gifts for cat lovers

    Cats have been mythologised and worshipped throughout history, so they have their superiority well established. Cats like their humans to serve them with awe and love while in reciprocation cat lovers instinctively want to keep their beloved cats in luxury and comfort.

    Here is a list of 30 gift items for the young and old cat lovers in your life ranging from gifts for the cats and for their owners, from artistic to practical, cute & unique, fun and games to decorative and electronics, serious and beautiful to crazy and mocking. There is a gift for every kind of cat lover.

  1. 24 Cat Toys Assortments

    Here is a collection of cat toys including a collapsible cat tunnel, teaser wand, interactive feather toy, fluffy mouse, crinkle balls, cat springs and many more! Sure to keep the cat and its keeper entertained for hours at a stretch. This is the best holiday gift for spending time with cats, perfect for cat nannies and cat lovers.

  2. Automatic Cat Water Fountain

    Cat lovers care for the health of their pets and this water fountain will ensure their cats will always have clean and fresh water to drink. It gives a steady stream of bubbling water passing through triple action filtration system that makes water soft and clean. Running water is more attractive to cats so they’ll stay well hydrated with this thoughtful gift.

  3. Cat Eyeglasses Holder

    If your cat lover wears specs this will be the best gift for them. This beautiful eyeglasses holder is handmade by Fair Trade artisans from 100% sustainably harvested Indian Rosewood. With this gift they will no longer misplace their glasses by putting them anywhere other than this charming cat eyeglasses holder. No more wild searches for missing eyeglasses.

  4. Cat Refrigerator Magnets

    This is a simple but classic gift, a pack of 6 very cute magnetic cats to be used on whiteboard, refrigerator, cabinet, locker or for decorating any magnetic surface. These cats are small but strong enough to hold photos, notes and cash. Each magnet is a different type of cat beautifully crafted to please all cat lovers. Cute and functional.

  5. Cat Shooting Laser and Rainbow into Galaxy

    Here is a t-shirt with handmade print of a giant space cat shooting laser beams on earth and rainbow into the galaxy with two other planets witnessing this event. Words can’t describe the crazy awesomeness of this ultra dank design. Your cat lover will stand out from the crowd with the hypnotic cat appeal of this apparel.

  6. Cat Table

    This couch side table is made from recycled Poplar wood in Pilesgrove, USA. It pays homage to the most awesome couch companion for cat lovers with its unique design. The cat shaped table-top is painted with a cat’s whiskers and nose to bring even more feline elegance to this table. It is not only beautiful but also very practical with its wide surface area and sturdy iron legs.

  7. Cat-Ears Gaming Headset with Mic

    This excellent cat-eared headset is for cat lovers who want the best quality sound experience to come with feline cuteness. Not only does it look very adorable but it has high quality speakers and mic that work with all major gaming platforms, laptops, computers and mobile phones. Its protein leather ear cushions are comfortable even after hours of continuous use.

  8. Cat-Opoly!

    This is just like the classic game of Monopoly except everything here is related to cats! It adds a cat-astrophic twist to the game so that players buy cats and collect litter boxes which they can trade for fish bones! No cat lover would want to miss adding this game to their collection. It is good old fun for the whole family!

  9. Cats on Catnip: Coffee Table Book

    This unique coffee-table book contains hilarious and artistic photos of cats zoning out and tripping on catnip! These photos are taken by the famous professional cat photographer and kitten rescuer Andrew Marttila. Every photo in this book shows a cat in perfect bliss inviting laughter with their antics. This book will have the prized position in your cat lover’s library.

  10. Colorful Hood Sweater

    Cat lovers like dressing up their cats, sometimes for fun and sometimes to keep them warm. The cats don’t mind getting clothed if they look adorable and feel comfortable, as they will in this beautiful hood sweater which is hand-knitted with a yarn of viscose and wool. You can choose from 7 different sizes so that it will fit the cat perfectly.

  11. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

    This crazy cat lady action figure comes with 6 different types of cats on a cat stand. It is a perfect gift for the obsessive cat lovers who can never have enough cats in their life. This hilarious cat lady will always make everyone smile and the money from your purchase will be donated to the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary which saves exotic animals from exploitation and abuse.

  12. Custom Hand Drawn Cat iPhone Case

    Unfortunately for cat lovers they can’t carry their beloved cats everywhere, but fortunately this makes for a perfect gift idea. Give them a phone case which has a hand drawn image of their cat painted by a real artist! For this gift you just need to submit a good photo of their cat along with information about what type of mobile phone they use.

  13. Custom-made Watercolor Pet Portrait

    Have an artist paint the favorite pet of your cat lover in a beautiful watercolor painting. There is no better way to pay homage to their companion cat than through this portrait created with love and care as the artist studies each individual cat and its personality to capture their essence in the artwork.

  14. Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash

    Many cats have a craving for outdoor adventures but how can the cat lovers tag along on those adventures without this escape proof cat harness and leash? Made with breathable air-mesh fabric and widening Velcro this gift will be a life changing solution for both the cat lover and their cat as the harness will keep the cat comfortable and secure.

