Life is better with brothers! You usually don’t choose them, but you do get to choose your gifts for them. Nobody can replace your brother, whether it’s your older brother, younger or twin, smarter or sillier, biological or non-biological, you will always feel the need to express your unique love to him on his birthday.

    Because there is nobody like a brother you should always give him the very best gifts. Here is a list of carefully selected gifts for brother for birthday, ranging from robots to paintings, from games to gadgets and from serious to silly for you to celebrate your brotherhood together.

  1. 3 in 1 Combo Arcade Game Table

    gifts for brother for birthday arcade game

    This one of a kind game-table comes with interchangeable table-tops for which are made for playing billiards, slide hockey and foosball! Three of the most popular table games in one single entertaining gift! Perfect for the sporty brother who likes to compete with friends on game nights.

  2. 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler

    gifts for brother for birthday can cooler

    Say goodbye to warm beer with the Hopsulator Trio can cooler. It can fit three different standard sizes of cans and keep them chilled even in the outdoor heat of a beach or at your work desk while you wait for the lunchtime. It comes in 6 different color combinations and is one of the coolest most practical gifts.

  3. Awesome Brother Travel Tumbler

    gifts for brother for birthday travel tumbler

    This high grade travel tumbler is double walled and vacuum insulated to keep all drinks icy cold or scalding hot for over 3 hours! It is unbreakable and made for lifelong use with its rust free and shatter proof technology. Let your brother enjoy refreshing drinks at all his picnics and hikes with this durable reminder of his awesomeness.

  4. Baseball Dartboard

    gifts for brother for birthday baseball dartboard

    Mix two of the greatest games together and what you get is this awesome gift. America’s favorite pastime baseball can now be played over drinks in a room. Bring the ballpark to your brother’s den with this kickass dartboard. This game has simple rules to learn and is extremely fun to play. It is handmade in the USA with that Yankee ingenuity.

  5. BB-8 – Fully Interactive Droid

    gifts for brother for birthday bb8

    Whether your brother is a Star Wars fan or not this BB-8 Astromech droid will be a great robotic gift on the roll. This replica has authentic lights and sound effects based on the original film series. It responds to voice commands and can also be remote controlled from over 30 feet away. Let the force be with your brother!

  6. Best Brother In The Seven Kingdoms T-Shirt

    gifts for brother for birthday GOT tshirt

    This one is for the Game of Thrones fans. If winter is coming then a t-shirt may not be the best attire but outside of Westeros it is the best gift to express your love on your brother’s birthday. You can choose this brilliant t-shirt in 4 different colors and several different sizes. It’s handmade with love in the USA.

  7. Block Hangovers: Feel Great Tomorrow

    gifts for brother for birthday hangover

    This thoughtful birthday gift shows what being an elder brother really means. So if you suspect that your brother would drink too much at the party and spoil his next day with a pounding head, gift him the perfect solution in advance! Just taking one capsule anytime during the party will stop that hangover from coming.

  8. Brother Bear Figurine

    gifts for brother for birthday bear

    This is a classic birthday gift for your best brother. An adorable teddy bear figurine made out of resin stone material, crafted in great miniature detail and subtle color. It is the perfect display of brotherly love that can be used as decor or accent piece on any desk, shelf or bedside table. It is extremely cute and measures 2.76″ length x 1.77″ wide x 3.86″ tall.

  9. Brother Cufflinks

    gifts for brother for birthday cufflinks

    These fancy cufflinks are made from real pieces of wood with a hand carved message which says, “I’ll always have a friend because I have a brother.” This heart-touching gift is a sincere acknowledgement of the ever dependable support we get from our brothers. You can pour out your heart with this birthday gift.

  10. Brother Gift Toss Pillow

    Half serious and half funny, this pillow beautifully characterizes sibling relationships with its poignant message, “I smile because you are my brother; I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.” This is a cuddlesome gift of love and humor, a perfect reminder that you will always be there for him as he will be for you.

  11. Brother Guitar Pick

    This guitar pick is a touching gift that will pluck your brother’s heart strings with its super attuned pun, “I Couldn’t Pick A Better Brother.” It is made from stainless steel lettered in a cute font. Easy on the fingers and available in three different colors: Gold, Rose Gold and Steel. It’s a thoughtful gift for your musically disposed brother.

  12. Classic Shaving Set

    gifts for brother for birthday shaving kit

    Set your brother a class apart with this classic shaving set. It comes with a Mach3 razor, a vegan shaving brush and a bright chrome stand with a soap bowl. Whether he keeps a mustache, goatee, muttonchops or likes to remain clean shaven, this gift will be equally loved by him. It is made from the best materials for long lasting brilliance.

  13. Custom Man Portrait Oil Painting

    gifts for brother for birthday oil painting

    Gift your brother a genuine portrait of his face painted with oil colors on a stretched canvas. No, you don’t have to learn how to paint, simply send a good photo of your brother to this wonderful artist and she will paint him for you on a canvas size of your choosing! This is a top quality gift that will leave a lasting impact on your brother.

