gifts for history buffs

    History buffs are very particular, they love historic events and they take it seriously. Why shouldn’t you get a gift for a history buff that they are going to love?

    25 amazing gifts that is sure to excite and entice history buffs and take them back in time to appreciate and acknowledge the past that has shaped and paved the way for the future to unfold.

  1. 1000 Events that shaped history

    A great book that emphasizes the importance of the events that shaped history and led us to the beautiful present that we have today. An amazing book with illustrations and graphics that depict what happened and bring out the past very well, it is sure to get the history buffs excited and makes for a great conversation starter.

  2. Abraham Lincoln Badages

    “I will heal your wounds as I healed the nation,” that’s exactly what Abraham Lincoln will do once you put on these bandages. Quirky, eccentric and funny, chances are that you would never use these bandages as they make for a great addition to your novelty collection and the history buffs would simply love to get this gift in their hands, while the metaphor is sure grab your attention and make you chuckle.

  3. Antique World Map

    A handmade classic world map which made make for the perfect gift for the history buffs. A beautiful map that depicts the medieval era and reminds you of a time when the super powers were out to conquer the world, this is a wonderful addition to your antique collection

  4. Aristotle and Homer Bust Bookends

    Aristotle and Homer holding your books together? Now, that’s a sight which would make any historian proud. The bookends have an amazing design and immaculate detailing, striking a resemblance which is uncanny and mesmerizing. The legends of literature are a perfect fit to any bookshelf and add a charm that is sure to light up the room.

  5. Astrolabe Brass Sextant

    A beautiful instrument used to measure angular distances in the past, although redundant today makes for an amazing gift to all history buffs. It functions perfectly well and will assist you on your adventures while it doubles as a stunning decor, the classic look and the antique design adds a charm that is sure to capture your imagination.

  6. Boston Tea Party Tea Sampler

    The Boston Tea Party changed the course of history and was a monument step to shape the America of today. These samplers will take you back to the 1700s and when you brew the cup of tea that has an essence of revolution, you will relive history and appreciate the sacrifices to make sure you could afford the freedom that you have today. A gift that takes you back in time and creates a magical experience, it’s a match made in heaven.

  7. Brass Sundial Compass

    A sundial compass made of brass which is sure to make any adventurer proud and take you back in time when the sun used to assist a manual GPS. The compass is antique and is of amazing quality while the craftsmanship is sure to take your breath away. A gift fitting for people who appreciate history and are excited to learn the ways of yesteryears.

  8. Chronology – The game where you make history

    A fun game that tests your knowledge while teaching you things you don’t, this game is tailor made for those who love history. An evergreen game which comes with a timeline of 858 events which can be arranged as you wish and you are good to go, and the winner gets all the bragging rights and is declared the true history buff. An awesome history buff gifts.

  9. Feather Quill Pen Antique Calligraphy Pen

    A beautiful calligraphy set that comes with an amazing quill pen which used to be a symbol of education for the most part of the mediaeval era, this makes for the perfect gift for those obsessed with history. It is beautiful crafted and the feather on the pen adds to the vintage look while it comes with five nibs that contribute to some fine extensive writing.

  10. Framed Historic Surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown 1781.

    The surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781 shaped the course of history and brought the American revolution to an end. Bring home this piece of history which ensured your freedom and it looks absolutely stunning and dons the wall in all its glory, while the wooden framing just adds to the beauty. A gift which would be appreciated by all those who value their freedom and understand the importance of history, you just cannot go wrong with this one.

  11. Fucking History – 52 lessons you should have learnt in school

    A book that will change your perception about history, you will get to know the truth which is often elusive and rarely told. 52 lessons that will take you back in time and teach you things that will help you connect the dots and realize that history does repeat and learning from it only makes your life easier.

  12. George Washington Pistol

    The holster style Flintlock pistol named after the great George Washington is a classic and is sure to make any history lover happy, especially if they are into guns. An antique piece that gets your heart racing and makes for the perfect addition to your collection of treasures, this everything you have ever wanted.

