If you’re stumped about what kind of token of appreciation to give your professor, here are 10 gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on the professors face. Most of them are sourced directly from professors themselves. Of course, we have taken out all personally identifying information to spare them undue publicity as well as possible ethics complications with administrators.

    Math Clock

    As we dive into our list of best gifts for professors you will find many options that are best suited for different teachers but this math clock is universal. Especially if you have a math professor. Gift this and it will provide your professor a good laugh and a good memory of you every time he checks the time.


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    Laser Pointer

    If you want to give your prof a gift you can be certain he or she will use for the long haul, why not give  a laser pointer. Most professors give power point presentations and having a laser pointer handy makes it easy for them to emphasize certain points in the slide they are displaying. Think about it, every time they are trying to drive home a point, you are helping them do it!


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    Canned Nuts

    Many professors love canned nuts. They not only get a nice tasty snack. After all, giving a two-hour lecture can tire you out and leave you hungry. Snacking on some nuts as you give a Powerpoint presentation can definitely give you a nice burst of quick energy without breaking your concentration. Best of all, after the nuts are gone, you can hang on to the can-a great reminder of the thoughtful person who gave you such a practical, low-profile, yet tasty gift.

    When it comes to canned nuts, few brands come close to Planters. Planters’ Deluxed Mixed Nuts not only has a nice looking can but it’s also packed with a nice blend of extremely tasty nuts.


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    Dried Fruit Baskets

    If you love fruits, wait till you check out dried fruits. They truly concentrate the taste and texture of fresh fruits for the long haul. The best part? Dried fruits don’t take up much space, don’t spoil, and are so easy to pop into your mouth as you hunker down to read term paper after term paper. They also make for great low profile snacks to give you a quick boost of energy as you give a lecture. Student who give dried fruit baskets to professors often do so to say thanks for letters of recommendations.

    The best way to give these baskets is to order them online and ask for custom gift wrapping.


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    Felt Letter Board

    Most people appreciate small low-value gifts that speak volumes about how much the giver ‘gets’ them. Believe it or not, giving a professor a letter board with his/her favorite quote can definitely be greatly appreciated.

    Don’t be surprised if your prof actually places your gift in a prominent spot in his/her office cubicle. Buy this product and open it to produce the quote and send it to your prof.


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    Premium Mints

    These mints are small, discreet, yet so refreshing. Best of all, they ship in a smart looking compact tin case.

    Again, just like with a canned nut gift, your prof can enjoy the taste of your gift and have the can leftover as a memento. One of the best mint products out there is Simply Gum’s Natural Peppermint breath mint.


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    Cookie Jar

    Even if your professor isn’t a big fan of cookies, cookie jars make for a great gift because he or she can fill it with stuff he or she actually enjoys. M&Ms? No problem. Gumballs? Easy peasy. Nuts or dried fruit or trail mix?

    Absolutely. Compact, flexible, and low-cost, animal themed cookie jars are distinctive and make it easy for your professor to remember you. This bear design by Jeff Fleming is especially endearing.


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    Rustic Picture Frame

    Far from a typical picture hanger or holder, this rustic wood picture hanger would look awesome in your prof’s cubicle or office. It’s authentic rustic wooden backing has an all-natural unadorned and authentic feel to it. Perfect for a prof who’s into the environment or big into plain spoken truths.


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    Pen Holder

    Let’s face it, professors tend to be better with ideas and numbers than they are with keeping track of pens, papers, and other stuff. In fact, have you noticed that if you visit your prof’s office or cubicle, if they leave a piece of paper on top of another sheet of paper, the paper multiplies?

    It’s almost like magic! Help your prof keep some semblance of order in his or her office space with a pen holder. Instead of constantly fumbling around and frisking themselves when they realize they need a pen to sign something, they only need to look to their pen holder to locate a trusty pen.


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    Professor Tote Bag

    Most professors tend to schlep around lots of paperwork from lecture to lecture. This is made even more absurd by the fact that a lot of them already have a USB drive with their lecture in it. It’s obvious many of them carry around notes and notebooks and other printed material more for psychological reasons.

    This is especially true if your prof hasn’t actually sat down and practiced his or her lecture well ahead of time. There’s just something reassuring about having ready printed references nearby. Make it easy for your prof to lug his or her papers around with this neat-looking totebag.


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    Smart Coaster

    Let’s face it, the reason why your prof knows so much more than you (at least when it comes to the subject of his or her class) is because your prof put in the time.

    That’s right, your prof did extensive research late at night and on to the following morning-often with a hot mug of coffee nearby.

    Profs are natural caffeine fans. Give your professor a practical gift by giving him or her a coaster. This handy device keeps your prof’s desk free from any thrills and chills courtesy of spills.


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    Give your prof a gift that shows your appreciation and demonstrates you truly ‘get’ them and understand them. The gift ideas above a small, compact, yet oh so memorable.