gifts for one year old boy

    What gift can you get for a one-year-old boy if you don’t know much about kids? Don’t worry. We are here to help you with the most awesome gifts you can buy for one-year-old boys! Babies are a gift and blessing from God, so it’s natural for us to cherish them and fill their lives with lovely and beautiful gifts.

    We have researched meticulously and prepared this list for one-year-old boys, full of toys that will help them learn and grow, electronics that will stimulate their mind and senses, and clothing items that will protect and comfort them!

  1. Baby Fortune Cookie Booties

    Here’s a gift for your one year old that’s meaningful, unique and might be the catalyst for their life’s great adventure! Designed and created by the artist Della Slowik in Oregon, USA, these fortune cookie slippers are made from extra-plush fleece and floor gripping soles to give maximum comfort to your baby boy. They come packaged in an elegant Chinese food style gift box!

  2. Baby Handprint Kit & Picture Frame

    This is the perfect time capsule gift for a year old boy. Imprint his handprint and footprint on non-toxic white clay that will never fade with time. You can frame it with his best photos in the 100% solid wood frame that comes with the gift. Plus it includes 4 different inner frames in pretty colors to match your room decor. It’s simple to use and display.

  3. Baby Sign Language Made Easy

    Kids have their own language which adults can’t understand very well, unless they read this book. Based on scientific research and the American-Sign-Language this book will make life much easier for both parents and their infants by enabling fluent two way communications between them. With a very attractive cover and good quality illustrated pages this book is the best gift for parents devoted to their newborns.

  4. Bopoobo Teething Mittens

    Here’s a thoughtful gift for a special one year old boy which will always be near to help him chew away on its multi-angle biting material, providing pain relief and sensory stimulation at the same time. Made from food grade silicone it contains no harmful materials and is very easy to clean, just put it in a washing machine or a dishwasher for reuse!

  5. Customized Shape Sorter

    Shape sorters are educational toys that help babies distinguish between colors and shapes during playtime. This shape sorter is on our list because it can be personalized with your baby’s name in a very cute font and it can be customized with dozens of colors and designs to suit your fancy! Handmade from natural wood and BPA free paint, it is completely safe too.

  6. Daisy Cute Animal Rattles Set

    This gift will capture your baby’s attention by its cute animal characters and soft noises that will encourage him to reach and grab it for playing. Just tie these super soft animals around his wrists and feet for an engaging discovery of colorful patterns, vibrant sounds and comforting textures. Each set contains 4 pieces and you can choose from 3 different sets of animals!

  7. Day in the Life Baby Blanket

    This baby blanket might look cute and silly but its profound in its metaphysical connotations. EAT. POOP. SLEEP. That’s a succinct description of any one year old boy’s life. Made from 100% cotton, this cozy blanket makes a wonderful gift which celebrates your baby’s attitude towards life. It measures 36″ L x 48″ W and is well designed to look good on your social media profile pics.

  8. Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

    It can be hard to choose the best infant rocker unless you come across this one because it’s right there at the top! Made with years of research and development this infant rocker has all the best comforts and joys of your baby boy in store for him. Its circus celebration design will keep your baby engaged with playful stimulation of his senses.

  9. Fisher-Price Taco Tuesday Gift Set

    What’s the use of Taco Tuesdays if your one year old cannot join in? You no longer have to deny him his share of Mexican delicacies with this Taco Tuesday gift set. This taco includes crinkle shell, tomato teethers, ribbon beans and cheese along with soft lettuce. It also comes with an avocado rattle with a fun textured peel and seed made from a roller-ball!

  10. Hudson Baby Plush Animal Face Robe

    Everybody loves to lounge around in their robe, especially one year old boys. This blue baby elephant is an excellent gift because it’s designed to make your little boy look like the most adorable baby in the world! It’s very soft and gentle on the skin as it’s made from 100% plush fleece fabric which makes it the best robe for snuggling and bath time fun!

  11. Inflatable Baby Swimming Float Ring

    Contrary to popular public opinion babies are not natural born swimmers, but swimming is actually very good for their development. That’s why this gift for babies is so special, because it allows them to swim freely even without any assistance but with safety and convenience. It features anti-flip design that prevents overturning, dual airbags for extra protection, and an ideal swimming posture for babies.

  12. MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Baby Water Mat

    Give your little one the best tummy time with this awesome tummy toy! Made from supreme quality material which is 100% leak proof, this water mat promotes baby development by strengthening muscles and enhancing hand-eye coordination. It’s a bestselling gift for one year olds because it gives them safe entertainment with positive health benefits in a very attractive package.

  13. Montessori 9-12 Month Set of 9 Toys

    This set of 9 classic Montessori toys contains the palmar block, the ball and cup, the pincer block, the circle puzzle, first shape puzzles, three peg block, and stacking blocks. All of these toys are great for your baby’s inward and outward development. This gift is sure to light the spark of creative imagination in your one year old baby boy’s life.

  14. Montessori Ball Cylinder Infant Toy

    Made from wood, dowel, beeswax and wooden balls this toy looks as basic and traditional as it gets, but it packs-in some great playtime through its Montessori research based design. The wooden balls rolling on the dowels make an attractive sound and babies love to track their motion. They will instinctively shake this toy and learn cause and effect through its purposeful mechanism.

