A knitter may be a novice, intermediate or somebody who is always churning out perfect patterns! They all want something awesome and this list has a gift for knitters of all ages, even those who haven’t yet begun their knitting journey and those who only belong to a knitter’s household!

  1. 4M Easy-to-do Knitting Art Kit

    Teach young kids how to knit and you’ll bring them happiness and all the health benefits that come with it. This educational toy is for the kids who are 8 years and older, it will teach them all the basics of knitting by getting them to knit their own mini hand bag, pillow, and iPod case! It comes with all the yarn required for the projects. It’s a perfect gift for preparing those future knitters!

  2. Addi Express Knitting Machine

    This manual knitting machine with 22 needles is perfect for the knitters who want to crank up their knitting speed and churn out perfect patterns with ease. It is also good for knitters who lack the dexterity required for hand knitting due to very young age or arthritis. It comes with an instruction CD for those who are just starting out and 2 table clamps to secure it down tightly.

  3. Blocking Mats for Knitting

    Blocking mats are used to give a polished finish to your knitted creations making them look professional. This is a colorful set of 9 blocking mats that measure 12.6″ by 12.6″. They are numbered and have grid lines of exact 1 inch squares for perfect alignment. They can be used for cold wet or hot and steamy blocking of all knitted creations. Give this gift to the knitter you want to upgrade!

  4. Book Light for Knitters

    This gift is perfect for the knitters who love to knit in a dark room! This book light fits the neck leaving the knitter’s hands free to do their night time knitting in peace. There are 3 intensity levels to suit every knitter’s eyes. The light can be focused on the exact area of work with its direct spotlight setting. Its battery lasts from 6-10 hours so it will never run out during those long knitting sessions.

  5. Custom Fabric Care Labels

    This gift is perfect for the knitters who knit clothing items for other people, whether as gifts or to sell. These custom fabric care labels will not only add a professional touch to their finished products but will also be of useful for the people who receive their creations. These labels will be printed with your custom instructions, information and logo. You can also ask for multiple variations per sheet.

  6. Cute Owl Abacus Counting Bracelet

    It’s all fun and games until someone loses their stitch count! This beautiful counting bracelet will not let that happen as it has 10 brilliant jade beads with a ring that slides over each bead for counting. It’s decorated with a miniature owl and shining glass pearls. This practical gift is a very attractive piece of jewellery. It is available in two different lengths with extender chains to adjust according to your need.

  7. Fuck Off I’m Knitting Mug

    This cheeky mug comes with a loud expletive printed on both sides with a ball of yarn and knitting needles. Bold and funny, this mug will benefit any knitter who wants to signal their unavailability during their busy knitting sessions. They just need to fill it up with some steamy hot caffeine to attain perfect bliss! This extra large mug can hold up to 15oz of liquid and is made with high-fired ceramic which looks exquisite.

  8. Future Knitter Infant Creeper

    This gift is perfect for a new child in the knitter’s family. It’s an infant creeper printed with a needled ball of yarn and a prophecy which boldly proclaims “Future Knitter!” It comes in sizes ranging from newborn to 24 months old and has 17 different color options you can choose from, or you can buy a different color for each size range! It features quick and easy diaper changing with reinforced three-snap closure.

  9. Game of thrones Inspired Stitch Markers

    A stitch marker in time will save your knitter’s place in line! Give this gift to your Game of Thrones loving knitters because these markers are made of cute little Daenerys, Jon Snow, Cersei, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Brienne, Dragon and White Walker! Plus there’s a stylish “Winter is Coming … Knit Faster” bracelet that comes with the set. Super cute and great fun!

  10. Glow in The Dark Yarn

    Whoever doesn’t desire glow in the dark yarn just hasn’t been gifted one yet! This knitting yarn appears creamy white in daylight but is glowing green neon at night. Perfect gift for the knitters who are preparing for costume parties or for night time adventures. Spun from 100% polyester, it can be machine washed without any damage. It comes in 2 rolls of 50 grams each with a fingering weight of 4 ply.

  11. Handmade Knitted Bikini Set

    Best gift for the beautiful knitter in your life, this bikini is a reminder that knitting is supposed to be sexy and fun! This fringed and tasselled bikini set looks so pretty that it will make your knitter stand out from the crowd. Its top and bottom are cotton lined to ensure there won’t be any undesired see-through effect, while the top has removable cotton padding for the perfect fit.

  12. Knitted Formal Neckties

    Knitted ties may be unconventional but what other style of necktie can you wear on a formal occasion when you or your partner is a dedicated knitter? Look no further than this here collection of knitted neckties that are available in 18 different styles! Textured and slick, these beautiful ties belong to the men’s wardrobe in every knitter’s household. It’s a must have accessory for any well dressed man.

  13. Knitters Money Box

    This money cube is made from English fine bone china and is hand-painted on three sides with cute illustrations of colorful knitting symbols while the front side proclaims, “Must Stash!” And next to the coin hole at the top it says, “Pennies for more yarn,” with a plastic bung on the flip side for taking out all those saved pennies! It comes in a gift box with small craft tools and mending essentials that are a delight to unwrap.

  14. Knitters Purse

    This cute little knitters purse is painted with bright and beautiful knitting items to cheer up the knitter in your life! It is perfect for organising stuff in the handbag, or it can be carried on its own as a lightweight bag. It is fully lined with a fabric that makes it durable enough to carry any kind of items. Overall it’s a pretty great spunky gift for everyone!

