gifts for climbers

    Whether as a hobby or as a recreational activity or even as a job, climbing sure is fun and for a climber this is life! Thus picking a perfect gift for climbers can be tough. Which is why thinking of helping your climber friend improve in their climbing or you simply want to get them a special gift they can relate with and appreciate. 

    Here are some pretty cool gifts to choose from that will leave the climber relishing the climb every step of the way.

  1. Aim High Poster

    gifts for climbers motivating poster

    Aim higher with every climb with this beautiful rock climbing art print that fits perfectly on any wall in a rock climber’s home. The special Art print hanged on the wall, the fervent climber can wake up daily with a morale boost. So thinking of introducing some aesthetically beauty into a climber’s life, this might just be the gift of choice.

  2. Climb A Mountain – Birthday Card

    gifts for climbers birthday card

    Ever been at that point when words failed you? Yeah right? You know what you want to say but it feels like the words are not just appropriate to convey your feelings. Well don’t sweat it, why beat yourself up when all you want to say and even more can be conveyed with a card. Get one of these Funny Romantic Cards for that climber you hold dear.

  3. Climbers Chalk Bag

    climbing gifts chalk bag

    Another important gift you might want to consider getting for the climber is the Rock Climbing Chalk bag. Chalks help prevent a sweaty hand so the climber can climb longer and harder and with adjustable clips, they can be strapped conveniently around the waist, compact and light enough to carry on a climb without adding excess weight.

  4. Cool Climbers Glasses

    gift for a climber - sunglasses

    Apart from the fact that sunglasses are cool, they also help protect a climber’s eyes from the sun. A perfect gift for a climber is this Julbo Vermont Classic Sunglasses. The combination of style and safety, these special sunglasses have a round lens, a leather nose piece and leather shield side which makes it the perfect climbing accessory that delivers style and comfort for the climber.

  5. Filtering Water Bottle

    gifts for climbers portable water filter

    Getting clean water in the mountains can be a bit of a challenge, you don’t want to come down sick from drinking dirty water. Which is why this mini water filtration system from sawyers is the perfect companion for that mountain hike. Incredibly small and portable, this filter reduces the risk of water contamination by eliminating 99.99999% of all disease-causing bacteria thereby safeguarding the health of a climber.

  6. Flashlight Watch

    climber gifts wrist watch

    How about all you need for a climb right on your wrist. Try out this special Multi-function wrist light. This special all-weather wrist light has a rechargeable battery and also works as a quartz watch and a compass. and you don’t have to bother about the weight, it is portable and lightweight fitting perfectly on your wrist till you need it. A suitable gift for a climber you love.

  7. Gravity – T-shirt

    gravity tshirt for a climber

    What better way to rep your hobby than to wear it? Show off your love for climbing with this top quality Rock Climbing T-shirt. The 100% cotton full colored shirt comes with a witty quote “gravity never heard of it” inscription, the perfect way to display your gravity-defying deeds in style everywhere you go.

  8. Grip Strengthener

    gifts for climbers grip strengthener

    It’s a long way down. You don’t want to fall right off. Well if you don’t, your grip has to be strong and your fingers must not be weak either. With the Grip master Hand Exerciser, you get to strengthen your forearm, wrist, and fingers. Equipping you with 9 pounds of resistance per finger. Don’t want to spend nights in the hospital attending to a climber friend who got injured from falling, you might want to consider getting this.

  9. Mountain Climbing Clock

    gifts for climbers wall clock

    Tell the time the mountain climber’s way with this trendy retro vinyl clock. It perfectly combines the retro allure of the record player with your love for the great outdoors in a beautiful clock the climbing enthusiast will totally appreciate. The perfect gift idea for that mountain climber you love.

  10. Mountain History Chart

    Mountain info chart gifts for climbers

    Put your love for nature on display with this beautiful Mountains and rivers historic map chart. A perfect gift to adorn the climbing enthusiast’s home. it has a comparative mountains section which compares the major mountains in the world. This highly informative and graphic chart also contains geographic information like the elevation of the world’s major cities and greatest river. It’s all the things you love beautifully displayed in a single chart.

  11. Multi Tool Set

    gifts-for-climbers tool kit

    Navigating the terrain could prove a bit difficult when it gets dark. How do you cope when you can neither see where you are headed clearly? You don’t ever have to worry if you the Tool Logic KSLP2, an all in one tool for the climbing enthusiast. It comes with a bright waterproof Led flashlight, a magnesium alloy fire starter for throwing off intense sparks, and a compact keyring sleeve. Another excellent choice of gift for a climber.

  12. Rock Climbing Glasses

    gifts-for-climbers climbing glassess

    The Belay Glasses is an interesting combination of sunglass and reading glasses in one. it comes with high-quality prisms which offer a clear and comfortable vision for the climber. Additionally, it is also lightweight which makes it almost unnoticeable across the wearers face. So while you are seeing your surroundings, you are also conscious of the climb ahead. A cool accessory for that climber that needs glasses.

  13. Rock Climbing Mug

    gifts-for-climbers mountain cup

    What good is a climb without a drink? Unless you’re a robot that is. Before getting right into a climb, the climber needs to have a good drink. Luckily, the rock climbing mug was designed perfectly for that. And as a plus, they are quite handy and can be carried around even during the climb. So, when you get tired during a climb, unzip your backpack and let the liquid flow.

  14. Rock Pillows

    gifts-for-climbers rock pillows

    Nothing beats a good night sleep right before or in the middle of a climb. More so, it gives off a feel of the climb. Giving off a sense of the surrounding so much they could be mistaken for actual stones, these stone shaped pillows are soft and the fabric is purely environmental. So instead of leaving your favorite climber at the mercy of the harsh elements, get him one of these.

  15. Vintage flashlight

    gifts-for-climbers Vintage flashlight

    What’s a tent without illumination? After a hard day of climbing, before going to bed, there is always a need for self-assessment and probably plan of action for the next day. But that is not going to be possible without a Climbing Bedside Lamp. To avoid spending hiking nights in total darkness, you might consider getting this for a climber before he ventures out.

  16. Wall Climbing Car

    gifts-for-climbers rc wall climber

    Get your little one started with climbing from a young age with this special Remote Controlled Spiderman Wall Climbing Climber Stunt Car. This Mini RC can drive anywhere and can even climb on walls, windows, and even the ceiling, the best gift to spark a love for climbing in that young champ.