  15. Nuby Fun Time Pal, Lion

    Nuby the lion is a fun time pal that will easily become your baby’s best friend in no time. Made from extra soft plush material and full of rattles, your baby will want to hold it all the time, that’s why it’s made to be easily attachable to car seats and strollers. It’s completely BPA-free so your baby can take it in his mouth without any problem.

  16. Olele Infant Silicone Teething Keys Set

    Look at these beautiful teethers, ready to help your baby boy bring out his milk teeth in time. Its textured surface is excellent for massaging and stimulating gums and its easy grip design fits perfectly in baby hands. Made from 100% food grade teething silicone, certified by CPSC for 3months+ age, this is a cute and meaningful gift for any one year old boy.

  17. Pain Relief Cookie Toy with Pacifier

    If anybody finds your baby chewing on an Oreo they will call you an irresponsible parent but not if your baby is chewing this silicone Oreo that’s approved by all the major US and European standards for toy and baby safety. Made from 100% food grade teething silicone, this Oreo will actually help in pain relief during the teething process. Plus it comes in an attractive gift packaging!

  18. Personalized Baby Brush

    Words can’t describe the quality and craftsmanship of this handmade baby brush and the box that it comes in. It’s made from natural wood which is hand painted, finished with acrylic gloss varnish and decorated with decoupage technique. What makes this gift extra special is that it can be customized with your baby boy’s name on it printed in an attractive font.

  19. Personalized Baby Keepsake Library

    Filing cabinets are a great tool for adults but usually they don’t fit well in any gift giving scenario. Don’t worry, this filing cabinet is the cutest cloth covered organizer for storing all your cherished memorable items associated with your little one. It is great as a unique gift for any one year old boy for safekeeping in one place his best items in style.

  20. Red Baby Oxford Shoes

    Here’s a gift for when you need to photoshoot your one year old boy and make him look like a prince charming. These beautiful baby shoes are handmade from genuine Italian leather that’s breathable and eco-friendly. They are available in 6 different colors including terracotta, ivory, black, dark bronze and 4 little size options to fit your baby’s tiny feet snugly.

  21. RenFox Kids Musical Mats

    Here’s the best musical gift for your one year old! The perfect toy to bring out your infant’s inner creativity. This baby activity mat is made with soft, easy to clean fabric embedded with intelligent electronic chips. Just let your baby crawl over it and he’ll be making music with piano, violin, accordion, guitar, xylophone and many more instruments! Comes with volume adjustment for your peace of mind.

  22. Security Baby Monitor

    Baby Cams are already a popular gift for one year olds, but this particular one comes packed with so many features that you will have no trouble choosing it over the others. It offers infrared view for night-vision, 8 sweet lullabies, two-way audio conversations, smart voice activated alerts, temperature sensor, reminder alarms and many more features that make it the best baby monitor!

  23. Sensory Chew Necklace

    Babies love to chew on things, they don’t care whether anything is safe or not. That’s why this is a very practical gift as it will always be around your baby’s neck and will be the first thing he’ll reach out for chewing. It’s really safe as it’s made from 100% food grade silicone and contains no lead, latex, BPA, PVC, and Phthalates. Plus it looks very attractive!

  24. Skip Hop Bandana Buddies

    These bandana buddies are the perfect activity toys for one year old boys because they are filled with a multitude of textures, color patterns, rattles, crinkles and even a soft teether for multi-sensory play! Plus they look extremely attractive for adults also. You can choose from 8 different animal plush characters or buy all of them for that lucky little baby! They are Phthalate and PVC free for safety.

  25. Space Explorer Scenic Crib Sheet

    This scenic crib sheet will put your baby boy on top of the moon, in the outer space, near the stars and the planets, just about to land on the lunar surface. Sparkling with space colors this sheet will turn your imagination to the mysterious origins of our universe and human life as you see your baby smiling peacefully upon it. A great gift for space minded people!

  26. Splashin’kids Beginner Crawl Along Game

    A challenging game for your one year old boy that will start developing his puzzle solving skills. This Animal Friends Jumbo Roller features an attractive design with a light up ball and cute animals to catch your baby’s attention and keep him engaged with stimulating hand-eye coordination play. It’s truly the gift of choice because it’s so helpful and it comes in such an attractive package.

  27. Tencoz Cloth Baby Book

    Cloth books are a great learning gift for one year old boys because they provide multiple sensory stimulation and may even start a life long love for books from the earliest age. Made from super soft textured fabrics these books are filled with vibrant illustrations, soft filler and crinkle paper that will engage your baby’s full attention. They are machine washable and safe even for your baby’s mouth!

  28. Vintage Baby Portrait

    Here’s a unique and memorable gift for a baby boy’s first birth anniversary. A custom portrait done in the renaissance style of painting! Simply send a head shot of your child and the artist will draw this digital portrait by hand which you can print on a canvas to frame it or you can simply share the digital image on your favorite social networks!

  29. VTech Baby On-The-Moove Activity Bar

    Here’s an activity bar for your one year old boy which can be easily attached to your car seat and infant carrier. It features a baby safe mirror that helps build self awareness with peek-a-boo play, a singing cow that sings when it swings, a ladybug and a rattling chirpy bird! It plays over 45 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases to keep your baby boy entertained!

  30. Yellow Banana Toothbrush

    This baby banana infant toothbrush is one of the most attractive gifts that you can get for any one year old boy. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your baby’s style and is made from soft flexible silicone to make it injury proof. This brush will help your baby develop good oral hygiene habits while playing and teething. It’s easy to clean in the dishwasher.