  13. Handcrafted Viking Compass

    A wonderful pendant that doubles as a necklace, this Viking compass would not only help you find your way, it would also bring luck and add a charm. The Vegvisir is an Icelandic stave and will take you back to medieval times reminding you of how simple life was and how a machine wasn’t necessary to get a sense of direction or predict the weather back in the day.

  14. Histomap- Four Thousand Years of World History

    Four thousand years of history on a canvas print that is sure to project your love for history and resonate with those who do too, this is everything a history lover has ever wanted. It is handmade and has a beautiful design, the attention to detail will capture your imagination and the informative histomap is sure to make any history nerd proud.

  15. Historic Awesome President Dress Socks

    These eccentric socks are a fun way to show off your love for history. Geeky, quirky and funky, these dress socks are vibrant in color and depict the people who are legends in their own right. They make for an amazing gift for any history lover, and the comfort they offer simply adds to the charm.

  16. History by the Meter

    A two-meter fold out ruler with two thousand years of history etched on it, every centimeter will you remind of you the bygone era and refresh your memory of the monumental times that shaped the world we live in today. This would make for a great gift to those who adore history and have always been obsessed with the past events.

  17. Julius Caesar Office Desk Accessory

    This beautifully crafted pen holder will add a Roman touch and lots of charm to any desk. Julius Caesar is brought out wonderfully, and it stands out hogging all the limelight. Cesar, a favorite for most historians and arguably the most famous of the Romans is also known for his poems which in a way are symbolic and when he holds your pen, you can be sure that your pen is indeed mightier than any sword. A perfect desk gift for a history buff.

  18. LEGO The Great Wall of China

    Bring home a piece of history that has stood the test of times and still continues to amaze people all around the world. Assemble the Great Wall of china and fortify your desk which makes for a beautiful decor and adds a charm. A great gift for those who adore history and are obsessed with the wonders of the world.

  19. Old School Letter Opener

    A small sword that used to be a part of a civilian’s outfit back in the day, they were in the opening of letters and doubled as a charm to go with the suits which the aristocracy adored. Inspired by George Washington, who did a carry a lot of these jewels, this gift is sure to get the history buffs excited.

  20. Presidential Signature Platter

    A beautiful platter made of maple wood, this is anything but an ordinary platter. Signatures of all the retired presidents etched on it, it will make a great conversation starter and is sure to hog all the limelight. A great gift for those who love the past and deep dive into the bygone era, it is sure to serve history on a platter.

  21. Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug

    Wake up to a morning cup of coffee seeking motivation from the presidential campaigns of the past that inspire and make you aspire for a better future. Slogans, that catch your eye and that have won elections capturing the imagination of the masses while setting an example as to how a simple phrase could empower you to achieve things you thought weren’t possible. Now doesn’t this make just the perfect gift for all the history buffs you know.

  22. Retro Wall Clock on Lenin Book

    A wall clock with a retro look and an eccentric design, it’s the perfect gift for the comrades who adore history and have a soft spot for communism. The portrayal of Lenin is beautiful and is sure to strike a chord with the vivid readers of history while the wall clock is sure to keep people guessing about it being a book or a clock.

  23. The New York Times Complete Front Pages: 1851-2018

    The New York Times Front Pages are a collection of all the news that made it to the headlines from 1851-2018. A dream for any historian, this book will not only provide you with a hundred and sixty-seven years worth of news but will also shape your views, after all history does repeat itself.

  24. Vintage Postcard Folder of Washington D.C. mailed in 1928 to Buffalo, NY

    A nostalgic postcard that brings back the charm of the yesteryears and serves as a souvenir of the bygone era, this beautiful postcard is everything a history lover craves for. Reminiscent of simpler times when your message took a while to reach but had a sense of personal touch that this sophisticated era lacks, they are sure to take you back in time and the vintage look makes it a perfect fit to any collection and when you frame it, it doubles as a great decor.

  25. World War II Poster Collage

    A gift that intrigues your brain and entices the history buffs, this collage is a puzzle you need to put together for the bigger picture. Based on the World War II, this is a thousand piece puzzle that takes you back in time making you feel nostalgic while you relive history as you assemble each piece and start to solve the puzzle.