  14. Custom Mario Luigi Portrait

    gifts for brother for birthday mario portrait

    Celebrate the spirit of camaraderie, adventure and super fun times with this unique Mario Luigi portrait of yourself with your brother in digital format. Just send a few photos of both of you and the artist will draw your likeness in the style of Super Mario Bros! You can then print it on a poster or birthday card, or share it on the social media.

  15. Engraved Pocket Watch

    gifts for brother for birthday pocketwatch

    This beautiful timepiece looks classy and elegant but what makes it the perfect gift for your brother is the message of love that is engraved on it and the inner fold where you can insert a photo of your brother. It comes with two extra chains in an exquisite jewelry box. Let him know how much you love him with this first-class gift!

  16. Inflatable Water Float Ring

    gifts for brother for birthday float

    Give your brother the gift of summer chilling with this inflatable water float. It is super comfortable with its builtin backrest and mesh bottom. Each tube has two cup or can holders and grab handles for ease of use. You should buy two and take a break with your brother at a lake, river or a pool, just kick back and enjoy your fellowship.

  17. Inspirational Keychain for Brother

    gifts for brother for birthday keychain

    This inspiring key chain is just the gift you need to fill your brother with an extra bit of zeal and gusto on his birthday and beyond. It’s engraved with the affectionate message which reads, “Brother always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know.”

  18. Lil Brother Beer Glass

    gifts for brother for birthday beer glass

    This one is a sure gift to bring a smile on your brother’s face every time. It’s a beer glass which has “Lil Brother” printed in bold letters in a sharp and crisp font. Pour out a cold one for your brother and have a nice long beer-time with him. This magnificent glass can contain a generous 16 ounces of your favorite golden elixir.

  19. Notes to Self Brother Socks

    gifts for brother for birthday socks

    These motivational socks will stir up the feeling of awesomeness in your dearest brother. These socks will tell him that he is indeed a great brother and is deeply treasured by you. Ultra soft and durable this gift of appreciation will make all the difference in your brother’s attitude with its positive affirmation!

  20. Radiate Portable Campfire

    gifts for brother for birthday portable campfire

    This gift radiates with the dependable warmth of brotherly love in a portable can of campfire. It comes in two different scents, Standard campfire and Eucalyptus, and gives you the authentic campfire experience without having to chop dry wood. It will easily burn for over 3 hours in your backyard, beach or the wilderness.

  21. Storm Glass Weather Predictor

    Here’s an extraordinary gift for your brother which will inform him of the near future weather conditions through its magical display. Based on ancient technology this storm glass does not need data from any observatory but relies on a special liquid inside it which changes its form to forecast the weather. This one is not just for the fair weather brother!

  22. Takeflight 4-in-1 Tactical Pen

    gifts for brother for birthday tactical pen

    This tactical pen is made with aircraft grade aluminium and is used by Navy Seals, Military Pilots, SWAT and your brother if you gift it to him this birthday. Make him always be ready for the Zombie apocalypse or any other crisis with this survival tool with which he can write, shine light, break a window, and safeguard against attackers!

  23. Thanks For Being My Unbiological Brother

    gifts for brother for birthday adopted brother

    Not every brother has to be a brother by blood to be called our brother. This gift is for all the non-biological brothers whom we gain through marriage, adoption or close friendships! It is a high quality ceramic mug for your brother from another mother, and it is stylish enough to be used for decor or display as a pen holder.

  24. The Man The Myth The Legend Shirt

    gifts for brother for birthday tshirt

    This is the best gift for your legendary brother whom you look up to most of all. The Man, the Myth, the Legend! The brother you grew up with, who made you feel inspired and protected throughout life! Now you can see him in the glory of his impactful personality with this bold screen-printed t-shirt which loudly proclaims his greatness.

  25. Trump Brother Mug

    gifts for brother for birthday trump mug

    Believe me when I say this: this mug is the very best gift. The very best for big league brothers. Period. It really is staggering. Vast number of people agree. I cannot tell you who they are, but they are people, and they agree. That you can make your brother great again with this covfefe mug!

  26. World’s Best Brother Wood Phone Docking Station

    gifts for brother for birthday docking station

    This elegant docking station is made from high quality plywood bars that are sturdy and durable. It comes in 8 different finishes including Mahogany, Walnut, Rosewood and Teak. A one stop organiser for smartphone/tablet, watch, keys, glasses, wallet, and more. Personalise it with your brother’s name to make it so much more special!

  27. Yoda Best Twin-Brother

    gifts for brother for birthday twin brother yoda

    This is a special gift for your twin brother. A coffee mug which reads “Yoda best twin-brother!” with a smiling Yoda on top! It will certainly bring a smile on your twin brother’s face every time he sees this uniquely punny gift. It comes in 2 size options and is printed on both sides with the highest quality colors.