Getting a gift for the free spirited takes some work. As you rightly know, it’s not the fancy or expensive gifts that gets to them. You will need to find one that not only appeals to their sense of boho charm but also has a deep philosophical beauty the hipster can totally relate to. Whether fashion item, decorations, or simply decorated ornaments, these hippie gifts can even be regular items transformed by color and art into lovely bohemian items a hippie will fall in love with. Here are some awesome ideas you can check out.

Custom Dye Vans Shoes

Make a loud hippie statement with this lovely Custom Tie Dye Vans Shoes more than just your typical vans shoes, this one is hand dyed in beautiful colors to give the best hippie effect the bohemian will so much love. It is durable and can be worn come rain or shine without the fear of the color running off. It’s the perfect gift for the hippie.


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Cannabis Flower Fragrance

The slightly spicy and slightly floral beautiful scent is what you get from this special cannabis cologne made from cannabis flower. it’s the perfect fragrance for the hippie. With a deep penetrating unmistakable cannabis scent that every hippie would like to wear all day and perfect for all occasions.


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Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set

Everyone who has seen this knife will agree with how beautiful it is. These Chef’s Vision Knives, have a colorful blade which displays the beautiful color of the cosmos. But more than just being gorgeous knives that the hippie chef will fall in love with, they are also top quality, made from highly durable stainless steel sharpened for cutting with ease


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Paladone Classic VW Commuter Travel Mug

This groovy Commuter Travel Mug branded with a retro Volkswagon Bus Design is the perfect gift item for the Hippie. Inspired by the iconic VW Campervan of the hippie days, this classic mug is perfect for keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold all day long so that you enjoy your adventure all day long. It’s the perfect travel accessory for the hippie at heart.


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Evil Eye Gourd Lamp

This unique and beautiful evil eye amulet themed gourd lamp is a lovely decorative item every hippie would love. The handcrafted lampshade which sits perfectly on any light source is great for both day time and night time use with a lovely white and blue look in the day and colorful bright nighttime look. Both giving the perfect ambience every hippie out there will undoubtedly love.


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Sunflower Summer Door Wreath

Finding the perfect outdoor hippie decoration isn’t always easy, but this sunflower summer door wreath is the perfect decorative item for the bohemian’s patio, front door and can even be used as in indoor decoration. It is made from twig garland sculpted into the peace sign and is durable for use whether outdoors or inside the house.


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Boar bristle brush

This ornamental boar bristle brush is a beautiful hand painted hair brush and a perfect gift accessory for the bohemian. The brush is beautifully decorated with Petrykivka ornament, which gives is a completely unique and chic appearance making it the loveliest gift you can get for the fashionable hippie lady.


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Turquoise Painted Rock

This Turquoise painted mandala stone is an intricately painted beach pebble that makes a gorgeous home decorative item. For the free spirited this is more than just a beautiful stone. It can be a perfect meditation aid that serves as a soothing point of locus for the mind making it a lovely gift for the deep bohemian.


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Snail hat Felt hat

Add a personalized hippie touch to your dressing with this beautiful Snail themed felt hat. Made from natural merino wool, the hat is designed to be completely comfy and warm with a soft feeling for the head and doesn’t itch. It is also completely waterproof and durable making it the perfect hippie wear for every weather.


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Large Gemstone Pipe

This unique and customisable natural smoking pipe is a beautiful and highly durable pipe perfect for healthy smoking. Handcrafted from natural white howlite stone also known as white buffalo turquoise which is spiritually regarded as the stone of awareness. It can also be customised with other lovely stones as well with obsidian, aventurine, among others all with deep spiritual significance every hippie would love.


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Ambesonne Mushroom Throw Pillow Cushion Cover

Made from top quality polyester, the ambesonne mushroom throw pillow cushion cover is a lovely home decorative item for the hippie. Hand-sewn to perfection, this pillow cover comes with a zipper and is durable for all weather. it is colorful with clear imaging perfect for adding that colorful touch to the hippie’s room or home.


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Vintage Hippy Theme Sunglasses

This Victorian styled sunglasses with small square spectacles is a lovely fashion accessory for the fashionable hippie. It has an old fashioned metal nose bridge with rare sliding adjustable temples making it the perfect fashion accessory for that chic and retro look every stylish hippie would really love to rock.


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OM Wall Decoration

Add a spiritual touch to a hippie’s room with this lovely ambesonne mandala designed wall art. Made from light weight fabric, which add color and a lovely ambience and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration. This wall decoration comes in perfectly vivid colors, and clear imaging that carries deep spiritual meaning for the hipster.


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Bohemian Duvet Cover

Sleep the Bohemian style with this beautiful Luxury Boho duvet with lovely mandala Styled design. Add a touch of hippie to your room with this chic bedspread and is made from durable Polyester fiber that is not only soft and comfortable but is also durable and easy to maintain.


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Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

For the hippie aromatherapy lover, this special Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace is a perfect accessory. The complete kit comes with an oil bottle, a filigree locket and 2 lava rocks that makes it easy to change the oils within seconds. It also comes with a stainless steel necklace that is adjustable to the desired length whether short or oil. The locket can be worn alone or together with the oil bottle to keep that lovely scent as close as possible always.


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