Programmers have an undying love for computers and there is nothing that excites them as much as a computer. It’s not easy to get their attention, especially when they are obsessed with machine language and you have never considered that as literature. Lucky for you, we are here to help with extensive gift ideas that will not only get attention of your favorite programmer but also make them speak a language that you understand.

    Twenty Five gift ideas specific to a programmer which will not only surprise them but get them excited too.

  1. App connected Robot

    This robot can teach you coding and how ! An award-winning robot that teaches you coding step by step, caters to your needs be it a beginner or a pro. It comes with a host of connectivity options, sensors and an online library. Who knew robots could be such fun teachers ?

  2. BB8 Droid

    A cool toy with smart features capable of keeping secrets, the BB8 Star Wars Droid will make sure that the force is with you. It comes with a range of connectivity options and the droid can be given complete autonomy or controlled through the band to suit your needs.

  3. Binary watch

    Programmers spend most of their time in the binary world of 0 and 1 and this binary watch will ensure that time is communicated in the same language. Simple for programmers to decipher and complicated for the layman to grasp. This watch makes the perfect gift for a programmer.

  4. Blue Light Filter Glasses

    Protect your eyes from the prolonged exposure to the screen, These glasses specifically made to cater to the needs of those who are by the screen throughout the day will ensure the safety of your eyes while reducing strain, thereby cutting down the harmful effects of the blue screen you see every day.

  5. Bluetooth Laptop Bag

    Make sure that your gadgets are safe and sound with this lightweight Bluetooth enabled laptop bag which comes with a charging port to make sure that you are always connected. Your devices need the protection this bag offers and there is no better gift than safety.

  6. Charging Station

    A programmer’s desk is incomplete without a docking station, and it comes with wireless charging too. It has a simple yet elegant design which would appeal and adhere to the modern needs making it simply the perfect gift.

  7. Circuit Board Tie

    The circuit board tie is for all the geeks hiding in a programmer who are obsessed with their circuits. The detailing on this tie is so amazing that one would think this design is a replica of the circuit board the programmer made.

  8. Circuit Notebook

    The spiral bound journal comes with a circuit based design and the quality of the paper is fantastic. While the look of the book grabs your attention, the inside is as much fulfilling and you would be looking forward to writing journals every day.

  9. Circuitry Scarf

    A scarf with a circuit board on it is both nerdy and cute, which makes an amazing combination. The scarf is soft and has a silky feel, the detailing on it is fabulous, while the blue color brings out its beauty.

  10. Computer Stick

    Wouldn’t it be cool to have a computer the size of a pen drive? Well the W5 Pro does just that. You can access your computer anywhere and at anytime with the help of a stick that packs in all the data you need including the Windows 10 software, you also get two USB ports for better connectivity and all in this can fit in your pocket.

  11. Custom Cartoon

    A custom made cartoon to depict you and the programmer in you, is there a better gift than a cartoon of your favorite person doing his favorite thing? The quality of the cartoon is absolutely amazing and anyone who does receive it as a gift is sure to be flattered.

  12. Duck

    There is something called as rubber duck debugging which most programmers are familiar with. This makes for a cheeky, fun and an audacious gift with a hidden meaning that only programmers understand and know about.

  13. Gaming Chair

    We all crave for comfort especially when you are sitting before a computer all day and this lazy rocker chair ensures just that. It can be adjusted to suit your position and has a 360 degree swivel which is perfect for people who spend long hours in front of the screen, be it gaming or working.

  14. Hard Drive Desk Clock

    They are not wrong when they say life completes a full circle and this clock made from recycled hard drive is testament to that. It’s fun, unique and mesmerizing and fits perfectly right next to your computer. The look of the clock is fantastic and the finish is fine giving the clock a stunning look.

  15. Keyboard Waffle Iron

    This waffle iron is simply perfect for the tech geeks you know. It’s quirky and quincy, promising to produce the unique waffles which will leave you wanting more. Press ‘Enter’ on those cravings now and bring ‘Home’ this beauty before someone ‘Esc’ with it.

  16. LEGO Creative Toolbox

    An award-winning learning toy, this LEGO set is fun to assemble and great to learn. An educational adventure awaits, challenging you to build 5 models including a geeky robot which would make a good show piece as well.

  17. Patent Print

    Owning patents is in fashion and this patent print of the first programmable computer will bring out the nerd in you. It’s not just some art to hang on your wall, it’s like owning a piece of history, a documented start that laid the foundation for all the programmers.

  18. Pillows

    The pack of three pillow set is soft, comfortable and comes with a print that is cool and geeky at the same time. It fits the decor of a programmer’s workspace to the dot and helps you give the pillows a makeover which makes them look as good as new.

  19. Programmer Candle

    A coded candle which lights up the dark and fuels romance, this candle will not do anything by itself. The candles consist of codes written on it, that gives it an unique look while the scent of the candles leaves you mesmerized.

  20. Programmer Matrix Mug

    This mug is meant to be with a programmer and everyone that has laid eyes on it has the same thing to say. It’s geeky and nerdy, testament to the fact that the programmers love it and guarantee for the fact that it makes the perfect gift for them.

  21. Radiolink Trasmitter

    An excellent radio remote control that doubles as a hip decor to go with your gadget land makes for the perfect gift. It gives you control of the extensive toys from your arsenal and comes with feature rich options which help you steer your toy with immaculate precision.

  22. Rasberry Pi

    A Raspberry Pi is like a lego for programmers. You are not only gifting them a tiny sized computer but the joy of building it too. Everybody from an astronaut to a kid has an use for a Raspberry Pi, so you can’t go wrong with this one.

  23. Robot Night Light

    A cyborg that lights up in the dark, this is one of the most spectacular night lights you will ever see. It’s handmade using recycled metal and the finish of the product is something to rave about. It would fit perfectly beside your gadgets and while people might think of it as decor, you will always know it keeps you company at night with its light.

  24. Rustic Computer Tech Model

    This model is handmade with recycled metal and makes itself right at home on any programmer’s desk. Geeky. sleek and unique, it embodies the parts of what used to be found in a computer once, completing a full circle when gifted to a programmer.

  25. USB Drive

    A pen drive which looks awesome and packs a punch will certainly win your hearts. The vintage pen drive comes with a 16GB capacity and double as a fashion piece while it’s not at work. It is encrypted and meets your safety needs while the metal design with high quality completes a well brought out period look.

  26. Wall Art

    There might be many definitions of a programmer but this one in particular stands out while not only defining what a programmer his but explaining his relationship with a computer, and it makes for the perfect print to hang on your wall.