Chefs are magicians who spread instant happiness with their creations! Chefs bring gratification to our hearts and bodies through their culinary creations, and that’s the reason we want to keep ourselves in their good books all the time. However, they can be very hard people to choose gifts for because any inappropriate or inferior gift might risk getting those delicious meals cut off in the future! But don’t worry, this list is full of wonderful gifts that will please the hardest to please chefs, whether young or old, male or female, relaxed or rigid. From the latest tech gadgets to games and entertainment, from fresh herbs to the best kitchen utilities and decorations, this list has all the best gifts for all the special chefs in the world!

  1. AeroGarden Harvest Elite

    This AeroGarden is for the gourmet chef who likes to have the freshest herbs at hand when cooking. With this gift your chef will be able to grow all their herbs right on the kitchen counter without needing any soil or gardening tools–no mess, only joy! It includes 6 of the most popular herbs that can be grown, or your chef can choose their own plants to grow with instructions inside. It has enough Miracle-Gro plant food to last the whole season of growth.

  2. Alchema Smart Home Brewing System

    This WiFi enabled brewing machine makes a perfect gift for the chef who wants to create his/her own alcoholic drink to match the food they are cooking. This brewing system has an inbuilt UV sanitization technology to prevent contamination of any kind and a built in scale to measure all the ingredients directly. It also has a convenient app that sends information and alerts to your smart phone at each step.

  3. Artland’s Glass Herb Oil Infuser

    This oil and vinegar herb infuser and dispenser is a phenomenal gift for gourmet chefs. You can soak your herbs in its bottom compartment and click the button to fill the infused liquid accurately into its measuring compartment to pour out the exact amount you need. It will add a rich aroma to all kinds of grilled foods, marinades, salad dressings and roasts. Once you taste this you’ll never like unflavored oil again.

  4. Black Leather Watch for Chefs

    Who doesn’t like an elegant wristwatch that’s custom made to reflect their lifestyle? This unisex wristwatch is just that gift for the professional chefs who delight in their work. It features a chef’s hat with kitchen tools and a glass of red wine laid out with fresh mint on a blue checkered table cloth. This splendid gift is uniquely attractive with its fine craftsmanship and A-grade built.

  5. Blank Recipe Book

    This gift is for the chefs who have reached the pinnacle of gastronomy! And you just want them to note down their legendary creations for future generations. Handmade with the most beautiful chocolate brown leather, this recipe book has a wraparound leather tie with an antique bronze spoon hand stitched to its end. It looks stunning and authoritative! You can order it with a monogram of your favorite chef.

  6. Chef Dad Shirt

    Chef Dad is like a regular dad, but so much cooler! The coolest and most fun dad known. That’s the print on this heartwarming t-shirt which is the perfect gift if the chef in question is your loving father! Make him feel proud with this amazing t-shirt handmade from 100% ringspun cotton, pre-shrunk and available in two different colors, black and navy blue, and in all standard sizes.

  7. Chef Table Runner with Decorative Fringe

    This decorative chef themed table runner with a fringe is the best decoration for the chef’s dinner table at home, or at an outdoor picnic. It is made with Eco-friendly, absorbent and heat resistant fabric with matte beads tassel pendant to make a high grade atmosphere for any dining place. It optionally comes with four place mats with the same theme that features busy chefs preparing delicious foods!

  8. Chef’s Burn Balm

    This gift is the perfect salve for chefs for all minor kitchen burns. Hopefully they’ll never need to use it but will only delight in the comfort of knowing that there is an ointment made specially for them sitting on their counter, just in case! This 100% herbal remedy does not contain any harmful chemicals and is infused and extracted over a 6 week period. It is highly effective and comes in a beautiful gift wrap.

  9. Chef’s Portable Multi-Tool

    A chef without tools is like a programmer without a computer! Never let that happen to your favorite chef with this pocket sized toolkit they can carry everywhere. It contains a mini grater, zester, garlic crusher, peeler, carving fork, stirring spoon, corkscrew, bottle opener, channel knife, serrated knife, paring knife and a can opener! Your chef will love to have this multifunction gift made with top quality materials!

