gifts for couples

    When buying a gift for your favorite duo, it can get get tough. You aren’t buying something for a single person and according to their taste, instead you have to buy for two and also ensure that your favorite couple will love it.

    This list will help you find something really a really amazing & unique gift for your favorite couple.

  1. 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set

    This inflatable kayak is an excellent gift for the couple who love to have a jaunt in lakes or rivers. It includes two inflatable seats with backrests designed for maximum comfort and space. It is made with heavy duty puncture-resistant vinyl for safety which can carry upto 400 pounds in weight and comes with 2 paddles, a hi-output pump for snap inflation and a carry bag.

  2. A Dozen Romantic Roses Bouquet with Bear Doll

    This is a gift box of 12 realistic roses that come with an adorable teddy bear primed with a ribbon and a charm. It is available in 12 different color themes you can choose from. The flowers are made from silk and have a mild fragrance. This is a beautiful gift for love themed shelf decoration and for parties and special occasions for couples.

  3. Adventure Couple Personalized Artwork

    Claim for the adventurous couple in your life this unique papercut artwork that is handmade and customised with their initials, showing them on top of a mountain holding hands and looking forward to their next adventure. It comes with a board or a frame of your choosing. This gift is very stylised and made on fine art Italian paper. It measures 27 x 20 cm.

  4. Bicycle Built for Two Necklace

    This simple and exquisite gift is for all the loving couples who are riding through life together as perfect partners. It is made with sterling silver and has an 18 inch chain and a tiny tandem bike pendant which is about 1.25 inches long. It is a beautiful symbol of love as a teamwork and a reminder that you can climb any hill when you are pedaling together!

  5. Cosmos Star Projector for Bedroom

    Turn off the lights and turn on this cosmos star projector to transform any bedroom into a glittering night sky! It can project lights in 5 different color combinations to bring a luxurious feeling of enchantment with a hypnotic effect, making the couple enter into a magical realm of star filled romance. It projects an actual star map based on latitude and date!

  6. Couple Illustration from Ria Design Store

    This gift has an artist from Istanbul draw a unique illustration of your chosen couple based on the photos that you send and your description of the pose, colors, clothes, banner and background that you want. The result will be a highly original artwork that will transform the couple into a very cute and romantic avatar! You will receive a high resolution digital painting which can be printed at home or at the local print shop.

  7. Custom Watercolor House Portrait

    For the couples moving out of their old home and moving into a new one this gift will bring a gentle reminder of the beautiful times they have spent in their old place. A very talented artist from Fort Wayne, Indiana, will paint a strikingly beautiful watercolor painting based on a photo of the house you send them. Painted with lots of love and high quality colors on watercolor paper, it can be framed or used as decor.

  8. Custom-made Couple Dolls

    Imagine cute little handmade dolls that look like your beloved couple! That’s what this gift is about. A talented doll-maker will turn the photo you send them into tender dolls of the couple made with the finest quality raw materials. The dolls will be about 24 cm high and highly cute. There are many customization options available including even depicting their profession on the doll.

  9. Cute Little Dinosaur Couple Phone Covers

    These super cute phone covers come in a pair with a cartoon dinosaur on each cover trying to hug their partner on the other cover. It creates a funny and loving situation on the phones! It’s a great gift for the couple who are playful in their approach towards love. It will also give them 360 degree shock protection and is available for all modern mobile phones.

  10. Dare Duel: A Romantic Game for Couples

    This is the game of truth and dare with the boring part removed. You take on the sexy and romantic dares generated by your partner with the help of these cards and perform the dares that will add a lot of spice to your relationship. This absolutely exciting, no holds barred game is for the couple who is willing to do absolutely anything in front of each other!

  11. Date Night Bucket List

    Long time couples often find themselves doing the same things over and over again. This gift will ensure that they will have a bunch of fresh and exciting ideas for their future dates. Just pull out a stick from this box and let the stick decide the scene and setting for your next date. Each stick has one unique date idea printed on it, ranging from blissfully romantic to intellectually stimulating.

  12. DIY Plaster Statue Molding Kit for Couples

    Couples can create a timeless sculpture of togetherness with this unique gift! The process is simple–you mix the moulding material in the bucket provided, put your hands in it for 2-3 minutes, wiggle out your hands and pour the casting mixture into the mold, when it is dry simply tear out the statue and it’s ready! All the mixtures in this kit are hypoallergenic so it works even with sensitive skins.

  13. Double Size Tall Couple Umbrella

    Lovers usually get this urge to go out singin’ in the rain because of the glorious feeling it gives them. With this gift they can do this without getting wet. They can go out in style and explore their environment in intimate closeness while the world is getting washed anew. Available in 3 different colors–red, blue and black.

