Man cave gifts

    A man cave is a gentleman’s sanctuary where he can be himself, far away from those who pry at a place that is a far cry from the usual spaces in the house. It’s not easy to find things that fit in a man cave, especially when each man cave is different and has its own persona. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list with great gift ideas that would fit any man cave perfectly. 25 gifts which will amaze and excite a man, and fit perfectly in any man’s sanctuary.

  1. “Man Cave” Sapiens Wall Sign

    man cave gifts hanging board

    What happens in the man cave, stays in the man cave. This isn’t really just a rip off of the Vegas phrase, it does mean something and the significance of it can only be communicated through signs. This hanging wall sign with a stone age design not only makes the space stylish, it also conveys that the place is a restricted zone and only exclusive people have access.

  2. A Wine Drinking Horn

    man cave gifts horn

    To drink wine from a horn isn’t conventional but then again that’s what makes this gift quirky and unique. A wine drinking horn that couples as decor is by far the most imaginative adaptation from the stone age. It’s one for the brave hearts who try new things and want to experience the uncharted waters and of course, you see how it fits in a man cave, don’t you ?

  3. Cigar Guide – Wall Poster

    man cave gifts cigar poster

    The Ultimate Cigar Reference Guide is the best gift a cigar aficionado can get. A detailed guide with an amazing print that once framed would don the walls in all its glory, educating the amateurs about the classification of cigars.

  4. Coca Cola Fridge for Cans

    man cave gifts coke fridge

    A vending fridge may be considered a quirky idea for a gift in modern day times but as soon as you see one in a man cave, you would know that’s exactly the place it belongs in. You could store sparkling water or your favorite beer and those who come over get easy access and help themselves, creating an experience unmatched by a plain boring fridge.

  5. Dart Board

    man cave gifts dart board

    Fun and games have always been integral to a man’s life and a man cave would be incomplete without a game. This dart board would fill that void and more, the quality is premium, and it is easy to fit on any wall. A good to relax, refresh and enjoy keeping scores for some healthy competition.

  6. Foosball Table

    man cave gifts foosball table

    Foosball is one of the most popular games in the world and it’s so simple that anybody from a kid to a grandpa could play without any qualms. Everybody has grown up watching Chandler and Joey play and it looked so much fun, it’s time you wrote your own friendship story and there couldn’t be a better gift than a foosball table that bonds people.

  7. Hand Ashtray

    man cave gifts cigar holder

    An antique ashtray made of cast iron designed to keep the mess in check is what a man cave is crying for. It is able to hold a couple of cigars and many cigarettes and the build is sturdy, which serves multiple purposes keeping the table tidy while the ashtray itself adds to the beauty of the place.

  8. Hanging Vintage Car

    man cave gifts toy car

    A cool blue vintage car that is sure to get the motorheads excited, it is one of those rare pieces which the memorabilia collectors would love and cherish. It’s ready to hang and adds an instant charm to the place and the beautiful make is easy on the eye attracting attention wherever you place it.

  9. Iron Man 3D Light

    man cave gifts iron man wall

    The original heavy metal hero whose eyes light up in the dark to keep evil away, this Iron Mask with a 3D decoration light looks absolutely stunning. The fearsome look coupled with the great design of the mask lends your space an aura of dominance, it is sure to be the center of attraction as it dons the wall with swagger and charm.

  10. Johnny Cash 3D Poster

    This iconic poster of Johnny Cash with an amazing 3D effect would bring back memories and is a perfect fit to any man cave. The poster symbolizes something deep and serves as a reminder that the man cave is your place, you are free to do as you will and that those who judge don’t matter.

  11. Marylin Monroe Wall Art

    man cave gifts wall portrait

    Marilyn Monroe, the heartthrob of a generation and the name that exhilarates men even today. A man cave would be incomplete without an amazing poster of her, a five piece art that hangs royally on a wall symbolizing the bold and the beautiful, that any man would love and cherish.

  12. Personalized Custom Bottle Opener

    man cave gifts beer opener

    Custom made bottle openers are a great way to personalize a space. This wooden handmade bottle opener would suit any space perfectly, it comes with a skillfully crafted rustic look and a smooth finish. The wood used is of great quality, and the names inscribed on them come out beautifully making it simply the perfect gift.

