If you are looking for the best gifts for engineers you’ve come to the right place!

    An engineers job is tough nevermind the fact that are dozens of branches of engineering, like aeronautical, biomedical, chemical, electrical, geological, mechanical and structural engineering, but one thing they all have in common — exceptionally smart people! And you need smart gifts for smart people.

    So look no further, we have curated the best gifts that will appeal to engineers and budding engineers of every kind and will secure their love for you! Go ahead and spoil them with these gifts:

  1. 100% Microfiber Math Equations Necktie

    Who says engineers are not stylish! It’s just that people don’t understand their style. Help your beloved engineer overcome their difficulty by gifting them this delightful tie that sparks in electric blue with its terrifying math equations and diagrams. Made with 100% premium microfiber material, this tie comes in regular, skinny and extra long fits and you get 30 days money back guarantee if your math nerd doesn’t like it!

  2. 4M Table Top Robot – DIY Robotics

    This gift looks like a spider monster from some alien space adventure but rather its the helpful 4M table top robot that can be built to perform acrobatic tricks and intelligent navigation for your entertainment. Building it doesn’t require any special tools or knowledge. This gift will naturally appeal to your young ones who have an aptitude for robotic engineering or for other branches of the STEM fields.

  3. CHIALSTAR Flashlight Glove Tool

    Here’s a gadget that all engineers would love to get their hands on! A pair of wizard gloves that will help accomplish technical adventures in the dark with ease. These gloves are made with a comfortable stretched cloth and have position adjustable straps, but their distinctive feature are the two built-in ultra bright LED light beads that have a maximum output of 30 lumens!

  4. Circuit Board Coasters

    These futuristic drink coasters are made from recycled circuit boards attached to cushy cork bottoms. The emblems of this world’s electronic nervous system will definitely appeal to all techies and sci-fi fans. Available in 6 vivid colors gleaming like polished jewelry they make for a cool and quirky gift that will always be a conversation starter at parties. They measure 3.75 inches in diameter each.

  5. Circuit Board Skater Dress

    This ultra chic skater dress has a unique circuit board design in stunning electric blue. It’s created with a modern, machine washable, moisture wicking material that looks stylish on the outside and is very easy to maintain. This gift is extra special as every order is hand stitched to fit the recipient! It can be used for cosplay and parties to show off your love for electronics and sci-fi!

  6. Civil Engineer Custom Portrait

    This funny and unique gift will be remembered for a long time and showcased with pride. Choose this for your beloved civil engineer who can appreciate the lighter side of life while working with hard instruments and heavy structures. Have a talented artist draw their portrait on site as a Simpsons character! You could even frame or print it on a t-shirt or a beer glass before gifting.

  7. Coloring Book For Swearing Like An Engineer

    Adult coloring books are a form of therapy, especially this one as it will help your engineer take out all their client related frustrations in a creative, colorful manner! It contains over 50 pages of funny and sarcastic line drawings designed to release the stress built up after another challenging week at work. This gift of love is sure to rest and relax your champion superstar!

  8. Engineering Protractor Tie Clip

    “Always have a protractor on you, just in case,” seems to be the Engineer’s maxim when it comes to getting ready. Give them the freedom of engaging in their ritualistic pleasures in style with this scientifically accurate protractor tie clip! This fun and whimsical tie clip is handmade from a shiny metal that goes well with every outfit and it comes in an elegant box for easy gifting.

  9. Engino Constructions & Bridges Construction Kit

    Here is a gift for the budding engineers who need a fun activity based on their ideal profession. This award winning construction kit for building bridges and buildings will help you discover all types of forces applied in giant constructions that provide massive weight support all the time. It includes 9 working models and comes with step by step instructions, quizzes, theory booklet and even a mobile app!

  10. Frankenstein Switch Plate

    Here’s a piece of medieval engineering to add character to your cherished engineer’s room. Inspired by Gothic technology this electrical throw switch will enrich your light turning experience and make you feel like you’re bringing Frankenstein’s monster back to life! Created by the artist Lance Nubye in San Diego, California, this unique switch plate is made from birch plywood and is laser engraved with coils to make it look quaint.

  11. Gear Shape Soap Bar

    Finally a soap for engineers to wash away their grease in style! These gear shaped soaps are the perfect hygiene gadget for your favorite engineer’s bathroom. Each soap is handcrafted with SLS free pure white soap base and comes in 2 colors and 3 different flavors: Almond, Forest & Grapefruit! This germ free marvel is great for washing hands after an intensive hands-on engineering feat.

  12. Historical Mechanical Puzzle Set

    This gift is for those serious engineers who have a dedicated work desk which lacks an engaging thingamajig. This premium puzzle box contains historically accurate working wooden models of the classics such as the star puzzle, 3D square cube, snake cube, ball in jail, burr puzzle, diamond cube and many more! Made with eco-friendly polished wood, it comes with detailed instructions for its every puzzle.

  13. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

    This cosmic cube may not transform your every wish into reality but it will certainly relieve your stress in the most dashing way. This exquisite infinity cube is playable with one hand and features a discreet ergonomic style that gives it a classy and professional look. It can be used to perform an infinite number of tricks with its clever mechanisms. Really a fun gift for engineers!

  14. IVESIGN Briefcase with Calculator and Writing Pad

    Give your engineer a style uplift with this chic padfolio! It’s made from high quality leather with sleek zippers for the modern professional look. This padfolio will make it easy for him or her to keep all their gadgets, including smart phones and tablets, in one place. Plus it has a built in calculator that’s always handy. A functional gift that will be well received!