  14. Double Sleeping Bag for Camping, Backpacking or Hiking

    This is the perfect two people sleeping bag from Wellax. Made with the best quality materials to provide excellent warmth and super softness, it gives comfortable sleeping space for two full sized adults. Measuring 87 by 59 inches and weighing only 6.2 pounds, this gift is for the adventure loving couple out in the cold nights camping, hiking and travelling.

  15. Dragon Couple Garden Statue

    Dragons are our generation’s symbol of everlasting love. This set of 2 dragon statues depicts an adorable love scene in which one dragon is blissfully kissing the other. It is made from cold cast ceramic to make it last outdoors in any extreme weather conditions. Perfect gift for dragon loving couples or anybody who wants to add a touch of fantasy to their garden.

  16. Fun Conversation Cards Game for Couples

    This is a great gift for new couples who want to create an emotional bond together or for old couples who want to reinvigorate their conversations. Each card contains a thoughtful question that is intended to open your heart and make you want to listen to your partner. You can take them to the beach or play with them in your bedroom to generate a spontaneous soulful conversation instantly!

  17. Fundies Undies for Two

    This is a tongue in cheek gift to give to a couple who can appreciate a sexy four legged underwear best suited for a fun evening or a drinking party. It’s double the fun with these fundies undies that will make you the life of the party!

  18. Funny and Romantic Role Playing Dice Game

    In this game you roll the 6 and 10 sided dice together to create a unique combination of upto 60 different actions to stimulate your partner. After that you roll the two 12 sided dice together to generate starting and finishing positions you will take in bed. Keep rolling the dice to keep the fun going! This gift is for the passionate couple who want to add more fun to their nights!

  19. Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    Make two perfect sandwiches in 5 minutes with this heavy duty dual sandwich maker from Hamilton Beach. This practical gift for couples will toast the bread/muffin, melt the cheese, cook the eggs and heat the precooked meat very quickly so that the couple will be well fed and have enough time left for more exciting and romantic tasks!

  20. Harry Potter Hand Towel Set for Couples

    For the loving couple who share the love of the Harry Potter Universe this magical Hand Towel set will bring its wizardry into their daily lives. Both the towels are embroidered with gold thread, one reads “He’s a Keeper” with an icon of Quidditch Hoops and the other “She’s a Catch” with a Golden Snitch icon. Made from 100% cotton, these towels are soft to touch and easy to wash.

  21. Key to My Heart Necklace

    This is a set of two necklaces, one with a heart pendant which has a key shaped gap and another with a key pendant which fits perfectly in the first pendant’s gap. This gift comes in gold and silver colors and can further be customized with the text of your choosing in a variety of fonts along with an emoji. Perfect for the couple you have their hearts locked together.

  22. King Queen Hoodies

    These classic King and Queen hoodies are just for everyone who has a royal partner of their loving heart with them. Send this gift to the couple of your choice to set them apart from the crowd! These sweatshirts are made of a very soft and comfortable fabric. You can choose from various colors including Black, White, Red, Pink, Bronze and Gold! Further customizations are possible.

  23. Kissing Mugs Set With Gift Box

    These coffee mugs join together perfectly to create a kissing couple. With their faces drawn like lovers and their handles in the shape of hearts, these mugs are made from durable high quality ceramic which makes them difficult to break. They come in two color schemes to choose from: red & white and gray & black. Perfect gift for the coffee loving couple!

  24. LGBT icons Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera Illustration Print

    This is a charming illustration of the LGBT power couple Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera who fought for gay and transgender rights in the USA. They also founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) group dedicated to supporting some of the most vulnerable members of the community. This artwork is a tribute to their fight and an empowering gift for the LGBT couples in your life.

  25. Love Beneath The Red Moon Ambient Light

    This dimmable and touch-sensitive night light features three levels of intensity to suit the mood and is available in 3 choices of different colors and designs. Each light has a couple standing or snuggling under the glow of a beautiful full moon. It captures the feeling of night love under the sky and brings it into the couple’s bedroom. Sure to tingle the romantic senses!

  26. Love Tokens: Set of 10

    This is a set of 10 metallic coins to use as currency for exchanging romantic favors among lovers. Each token has an action printed on it which its owner can redeem from their partner at any time. Values printed on the tokens include hugs, kisses, massages, breakfasts in bed and rolling in the hay, *wink* *wink*! Perfect gift for the couple that has everything.

  27. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

    Put this love box on your partner’s desk to set up a tangible connection of love between you two. When you send a message to them it will set the heart spinning on their desk. When they open the box, your message will be displayed on its beautiful mirror screen. When they spin the heart on their box it will send a shower of hearts to your phone. Perfect for couples in long distance love!

