pharmacist & pharmacist graduation gifts

    Be it a graduating pharmacist or even somebody who has been a pharmacist for a long time, they deserve an awesome gift!

    20 quirky, funny and eccentric gifts that are sure to excite and encourage pharmacists who have just graduated to begin on the great work that they are going to do and help them do it better, these gifts for pharmacists are the best way to show how awesome is what they do!

    1. Brass Aspirin Paperweight

      A vintage paperweight that takes the shape of an aspirin, this desk accessory makes the perfect for anybody related to the medical field. An eccentric gift that dates all the way back to the 1960s, it is made of brass and has a beautiful antique look and is sure be the center of attraction no matter where it is placed.

      A perfect gift for a pharmacist.

    2. Capsule Holder with Tempered Glass

      The perfect capsule holder which makes for the most gorgeous display, this drawer holder would not only warrant as an amazing gift, it would also solve a problem that pharmacists often face. The easy sliding drawer with a beautiful tempered glass is sure to grab your attention while the space saving design will allow you to store the maximum number of capsules, isn’t it everything you have ever wanted ?

    3. Drug Store Patent Prints

      These handmade pharmacy patent prints are sure to excite and entice the chemist geeks. The framed set of prints makes for an amazing decor and dons the walls in all its glory, intriguing and educating the people making it the perfect gift.

    4. Funny Prescription Post It Notes

      These funny post it notes are tailor made for a pharmacist and make for an amazing gag gift while they also serve a purpose. The “To Do List” is inspired by the priscription pad and is based on the recommendation method, the eccentricity of it is sure to grab your attention and surprise you with its quirkiness.

    5. Memorizing Pharmacy – A Relaxed Approach

      A great book that will not only impart knowledge, but it will teach you the tricks of the trade. A pharmacist has to memorize a lot of names and remember where the medicine is stored and this book helps you immensely and teaches you how to be a good chemist and run a pharmacy efficiently, which makes the best gift a pharmacist could ever get.

    6. Message In A PIll

      A cute pill with an amazing design that delivers messages in the most adorable fashion, this makes for an amazing gift that is sure to take any pharmacist by surprise. Your anecdotes take the shape of an antidote spreading happiness and cheer while the cute pills with an emoji on them are sure to grab all the attention. A really cute and awesome gift for the graduating pharmacist.

    7. Mini Notebook with a Pen Pouch

      A mini notepad made of faux leather with the pharmacy symbol engraved on it, this gift is perfect for a pharmacist and makes their life a whole lot easier. It can be personalized to suit your preferences and comes in a vibrant pink color which looks absolutely beautiful while the side pouch that fits a pen is just adding to the charm and serves a practical purpose

    8. Novelty Pillow- Chill Pill

      An adorable throw pillow which is handmade, the comfy fabric coupled with the quirky message makes it the perfect gift for a pharmacist. The pillow has a beautiful design and makes for a great decor while the double sided print is sure to grab all the attention and make for a great conversation starter.

    9. Personalized Card Holder

      A personalized desk accessory made of maple wood which has a beautiful design and a wonderful look, it is simply perfect for a pharmacist’s desk. It comes with a host of options, with a card holder, a pen stand, and a clock to keep you updated with the time. A desk accessory with everything you need, this is the best gift a pharmacist can get.

    10. Pharmacist Nashville / Mortar and Pestle Art

      A personalized pharmacy print with options to choose from Nashville and Mortar and Pestle, this makes the best gift for a pharmacist while doubling as a decor to make your place look great. It is handmade with amazing craftsmanship and art is sure to attract attention.

    11. Pharmacist Natural Canvas Tote Bag

      An amazing tote bag that lets you travel in style and carry everything you need in fashion. A bag inspired by pharmacists and designed for them, it is of great quality and is long lasting making it the perfect gift for a pharmacist and makes their life that much more easier by carrying everything they need in comfort.

    12. Pharmacist Wine Holder

      An amazing wine holder made of metal with a unique design and a beautiful finish, this pharmacist inspired wine holder is everything you have ever wanted. It functions perfectly well and makes for a good display piece and the quirky appearance is sure to hog all the limelight making it the perfect gift for a pharmacist.

    13. Pharmacist’s Mortar and Pestle Handmade Jeweled Trinket Box

      A handmade trinket box traditionally used to mix ingredients which served as potions in the older times, this mortar and pestle would make an absolutely wonderful gift for any pharmacist. The stunning design coupled with wonderful looks, the box comes with a certificate of authenticity and makes for the perfect collectible item while also serving as a reminder of the bygone era.

    14. Pharmacy Chick Water Bottle

      The Pharmacy Chick water bottle is made of stainless steel has an amazing design and makes for the best gift for a pharmacist who is at work all day and needs to stay hydrated. The graphics and the detailing on the bottle are brought out beautifully, and it makes for a great addition to your novelty collection.

    15. Pill Cookie Cutter Set

      An amazing cookie cutter which churns out cookies shaped like a pill, this handmade baking accessory makes for an amazing gift to a pharmacist. It makes for a great conversation starter and is a wonderful addition to your novelty collection, the set of two cookie cutter comes in two shapes, a pill and a pill bottle.

    16. Prescription Bottle Pill Stud Earnings

      These handmade stud earrings are simply perfect for a pharmacist and make for an amazing gift. Inspired by the pharmacy, the Rx is symbolic and would grab your attention almost instantly while the extraordinary design gives it a cute and an adorable look.

    17. Prescription Pill Bottle Shaped Shot Glass Set

      A set of three shot glass inspired by the pharmacists, they make for the perfect gag gift while those in love with pharmacy are sure to appreciate the quirkiness and eccentricity. A high quality shot glass made of ceramic, the design is amazing, while the print is legible and has a fine finish, it sits pretty as a decor when placed in a shelf, and it makes for a great conversation starter when brought to a party. A graduating pharmacist is going to love this to celebrate there achievement!

    18. Syringe Highlighter Needle Pen

      Quirky, eccentric and funny, these highlighters make for a great novelty gift and is sure to grab your attention. The syringe shaped highlighters are sure to confuse people with their design and amaze them with their function. A gift which is sure to excite any pharmacist, you definitely can’t go wrong with this gift.

    19. The Pharmacy Puzzle

      A thirty piece puzzle with a beautiful design depicting a pharmacy in all its glory, this custom jigsaw puzzle is a work of art and is anything but ordinary. A novelty collectible which doubles as a great decor, this makes for an amazing gift for a pharmacist and is sure to be appreciated.

    20. Vintage Pharmacist Plaque With Custom Hanging Name Plank

      A vintage plaque with a custom hanging name plaque, this rinky-dink sign is sure to grab people’s attention while the old fashioned design will roll back the good old times. The wooden hand distressed sign with quirky quotes and funky font is sure to make any pharmacist happy.