therapy charm which has the Caduceus symbol tucked between the letters P & T, a Swarovski birth stone charm for which you can pick from 12 different precious stones, plus a name charm with the initial letter of your beloved PT!

  14. Physical Therapy Poster

    This beautiful poster has a word art cloud in the shape of an iconic heart and it contains all the popular terms related to the discipline of physical therapy like “Physiotherapy”, “Massage”, “Restore”, “Rehabilitation” and many more! It is available in 9 standard sizes and printed on Museum-quality durable poster material. This gift will add style to your recently graduated physical therapist’s new office!

  15. Tears of My Patients Tumbler Mug

    This hilarious mug is etched with the bold heading–“Tears Of My Patients”, which is not only funny but actually true in the case of physical therapists. It is completely insulated and twice more heat/cold resistant than regular travel mugs. BPA free and built to last, this tumbler can contain 30 oz of liquid. It will give your PT the right attitude for the road ahead!

  16. Travel Mug For A Physical Therapist

    “I’m a Personal Torture Instructor… I mean Physical Therapist” says the witty quote on this travel mug which has a tapered bottom that can easily fit any car’s cup holder. It features an easy-grip handle with thumb rest, slide-open lid and slanted drinking surface. Its tight seal lid and stainless steel construction will maintain the chill or steam of you PT’s favorite drink for hours!

  17. Vesper Massager Necklace

    New PT graduates receive frequent requests for massages at parties and other social situations. They can’t always avoid such requests but this massage gadget which can be worn as an attractive futuristic jewelry is the best solution for such situations. It will give them peace of mind as well as keep their friends happy! It can be charged with the included USB cable and has 4 speeds in 2 modes.

  18. Whimsical Watches PT Wristwatch

    Here’s a cool wrist watch that’s designed with complete focus on the physical therapy theme. Its dial is studded with tiny objects related to therapy like a crutch, stethoscope and a medical clipboard! It has the aphorism, “If it’s physical, it’s therapy” printed in a clear font. This watch has precise Japanese quartz movement, gold tone stainless-steel case and black-skin Italian leather strap.

  19. WhiteCoat Clipboard Physical Therapy Edition

    Clipboard is the most sexy accessory that a doctor can carry because it makes the doctor look authoritative and in control of the situation. And when the clipboard is so packed full of the most referenced information that a new physical therapist will need to have on their fingertips at all times it becomes the perfect gift! It is HIPAA compliant and made from lightweight aluminum.

  20. Wine Glass Physical Therapist

    Why not gift a wine glass to your recently graduated physical therapist! This one looks good, is made from real glass, can contain 10 oz of liquid and is especially designed for physical therapists! It has the Caduceus symbol surrounded by letters P and T and its back side has 3 gauges: the lowest one reads “Good Day”, the middle “Bad Day” and the top one reads, “Don’t Even Ask!”