  15. Hand-painted Plate

    This decorative ceramic plate features an inspired tribal art design with two happy cats wearing feathered wings flying high near the clouds with chirpy little birds giving them company. This surreal artwork is hand-painted on the plate with bright acrylic colors to uplift the heart and soul of any cat lover out there.

  16. Interactive Cat Laser Toy

    This automatic laser toy will keep your cat lover’s cat busy and fit with its unique laser throwing mechanism. Its diamond shaped laser thrower turns off automatically after 15 minutes of use so that the cat will not tire exceedingly. Its plug-less battery design removes any tripping hazard making it the best safe and entertaining toy for cats.

  17. Laptop Scratching Mat

    This scratching toy comes as a unique and funny laptop with an aquarium screensaver and a fluffy toy mouse that the cat will love. It will bring the cat the familiar comfort of sleeping and playing on a laptop and relief to the cat lover because their actual laptop won’t get destroyed by their pet!

  18. LED Cat Night Light

    This squeezable soft night light comes with 7 colors plus warm white glow and three different modes to cycle through the colors. Shaped like a cute kitty cat this light comes with a 15 hour lithium battery that can be charged via USB. It will be the nighttime guardian for your little cat lover and will turn itself off after 2 hours of non-operation.

  19. Maneki Neko / Lucky / Waving Cat

    Maneki Neko is a traditional talisman from Japan which is supposed to bring lots of good luck by gently beckoning it near. This 18 cm tall lucky cat figurine in pristine black is perfectly smooth and beautiful. Your cat lover will definitely love to put it on their shelf or table.

  20. Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue Figurine

    Here is a unique and eye catching sculpture of a mischievous cat nastily devouring a bunch of innocent garden gnomes. This beautiful sculpture is hand painted and made from durable resin material that will sustain outside in any weather condition. It will add color and character to your cat lover’s garden or shelf and will bring joy to everyone who looks at it.

  21. Nyan Cat Scarf

    Nyan cat is an international viral video sensation with over 150 million views from around the world, which makes it the most recognizable cat icon of all time. This beautiful hand-knitted scarf of the cheerful Nyan cat leaving behind a trail of bright rainbow will be a sure hit at all the parties! It will fit the tallest cat lover with its 6 feet length and can be machine washed easily.

  22. Playful Book Ends

    Make your cat lover’s bookshelves purr-fect with these beautifully crafted kitty cat bookends made from sturdy resin material. It comes in a pair of artistic playful cats that will lend support from both ends of the shelf and it is 9 inches tall making it best for all regular sized books and magazines.

  23. Sleepy Cat Paperweight

    This set of three hand blown glass paperweights are a stunning work of art created by April Wagner. It features three curled-up cats, each one with its own unique pattern: there is an Orange Tabby, a Brown Tabby and a Calico Cat each with swirling colors shining through their glass. Your office or college going cat lover would love to have these cats on their desk.

  24. Tabby Kitty Cat Wine Bottle Holder

    A wine bottle is not included with this beautiful gift, but what’s included is a playful cat that can hold a bottle and make glad the heart of any wine or cat enthusiast. This artwork is individually hand crafted from polyresin making it sturdy and solid. It is sure to be the focus of attention at any party or get-together of humans and cats!

  25. The Cat Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide

    This one is for those curious cat lovers who like to find out more and more about cats every day! It contains information about cats’ anatomy, origins, characteristics, their representation in various arts and cultures, with expert advice on how to care for them. This hardbound encyclopedia is printed on good quality paper and features beautiful color photos of cats from every breed around the world.

  26. The Globe-Trotter: Collection of 3 international Cat Hats

    This gift is for the well travelled cat lovers who want their cats to reflect their international tastes. This gift has three traditional hats from three different countries: a red beret from France, a bowler hat from England and a tam o’ shanter from Scotland, made to fit snugly without falling off.

  27. Whisper Of The Heart

    This is a much loved classic hand-drawn anime movie from Studio Ghibli. It features a magical cat called the Baron who mysteriously brings together two young lovers, a shy girl who loves reading books and a handsome young boy who works in an antique shop. It also has a beautiful soundtrack and the content is suitable for all ages.

  28. YASS Cat-apult

    What can be more fun than a cape wearing cat flying through the air screaming a life affirming “YAAAAAAAASSS!”? Nothing. This very fun Catapult Cat Toy is perfect for fun loving cat lovers who want to amuse or annoy their friends with a flying cat. This toy is small enough to sneak in easily to the school assembly or to a political rally where lots of fun can be had with it!

  29. Yellow Banana Cat Bed

    A soft cuddle bed for your cat lover’s beloved cat which is very comfortable and shaped like a cute yellow banana! It is large enough to hold cats who weigh upto 10 pounds and comes with a banana peel lid for the cats who prefer escaping into the privacy of their secret cave. It is soft and super cozy to the touch and creates a feeling of safety for the cat.

  30. Zen Cat Garden Sculpture

    Cats are the true zen masters, you can tell this by their meditative stance when they are focusing on something. This beautiful garden sculpture handmade with sand and cement captures the feeling of zen meditation with two cats sitting in a zen pose adding extreme tranquility to the garden by their calming presence. Your cat lover will love you for this gift of zen in their life.