gifts for dragon lovers

    Dragons are majestic mythical creatures that have fascinated man for a long time. For the dragon lover, everything about this awe-inspiring magical beast reeks of beauty, from their lovely scaly muscular body to the fiery fire-spiting nature.

    Whether it is regular items with dragon themed design or complete dragon sculptures, these products serve their unique purpose and make the perfect decorative item for the home. Here are few dragon gifts you can choose from.

  1. Aurora Blue Dragon with Sound

    Aurora Blue Dragon is more than just a stuffed dragon toy. It has a bean filled plush fabric, and a realistic styling that gives it a real-life dragon look and to top it off, it can even make dragon noises when its tummy its squeezed. Kids will fall totally fall in love with this fire spitting cuddly monster.

  2. Carbide Ring

    For the dragon-loving couple, this Black Celtic Dragon Themed Tungsten Carbide Ring is the perfectly beautiful wedding band choice. It has an intricate and lovely outer rim and an extra comfortable inner surface which makes it a cozy day-to-day fashion accessory. It is exotic, stylish and perfect for all occasions.

  3. Dice Holder

    Flint, the dragonling is a beautiful handcrafted Polymer Clay Dragon Dice Holder. It’s your own personal mini-sized dragon specially designed to add color and fiery beauty to your desk. The dragonling is sculpted and perfected with the finest of detailing and finished with acrylic varnish for extra brightness and for increased durability.

  4. Dragon Eggs Soap Box

    Asides the fact that these beautiful soaps come shaped like dragon eggs which the dragon lover will totally adore, the Dragon’s Egg Soap is made from the best of natural ingredients. Natural mica gives the soaps their beautiful color. They also have a natural earthy fragrance that makes them irresistible and contains natural shea butter and coconut oil which makes the soaps lather quite easily.

  5. Dragon Incense Burner

    For the meditating dragon lover, this beautiful item will make the perfect gift. This portable Dragon Smoke Backflow Incense Burner Holder is a beautifully crafted incense burner for creating the perfect meditative ambiance in the home. It has served as a classical furnishing and decorative item for your home as well.

  6. Dragon Mask

    What’s better than being able to look like the monsters you love so much. Get some spooky fun on with this Dragon Costume Skull Fantasy Mouth Mover mask. This pretty costume is designed with fine detailing and can move its mouth when you do which makes it more fun and lively to wear for Halloween or any other occasion.

  7. Dragon Necklace

    Hang your love for dragons on your neck with this pretty Galaxy Dragon Draper Necklace. It is beautifully painted with the perfect shades of colors that gives it a unique sparkly design you will always be proud to wear. The necklace consists of 2 pieces, a dragon head, and its tail, which drape perfectly around the shoulders connected by a short adjustable chain. It’s a lovely accessory for all occasions the dragon lover will fall in love with.

  8. Dragon Rainspout Statue

    Decorate the dragon lover’s home with the gothic styled Toscano Ranier the Dragon Rainspout Statue. Even though this dragon breathes water and not fire, it still makes an excellent home decoration everyone will admire. This detailed work of art is perfectly crafted and cast in top quality resin giving it the perfect hue finish.

  9. Dragon Tights

    Dragon themed items can make great clothing items as well. Add some style and beauty to your dressing with this dragon scale patterned nude tights. It is very thin and almost invisible and can be worn as a fashion accessory decorating one side of the leg either in front or at the back. It is very elastic and fit perfectly to almost all skin tones. A stylish gift item for any dragon loving lady.

  10. Dragonheart Board Game

    Bring your passion to life and enjoy an interesting dragon themed game with your dragon loving friends. Bring order to a kingdom of trolls, knights, huntresses and fire dragons on this very intuitive card game. It is not only easy to learn, but fun to play as well. You and your friends will compete to accumulate points in order to become the one who decides the Fate of the great dragon and that of an entire kingdom.

  11. Embossed Leather Journal

    Double Dragon Handmade Writing & Drawing Journals serves the dual purpose of writing and drawing perfectly with its top quality hand-made paper on the inside. But what makes this journal perfect for the dragon lover is the lovely handcrafted entwined dragons embossed boldly on its thick leather cover made for beauty and added durability.

  12. Glow at Night Dragon Hoodie

    This luminescent hoodie with a glowing dragon pattern is a lovely hoodie which glows brightly in the dark. It is made from durable cotton material and has a zipper closure for added snugness. This beautiful hoodie is perfect for all ages and sexes and makes a lovely gift item for the dragon lover.

  13. Handbag

    Pack your lunch with style with this dragon themed lunch bag. It is made from Neoprene material which helps to keep your food at just the temperature you want whether hot or cold. It is safe for storing food and has a compact lightweight design which makes it easy to carry with you for work or for school.

  14. Printable Dragon Craft

    The dragon eyes digital collage sheets are a printable decorative item that serves a variety of crafting purposes. This beautiful and colorful collage sheet is great for doll making, scrapbooking or for making jewelry like resin pendants, earrings, rings, resin pendants and all other forms of paper crafts.

  15. Toilet Paper Holder

    Who says you love for dragons can’t follow you to the toilet? Hold your tissue with style with the Commode Dragon Tissue holder. It’s the perfect bathroom decoration made especially for those who love to see the fiery majestic beasts. It adds a lovely gothic touch to your bathroom and is ever ready to dispense toilet paper.

  16. Turquoise Dragon Ring

    Wear the majestic dragon beauty on your fingers with this Silver Turquoise Dragon Ring. This lovely enchanting ring represents the “yang” of the universe: life, growth, and eternal love. It’s an elegant fashion accessory the dragon lover will love to slip on. It is rhodium plated and has an elegant metal finishing with a copper coated brass-base for added durability and beauty.