  13. Rifle Coat Hanger

    man cave gifts rifle

    A rustic coat hanger with rifle design is sure to make the room look badass, the rifle has an amazing realistic look and most people can’t tell if it’s real at the first glance. The hooks on the rifle are very strurdy and gives you a space to hang any apparel you want. Shoot away the lying clothes from a close range to get a neat immaculate space

  14. Rusty HorseShoe

    man cave gifts horseshoe

    An old horseshoe is considered to be a good luck charm and there is no better gift than luck, is there? The rustic horseshoe also doubles as decor adding the cowboy charm to your place while spreading those good vibes. A good luck charm always helps, while playing with your friends or while watching and cheering for your favorite team.

  15. Scented Candles

    man cave gifts candle

    Mahogany, Warm Tobacco and Fresh Shave, three of the most manly scents for the most manly place in the house. These scented candles are sure to enhance the appeal of the place, burning for a cause and making up for the flaws.

  16. Shot glass display

    man cave gifts bottle shelf

    You’ve hit the bull’s eye if you are looking for a gift that fits a man cave, this shot glass display shelf stores your glasses in a unique way while doubling up as a brilliant decor. The spacing is simply perfect, while the build and the design is amazing as the shelf could house the heaviest of glasses be it a shot glass or a highball.

  17. Simple Beer Caddy

    man cave gifts beer carrier

    Men are never too far from their beer and what’s a better gift than a caddy to ensure smooth mobility? This caddy is excellent in quality and is handmade with a wonderful finish. You get a bottle opener at the side, and the beer stack up pretty well inside, ensuring your beer is protected where you take them.

  18. Skull Bottle Holder

    man cave gifts skull bottle holder

    A bottle holder with a twist, this skull and skeleton decot is sure to grab the attention and make heads turn. An unique design that has a spooky, yet charming effect on the place while giving out the vibe of a baddie, the skull drinking your poison makes it even more symbolic making it a must have at any man cave.

  19. Star Wars Retro Shelf

    man cave gifts star wars ship

    A vintage retro shelf that serves the purpose and adds to the decor while sitting pretty on the wall. The shelf has its own appeal to a Star Wars fan boy and adds its own charm to the space, it houses the heaviest of your belongings with its sleek yet study build reiterating that the force is indeed with you.

  20. Steampunk Open Box Guitar

    man cave gifts chained guitar

    A custom made cigar style guitar box with three strings is one of the pleasures of life. The open box design is sure to intrigue as you entertain and mesmerize those who passionate about guitars. The steampunk guitar box is sure to rock your world while playing some sweet music that people love.

  21. Symetterical Black Wallclock

    man cave gifts wall clock

    A wall clock that almost camouflages itself into the setting and elevates the beauty of the space, it is so well designed that it doesn’t make any sound and ensures that its existence doesn’t irk you. You will get to know the time only when you want to which is exactly how a wall clock should function in a man cave.

  22. Trash Can Hoops

    man cave gifts dustbin hoop

    Trash can basketball is a fun game and is popular across the USA. It’s an innovative way to get rid of trash while having a ball of time and this basketball hoop facilitates that and how. It not only is good pass time but also helps you clean the place which usually takes some effort, especially in a man cave. A game that doubles as a cleaning mechanism, now that’s a great gift !

  23. Vintage Victoria Jukebox

    man cave gifts jukebox

    Roll back the good old times with the retro jukebox, playing your favorite music while enjoying the changing lights. The charms of the era bygone are seldom forgotten and this jukebox is an excellent hybrid version of both the past and the present times being technologically sound with a classic design. Isn’t this just the perfect match for a man cave ?

  24. Wooden Beer Mug

    man cave gifts beer mug

    A beer mug with a vintage design, you’d be forgiven if you thought you were a part of the Game of Thrones cast while drinking from this mug. The feel and look of the mug may take you back in time but the application and the practicality of it as relevant as it gets to modern times. Antique, sleek and unique, it makes for the perfect gift to any man while also doubling up as decor for his man cave.

  25. Wooden Coasters

    These handmade wooden coasters will not only help you keep the place spick and span, they’ll also create a country vibe with a bark like design. They are beautifully painted on burnt wood with amazing craftsmanship, enhancing your overall drinking experience. Round and embrowned anybody would love to have these around.