Lawyers are the angels who argue for us and fight for our cause. We can not recompense for their hard work and dedication with mere fees. You may be dating a law student, romancing a lawyer, belong to a family of lawyers, or just be their neighbor, friend or client and have found yourself thinking hard about selecting the perfect gift for your advocate, counselor and guide.

    This list will help you find that perfect gift for a lawyer, the one which suits best that exceptional lawyer you care for.

    Personal Calendar Smart Watch

    lawyer gifts smartwatch

    It is easy to save your schedule on your cellphone, but it’s not easy to check your cellphone in the middle of a court hearing or a client meeting. This unique watch gives a discreet visual representation of your schedule at a quick glance. It fetches your calendar from any smartphone through bluetooth or an app. Your busy lawyer will love this sensible gift!

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    Founding Fathers Whiskey Glasses

    lawyer gifts whiskey glasses

    Whiskey is the favorite drink of most lawyers and with good reason, it is sophisticated and intense just like their profession. Add a touch of brilliance to your lawyer’s life with these extremely precious whiskey glasses gleaming with the best quotes, seals and signatures of the founding fathers of the USA. Top quality gift for the scotch, bourbon or rye lover!

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    Lady Liberty Dollar Hoops

    lawyer gifts ear hoops

    These dollar hoop earrings are made from antique silver dollars covered in 14k gold. They will look substantial and brilliant on your favorite lawyer and accentuate their formal attire with authentic charm and allure. The inner circle of each dollar has been removed, leaving behind only the decorative edge to make these earrings very stunning and lightweight.

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    Hot Cup Of The Opposing Counsel’s Tears

    lawyer gifts coffee cuo

    Lawyers love defeating their opposing counsel’s arguments with such tenacity that they are reduced to self-reflective tears. This coffee mug is sure to bring a big smile on your triumphant lawyer. It is handmade with the finest materials and is available in two different sizes, 11oz and 15oz. Best gift for a smug lawyer!

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    Lawyer Shirt, I’ll Be There For You

    lawyer gifts tshirt

    This Bella Canvas t-shirt gives a soft, light feeling to the wearer and is designed to look flattering on both men and women. It has the word “lawyer” printed in the font and style of the evergreen TV series Friends along with its tagline “I’ll be there for you”. This is a lighthearted and cozy gift for a lawyer mate.

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    Lawyer’s Prayer

    lawyer gifts prayer frame

    This soul touching and secular prayer for lawyers is ascribed to Sir Thomas More, the patron saint of lawyers. This prayer is sure to bring courage, fortitude and consolation directly to the heart of every lawyer who reads it. This gift is handmade by fusing specialized metallic foils with top quality paper to give a sparkling finish.

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    Full Grain Leather Legal Pad

    lawyer gifts legal pad

    This legal pad cover is the most attractive and pragmatic one available in the market. Handmade from full grain premium leather it comes in two different colors, Hickory and Canyon, both of which are stunning to look at. With this awesome gift your lawyer can carry a legal pad along with a smart phone, a tablet, various pens, keys and documents in one smart bag!

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    Lawyer Pencil Set

    lawyer gifts pencil set

    Here is a pencil set that’s designed to perk up lawyers with its cheerful titles such as “Legal Eagle”, “Justice Junkie” and “Never Lose Appeal”! These handmade pencils are completely black from tip to eraser except for the titles which are embossed with bright silver foil. This splendid gift comes with a transparent pouch to keep the pencils.

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    Scales of Justice Lapel Pin

    lapel pin

    Lapel pins add a subtle but distinct nuance to any solemn or formal attire, which is the reason why they make the best jewelry for professional lawyers. This 24k gold plated enamel pin with its dazzling scales of justice will boost your attorney’s appearance with confidence and style. It comes in a luxury vault which adds to the charm of this beautiful ornament.

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    Custom Portrait as Simpsons Lawyer Character

    lawyer gifts simpsons portrait

    With this gift you will have an authentic artist create a digital portrait of your beloved advocate featured as a character from the popular series The Simpsons! The portrait will also have their name and title printed in the distinct typeface of that show. This memorable painting will win everybody’s heart with its iconic charm.

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    Lawyer Onesie

    lawyer gifts onesie

    This cute lawyer onesie is the gift you have to buy for the lawyer with a newborn baby! Available in 4 different sizes for babies up to 1 year old, it is handmade from 100% cotton which is soft to the touch and easy to wash. This cutie has “I am legally authorized to be this adorable” printed in a beautiful font over golden scales of justice.

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    Bey-Berk Legal Decision Maker Paperweight

    lawyer gifts justice paperweight

    This paperweight does the double duty of providing legal decisions along with its traditional role of holding down papers. Just give it a spin and it will decide your conundrum with bold moves such as insanity plea, guilty, plea bargain and ask mom! It is firm, heavy and smooth which makes it a very practical, polished and amusing gift.

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    Gavel and Sound Round Block

    lawyer gifts gavel

    This gavel and sound block is handcrafted from superior walnut wood in USA. It is the authentic symbol of judgement and order in formal meetings and congregations, which makes it a great gift as a table piece or shelf decor for your lawyer. It can be practically used in formal, informal, serious and funny settings if desired.

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    Magnetic Poetry – Lawyer Poet Kit

    lawyer gifts poetry

    Bring poetic justice to your beloved lawyer with this box of over 200 legalese word magnets! This gift will delight the heart of all fun loving lawyers and law students who aspire to create poetic tension in the courtroom. It is also the best source of daily inspiration for becoming creative with words.