  10. ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

    Get your chef the latest sensation in cooking with this cutting edge sous vide! It will allow them to control their cooking from long distance through Bluetooth or WiFi on their phone. This device maintains a precise temperature constantly to create the perfect dish every time. It is the smallest sous vide, it can even be carried in a knife bag! It is very easy to maintain and a delight to cook with!

  11. Collectible Toy Mouse chef

    A thing of beauty is joy forever, and so will this little mouse be on your chef’s table. Made from wool yarn, holofiber and metal granules for weight, this little chef mouse is the cutest gift on this list. Hand knitted with love by a passionate artist, this mouse comes with a removable chef’s toque and apron, and a removable plate of cheese made with polymer clay. Attention is given to the tiniest details in this adorable artwork.

  12. Combo Laser and Probe Cooking Thermometer

    This advanced thermometer has the latest infrared technology that works from a distance and a swivel probe that goes inside the food to measure the surface as well as the internal temperature of any food. It can take measurements from -76 to 932 degrees Fahrenheit! It can be operated easily with one hand and displays the results instantly on its backlit LCD screen. This gift is for the chef who is into precision cooking!

  13. Fine Italian Chef Wine Bottle Holder

    This stunning wine bottle holder is a very traditional gift to give to a chef. It features a classic Italian chef pushing a golden cart which can capably hold a big bottle of wine. It stands 18 inches tall, weighs 2 pounds and looks very impressive because it is so sturdy and durable. This piece of art is so aesthetically pleasing that it will win the heart of your chef and be a great decor on their dinner table.

  14. Foodie Dice

    The more choices there are, the more difficult it is to choose one! That is what makes it difficult for chefs to decide on what to cook for themselves. This gift will solve that problem once and for all. It is a set of 9 birch wood dices that specify a source of protein, a cooking method, seasonal veggies, bonus ingredients and more. Just shake the tumbler, throw the dice and let the oracle decide your next meal!

  15. Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers

    This fabulous trivia game is completely about food, it contains 1000 questions on topics ranging from culinary science to celebrity chefs, exotic cuisine to the history of cooking! This is the gift you want to give to the chef who loves hosting or participating in game nights. It will allow them to show off their knowledge and share their love of food with their family, friends and other food enthusiasts.

  16. Fork Bracelet

    This is a unique piece of handmade jewelry which features a twisted fork as a bracelet! It measures 7.68 inches in length and has a width of 52mm. For making this artwork an antique fork is first cleaned in non-toxic materials in high heat of 800 degrees Celsius to remove all the traces of previous use so that it will not cause allergies or irritation to any sensitive skin, after that it is bent in shape. This gift is ideal for the offbeat chefs!

  17. Inflatable Suit Master Chef Costume

    This is the funniest chef costume on the internet, bar none! This inflatable costume will turn any adult person into a balloon like obese chef! It comes with a chef’s toque, white coat, black pants and a red neckerchief, the full classic uniform. Just zip it up and fill it with air from the fan that’s included in the pack, which goes inside your pocket. You’ll find no better gift for a chef going to a costume or Halloween party!

  18. Leather Knife roll Chefs tool bag

    Knives are the most important tools for chefs, that’s why chefs love their knives so much. With this gift you can give your chef a safe shelter for all their beloved knives. This exquisite knife roll is handmade from thick, sumptuous, saddle leather and is the most stylish and impressive mode for carry knives. Available in 5 color options, this bag can be personalised with a name stamped on its inner side.

  19. NutriBullet 12-Piece Blender/Mixer System

    NutriBullet has a unique extraction system that breaks down the cell walls of fibrous plants and turns them into a smooth as silk smoothie. It delivers easily digestible food with all its vitamins and minerals intact. This 12 piece set comes with all the tools you need in a complete shredder, blender, grinder and chopping system. This is the best gift for the chef who revels in creating healthy, life extending food.