  28. Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game

    This fantasy board game is for couples in committed monogamous relationships. The rules are simple: you roll the dice, move your piece on the board and follow the instructions on the square you land on. And then you make your move in bed. It works on four different levels, including passionate and steamy levels! Best gift for couples who want another excuse for intimacy.

  29. Romance Pack Valentines Jar Scented Candles, Set of 2

    Romantic Roses and Lava Lovin are the two brilliant Way Out West scented candles created especially for lovers. You can get these beautiful mason jar candles as a gift for any couple who can appreciate the sensual exquisite aroma of love. This gift will be delivered in a sturdy box which includes a smoke free candle extinguishing wick dipper.

  30. Romantic Dinner for Two Gift Box

    This gift box for two has a curated selection of top quality porcelain plates for salad and dinner, baroque silverware, stainless steel ice bucket, two sleek champagne flute glasses, two glass candlesticks with romantic candles, napkins, mats and rose petals in one charming box. This gift will give your favorite couple the best at-home dining experience for a special night.

  31. Story of Us, Couple Love Story Print

    Love is not a destination but a journey and this gift is the map of this journey painted as a colorful sequential art! The artist will send you this handmade digital painting of the story of the love life of your favorite couple with their most iconic moments illustrated upon a 100% cotton canvas. A picture is often worth more than a thousand words but this one is worth a lifetime!

  32. Sun & Moon Love Bracelets

    “A good heart is the sun and the moon,” said Shakespeare. And lovers agree because their own hearts shine bright for each other, just like the sun and the moon. That’s why this set of two handmade bracelets will serve as the perfect reminder of their partner’s love. You can choose from the 16 unique colors available for each bracelet. They are made from the highest quality materials.

  33. TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Romance

    There is no better depiction of romance in Hollywood than in the movies of the golden era! This gift is a first-rate collection of four of the greatest romantic films of all time–Splendor in the Grass (1961), Love in the Afternoon (1957), Mogambo (1953) and Now Voyager (1942). Each one offers a dramatic romance with some of the greatest performances and stories to enchant every movie loving couple.

  34. The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook

    This is the best gift for couples who want to have home cooked food as it contains 650 recipes which cover practically everything they would ever want to cook! Every recipe has simple and straight-forward instructions with color photos to take the guesswork out of cooking. This book also has guides for cooking basics, shopping strategies and storage tricks for any two-person household.

  35. The Kiss: A Romantic Treasury

    This is a unique coffee table book with high quality prints of black and white photographs showing couples kissing each other in various cinematic and real-life settings. These beautiful photographs are accompanied by famous art and meaningful quotes on kissing from people like Shakespeare, Byron, Oscar Wilde and from classic films like Casablanca. This gift is sure to create a feeling of intense romance in the recipient.

  36. Titanium Steel Mood Rings for Lovers

    These ECG heartbeat rings for lovers are made from 100% high quality titanium which is amazingly hypoallergenic and does not tarnish or oxidize. The colors in these rings change dramatically based on the ambient temperature creating a smooth magical effect. This is a unique mood enhancing jewellery for couples.

  37. Together With Christ: A Dating Couples Devotional

    This gift is for the religious couple who is still in the dating stage and is preparing to take the marriage vow. It will equip each partner with the spiritual strengthening needed to lay a strong foundation for lifelong commitment. This book contains 52 devotionals, one for each week of the year, bible verses on practical life topics and also date ideas to foster connection through fun activities!

  38. Ultimate Journeys for Two

    Written by the “World’s Longest Honeymooners” this guide to the best romantic destinations around the world contains hidden-gem destinations you won’t find in regular travel guides and insider tips especially well-suited for couples. From ice-climbing in Patagonia to attending a mask festival in China, this gift will bring culture, adventure, and romance to any couple.

  39. Valentine’s Romantic His and Hers Quartz Analog Wrist Watches

    This pair of his and her wristwatches that combine together to make a bejeweled heart and a cursive “love” appear on their dials is a very stylish and showy gift for a loving couple. It shows that love is incomplete unless two hearts connect together! These watches are standard waterproof and available in 8 different themes to choose from.

  40. Willow Tree Promise, Sculpted Hand-painted Figurine

    A serene hand-painted sculpture of a couple in a gentle embrace in the traditional Willow Tree style is the best gift that captures the feelings of promise, commitment, caring and closeness. It comes in a nice box with a sentiment card which reads, “Hold dear the promise of love.” The figurines are made from a resin material that looks like wood.