  15. Kware – Best Engineer Heat Sensitive Mug

    This heat reactive mug is specifically designed for engineers because when it’s cold it only shows the left hand side of the most famous math equations, but when you fill it with your favorite hot liquid it shows you their answers written on the right hand side balancing each one off. It can be used as a memory tool or simply as a cool vessel for enjoying a hot cuppa!

  16. Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

    Leonardo da Vinci referred to himself as an engineer even though he is better known for his paintings. A proof of his engineering acumen is this stunning piece of playable desk art based on the technical sketches he drew around 1485! This catapult aptly demonstrates the great power of kinetic energy with da Vinci’s genius design. Though be careful because it can wreak havoc in your office if used for pranks!

  17. LiKee 5MM 216 Pieces Magnetic Fidget Toy

    When the mind is busy working on complex problems the hands need something to do! Give your engineer this awesome fidget toy which harnesses the power of magnets, lots of them, to gratify their hands and help them crack their next technological marvel! Let its 216 magnets work their magic to enhance your engineer’s creativity and imagination through infinite patterns of geometric structures.

  18. Magnetic Balance Lamp

    This ingenious lamp is perfectly balanced, as all things should be. It has no switch because it automatically lights up when its magnets are in near proximity and turns off when you disengage them with a nudge! Buy this gift for your peace loving engineer who can appreciate the technological tranquility of this lamp on their desk. It is USB powered and easy to clean.

  19. MYNT3D Super 3D Pen

    There’s an old fairy tale about a young man who finds a magic brush in the woods and whatever he draws with it becomes real. Now you can gift that magic brush to your beloved engineer with this super 3d pen! It allows you to draw, design, build and repair your creations in 3d with its ultrasonic nozzle which has in-built temperature control and easy flow adjustment!

  20. Nikola Tesla Engraved Quote Pen

    Nikola Tesla is the patron saint of electricity and also the patron saint of geeks! He is the best icon to have on any gift for engineers and that’s what makes this luxury pen so special for engineers! It comes engraved with Tesla’s signature on its cap and a beautiful quote engraved on its shiny black body. It is compatible with the standard Parker-type ink refills.

  21. ONXE USB LED Clock Fan

    The true value of this fan clock will be obvious to any geek. With a simple USB connector it can draw power from any electronic device and output an extraordinary clock display etched on only a cool breeze! Its blades are made from soft PVC for safety and it has a flexible goose-neck for easy adjustment. It doesn’t need any driver installation, simply plug it and play.

  22. Recycled Circuit Board Heart Necklace

    Nothing says I love you like this gift of a heart shaped necklace! When it comes to choosing gifts for engineers what could be better than a crimson red heart built from an actual circuit board! With this gift you will have an artist create a unique pendant from recycled motherboards engraved in crystal clear resin. It comes in an elegant box making it perfect for any engineer’s Valentines day!

  23. Repurposed Computer Parts Desk Clock

    Here’s the coolest desk clock for your techy! It’s handmade from an actual motherboard by the artisans of Village Crafts based in Sarai Tarin, India. Ten Thousand Villages guarantees an authentic fair trade product which is ethically sourced through sustainable producer relationships. This clock measures 7 by 7 inches and features a minimalist look that will go well with any tech environment.

  24. Robot Friend Nightlight

    This Cyborg is handmade with love to provide a gentle glow for your favorite engineer in the night time. Sweet dreams are made of this for the people who work on computers and machines in the dark! This gift will be a great futuristic addition to any science loving geek’s bedside table or desk. It is a limited edition artwork, handmade and signed by the Belgian designer Gaetane Lannoy.

  25. Royal Decanters Etched Globe Set

    What better way to celebrate your technical achievements after a hard day’s work than sipping whiskey from this beautiful Royal Decanters gift set! It comes with a lead free glass decanter and 4 bar glasses that are all hand blown by artisans. This decanter will preserve the freshness of any wine, whiskey, scotch or bourbon with its tight fitted glass stopper. Plus it comes packaged in the most beautiful gift box.

  26. SIGNFORD 3 Panel Canvas Wall Art

    This majestic wall art will inspire the feelings of cosmic grandeur and pride in humanity’s great engineering feats. This artwork measures 16 inches by 24 inches for each panel and it is printed on a high quality canvas. This gift is the best decoration choice for any aerospace engineer’s living room or office. It’s available in multiple sizes and comes with an easy to hang accessory kit.

  27. Sound-Activated Light Blocks

    A sound activated Superman with a super glow to brighten up your engineer’s room! Believe it or not you can actually turn this superman into any geometric shape with its 50 Lego pieces and make your creation light up in glowing colors with a snap of your fingers. This gift includes several block building ideas and provides good creative fun for kids and adults alike!

  28. Take Apart Toys with Electric Drill

    Start them young with this amazing DIY construction trucks set that comes with a kids safe electric drill. You can build 3 different construction trucks with its 44 pieces: Dump Truck, Cement Truck and a Crane! These trucks, once constructed, make realistic sounds when controlled with their top race remote control that comes included. Perfect gift for all the budding engineers who are over five years old.

  29. Unisex Mixed Metal Gear Engineer Pendant

    Here’s the perfect gift of love for your grease monkey sweetheart! A steampunk hypo-allergenic necklace with its pendant created out of gears and copper washers. It is handmade by the artist Cindy Hawthorne from Tennessee, USA, who creates terrific jewelry with her wild imagination. It’s sure to have a hypnotic effect on your gear loving babe! It measures 22 + 1 inches in length.

  30. Westminster Magnetic Sand Timer

    Magnets! How do they work? They work just like sand in this exquisite magnetic sand timer. Its ingenious design allows iron filaments to flow freely with a mesmerizing effect while helping you keep track of the time. This is a practical showpiece that will catch everybody’s attention with its variety of unique formations. It measures 5 inches in height and looks great on any desk.