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    Gavel Foam Stress Toy

    lawyer gifts foam gavel

    Being a lawyer is one of the most stressful occupations–from tight schedules to difficult clients, changing laws to billing pressures, the job is filled with challenges! That’s why this stress busting foam gavel is the best toy you can give to a busy lawyer. Made in the shape of a gavel it will provoke an instant desire in them to grab and squeeze it.

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    Symbols of Law and Justice – Gift Pen

    lawyer gifts pen

    This sleek pen for lawyers has a satin lined souvenir case which makes it a very attractive professional gift. It is engraved with the symbols of law and justice like the torch of liberty and the Capitol building. This multi-function pen has a flashlight tip and a stylus cap for operating touch screen devices like tablets and smart phones.

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    iSteam Steamer for Clothes

    Lawyers need to look sharp and spiffy because there is nothing as dismal as a lawyer in wrinkled clothes. Save your favorite lawyer from that professional hazard by gifting them this super effective and portable steamer that will smoothen their suits in seconds without needing any cumbersome ironing board!

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    MRCUFF Scales of Justice Cufflinks

    lawyer gifts justice cufflinks

    These MRCUFF cufflinks feature the iconic scales of justice in gold embossed on the top of sapphire tainted glass. They look substantially brilliant and come in a jewel case with a microfiber polishing cloth for easy cleaning and care. This confidence boosting gift will add a singular charm to your lawyer’s attire!

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    fomei Digital Voice Recorder

    lawyer gifts voice recorder

    This digital recording machine is the best gadget for easily recording meetings with clients, or rehearsing court arguments before the trial, or dictating billing information on the go! This gift will free up your lawyer’s life with its cutting edge features and crystal clear voice technology. It can store up to 580 hours of audio recording!

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    The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons

    lawyer gifts cartoon book

    The New Yorker magazine has the tradition of publishing highly witty and satirical one frame cartoons since 1925 and this collection of cartoons includes masterpieces from such famous artists as Addams, Steig, and Leo Cullum taking pot shots at the legal profession. This is a wonderful gift for all lawyers who have a sense of humor.

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    Scales of Justice Crew Socks

    lawyer gifts socks

    Themed socks make a great gift because they are cozy and practically useful for anybody who receives them. These scales of justice themed crew socks are available in two color options: Blue & Orange and Marine Blue & Burgundy. They will fit shoe sizes from 7 to 13 which is the standard adult male size. Easy pick for a difficult to please lawyer!

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    Disorderly Conduct Board Game

    lawyer gifts conduct board game

    Disorderly Conduct is a high quality board game that imparts legal knowledge in such different categories as property, torts, evidence, general practice, constitutional and criminal law. It is fun for the entire family and is an entertaining way to teach fundamental laws of the land to its players. Lawyers will appreciate this gift for game nights!

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    Loaded Questions On The Go Card Game

    lawyer gifts questions card game

    Loaded Questions On The Go contains 200 playful and creative questions that generate fun filled interrogations based on thought provoking questions. It is the perfect game for those long car journeys where you need something to excite and connect everybody together. Especially good for lawyers because asking questions perfectly is the best part of their job!

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    Look At You Becoming A Lawyer Coffee Mug

    lawyer gifts becoming a lawyer

    This handmade ceramic mug provides a perfect opportunity for you to make a snide and congratulatory remark to your lawyer friend or sibling who is close to you. This gag gift for lawyers is made from the best quality materials and is microwave and dishwasher safe. It comes in a custom made styrofoam package.

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    Tears Of My Clients Tumbler

    lawyer gifts clients tumblr

    Turn your lawyer friend’s acerbity into a bit of mordant humor with this expressive gift of comic amusement. This metal mug is twice as heat/cold resistant as any regular travel mug and is 100% BPA Free, making it ideal for storing refreshing drinks. It’s available in 5 brilliant color options which are powder coated with a matte finish for an impeccable look.

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    Justice Baseball

    lawyer gifts baseball

    This collectible baseball is a marvellous piece of art handcrafted by the artist Emily M Wolfson who has been painting baseballs for over 20 years! It has the Preamble to the Constitution printed in a beautiful script overlaid on top with the bible quote, “Justice Shalt Thou Pursue.” This sublime gift comes in a lucite cube best suited for display!

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    Anubis With Scales of Justice Figurine

    lawyer gifts anubis justice figurine

    This fearsome figurine is very imposing to look at. Not for the faint hearted, this gift is only for the brave and formidable lawyer who can crush the souls of his/her opponents. It features the majestic Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife, holding weighing scales to measure the worth of each person’s heart for giving eternal judgement.

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    Metal Wall Art Lady Justice

    lawyer gifts wall art

    This impressive wall sculpture features Themis, the ancient Greek goddess of divine justice, blindfolded and holding a sword and scales of justice. This artwork is hand created by laser cutting the figure on powder coated metal. This is the gift you want for generating a grand and dignified aura in your lawyer’s office or barrister’s chambers.

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    Evidence Bag Zipper Pouch

    lawyer gifts evidence pouch

    This reusable zipper pouch is a dead ringer for an actual evidence bag that is typically used to take and store evidence for scrutiny in the courtroom. It looks amazing as it is made from post-consumer sturdy plastic. It can be used for carrying smart phones, wallets, keys and small sized tablets like Kindle Fire and iPad Mini.

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    Law School in a Box

    lawyer gifts law school in a box

    Obtain complete legal education in one convenient metal box with this unique gift for law students. It includes a tongue in cheek textbook, trading cards featuring heroes of the courtroom, flash cards which will make you the judge, a bar exam and a faux diploma! Disclaimer: This gift is not a real substitute for a law degree.

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