  15. Knitters Storage Tins

    These pretty little tins can carry all your knitting bits and bobs safely. Each one is handmade with Laura Lee’s classy merry weather characters–a happy sun for poppers, a rainbow for stitch markers and a rain cloud for buttons! They are made with aluminium and have tight screw top lids so you’ll never lose any items that you put in them. This set comes in a little voile gift bag ready to be loved by your knitter.

  16. Knitting Diva Bracelet

    Here is a stunning fashion bracelet for the knitting queen in your life! Gift her this bracelet to make knitting her style statement because it has a knitting diva charm, a knitted scarf charm, a sweater that’s being knitted charm and a skein of yarn charm! The bracelet is easily adjustable to fit any adult’s wrist, just squeeze it inward or slide it outward to tighten or loosen it.

  17. Knitting Girl Socks

    This gift is for the knitting girl in your life who is proud to be a knitter! These socks will make her look cute and pretty as they feature a girl knitting with a big ball of yarn. The actual material of the ball of yarn is different from the rest of the material as it is fuzzy to the touch. These socks are 8.3″ high and 4″ wide, comfortable to wear and easy to machine wash.

  18. Knitting Necklace: Buttons Scissors Needle and Thread

    Here is a beautiful looking necklace that will capture the heart of your knitting lover. It has 4 attractive silver discs with a knitting symbol engraved on each–a button, a pair of scissors, a needle with a thread and a big ball of yarn! Its chain is made from little balls of copper or Stirling silver depending on your choice, and it is 30 inches long making it convenient to slip over the head!

  19. Labels for handmade items

    Here is a brilliant gift idea for the knitters who love to gift or sell their knitted products: their own custom labels! These beautiful labels can be made in 16 different colors with your own tagline and logo. Made with genuine leather and laser engraved they are sure to cast a lasting impression on those who receive your creations. These labels measure 0.75″ x 2.25″ and can be machine washed in up to 30 degrees heat.

  20. Nagina International’s Yarn Swift Umbrella

    This is the best looking yarn swift umbrella in the market. Made with heavy duty premium rosewood it not only looks exquisite but also does the job fast and smooth. Unlike other yarn swifts you don’t need to find a corner to attach it to, because you can use its heavy base design to set it up as a table top swifter anywhere. The torso of the swift also rotates smoothly so it can be used as a yarn winder too!

  21. Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World

    Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is the world’s best video game for knitters! All the characters in this game and the game environment have a beautiful knitted look with knitting symbols spread throughout the screen. It also has knitting themed adventures that the players must accomplish to win. This is top quality entertainment for knitters who love some gaming on the side. Appropriate for all ages.

  22. Silver Turtle Magnetic Portuguese Knitting Pin

    Portuguese knitting pins are used to manage the knitting tension to ensure firm and even stitches. This opulent turtle brooch will not only look good when worn but will also keep the yarn securely in place while knitting. Whether your knitter is already familiar with Portuguese knitting pins or not they will soon get used to the huge benefit it gives. This gift will give a new spin to their needles!

  23. Teamoy Knitting Tote Bag

    This multipurpose tote bag is for the avid knitter who likes knitting on the go! It easily fits over the wrist and is big enough for carrying needles up to 14 inches tall. Its unique design has 4 reinforced grommets for pulling the yarn through and multiple inner pockets for keeping the yarn tangle free. There’s also a zipper compartment for all the knitting supplies. It comes in 2 sizes and 7 beautiful designs for you to choose from.

  24. Wooden Sock Blockers for Blocking Knitted Socks

    These sock blockers will fix all those wrinkly and unsightly stitches from your knitted socks and give you a very smooth and polished product. These decorative blockers are made from the highest quality plywood, which is a sturdy 6mm thick. Available in 5 standard sizes they will make an excellent gift for the budding sock knitters in your life who are truly skillful!

  25. Wooden Yarn Box

    This yarn box is a very elegant and also practical gift for your daily knitter. It is built with high quality cherry wood from Pennsylvania, USA, residence to the artist who handcrafted it. It can store a full sized yarn cake along with all your needles, buttons and other notions. Plus it has a needle sizer built right in for identifying all your unmarked needles! It is very easy to clean and re-oil.

  26. Wooky Entertainment Style Me Up Knitting Kit

    Here is a gift that will get you into knitting with great style! This kit includes everything you need to knit your own beanie hat and infinity scarf in attractive designs–a round knitting loom, a long loom, one knitting hook and a plastic needle, plus 6 unique colors of yarn. No other knitting kit comes with so many tools! Perfect for those fashion conscious youngsters who want to showcase their creativity.

  27. Wooliam Pincushion

    This Wooliam lamb figurine provides a safe space for blocking pins, sewing needles and straight pins that knitters use in their craft. This handmade artwork is built with stoneware clay, glaze and wool roving, giving it a stylish and irresistible look. It can be put on display as a decor or stowed away with the craft box till its next use. Gift this piece of art to your safety conscious knitter!

  28. Yarn Nest Starter

    Knitters don’t like to waste their yarn fragments and with this unique gift of functional art they’ll never have to! With this nest starter their leftover yarn bits will provide shelter to the birds! This fancy sculpture made with welded steel wire will attract birds, inviting them to collect material for building comfortable nests. And your knitter can have a happy time spotting all the nests they contributed to!