  20. Patron Saint of Cooks Sculpture

    For the religious chef in your life this gift will be a source of joy and good company. It is a hand carved and hand painted beautiful wooden sculpture of San Pasqual, the patron saint for cooks, wearing a floral robe and a vibrant apron, holding a wooden spoon in his left hand and a bag of herbs in his right. It is a Fair Trade item from Guatemala where it is sustainably sourced from local trees.

  21. Prepara Herb Savor Pod 2.0

    These stylish looking, clear windowed, hard shell savor pods can store all the herbs and asparagus and keep them fresh for 3 weeks with its unique mechanism that locks in all the moisture and allows the herbs to breath at optimum hydration level. The Prepara herb saver has been famously endorsed by Oprah Winfrey as one of her Ultimate Favorite Things on her show! It’s a popular gift for chefs.

  22. Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

    Dull knives are more dangerous in the kitchen than sharp ones because they require more force and are more prone to slippage. Protect you favorite chef by gifting them this reliable knife sharpener that will never leave them with a dull knife again. This easy to use knife sharpener has a unique 3 stage system that works efficiently and quickly to create the perfect edge for all cutting tasks!

  23. Recipe Holder Stand for Smartphones and Tablets

    Simple and effective, this is one of those gifts that you didn’t know you needed until you experience the difference it makes. Available in 3 different colors, this sturdy little holder is the perfect gift for the chefs who want to read a recipe or watch something online while cooking. It works well with all the popular tablets, e-book readers, phones and even with physical books and recipe cards!

  24. Song Lyric Kitchen Towels

    Chop it like it’s hot, Whip it good, They see me rollin’ they hatin’, Bakers gonna bake! These are some of the song lyrics that are parodied on these unique kitchen towels made for chefs. Each towel is printed with one song lyric and a cooking or baking symbol, totalling 11 different prints in 13 color options. This gift is for the chef who loves music and has a lighthearted sense of humor.

  25. Spartan Knife Set:: Chef’s Edition

    This original Spartan knife holder comes with some of the best quality knives with precision blades. These weighted knives are prepared for professional use with their finely sharpened edges, perfect balance and premium grip. All the 6 knives and the sharpening rod fit readily in the Maple and Walnut wood Spartan block to create a very distinctive look. This gift will be a definite conversation starter at the parties!

  26. Spicy Dew Blow Torch

    This professional blow torch is perfect for finishing sous vide meat, caramelizing crème brûlée, searing a steak, roasting marshmallows, melting cheese, making toast, and so much more! It will never run out on you with its 12gm gas capacity. It has a child safety lock and a hand protection guard that makes it the safest blow torch you can buy. It comes in a premium quality gift box ready for your chef to unbox!

  27. The Gourmet’s Smoking Cloche

    Dishes rich in aroma can create a hypnotic effect, so this gift will help your chef put people into trance with their cooking. This is the best gadget for easily infusing dishes and drinks with smoke from wood chips, spices, tea and dried herbs! This gourmet smoker comes with Apple wood chips and a glass cloche to create a deep infusion for a personalised intense aroma that can be creatively modified.

  28. Vintage Chef Cufflinks & Tie Clip

    This is a vintage gift from the 1980s and it is no longer in production since then. But lucky for you it is still available in a pristine gift box that you can give to your chef for that special occasion when they are have to wear a suit and tie! It features a pair of classic silver-toned cufflinks in the shape of sugar and cream holders and a tie clip in the shape of fork and knife! This gift will make your chef look and feel fabulous.

  29. Walnut Chopping Block

    Look at this heavy duty chopping block, splendidly crafted from the best quality walnut wood, isn’t it beautiful? With its heavy 2 inch thickness and broad 15 square inch surface area this board is extra durable and heavy. It will keep your chef’s knives sharp due to its end grain construction and will make their kitchen look more attractive with its grandeur. It’s the perfect gift for those who want to show their dominance in the kitchen.

  30. Young Chefs Curtains

    Cute and delightful, these curtains have a pair of happy young chefs in uniform printed on the best quality curtain material with state of the art digital printing technology. As a gift these curtains will provide cheerful decoration to your chef’s living room, dining room or bedroom. These curtains are made from tightly woven silky fabric that is very soft to the touch and easy to wash.