Your Best Friend deserve the Best Gift but you don’t know what to choose? Let us help you.

    Why even give your best friend a gift if you cannot give something highly awesome or something extremely cheesy. I mean that’s why you have best friends right!

    This list is divided into two parts, for men and for women, to make selection easy for you.

    Gifts For Male Best Friends!

  1. AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Camera

    If your best friend is into adventure sports you’d be hard-pressed to find a better gift than this. Its 4K Ultra HD lens takes incredibly high resolution photos and videos. It includes a wireless wrist remote control so you won’t have to hold the camera while using it. With extra long battery life, built in Wi-Fi and HDMI this is the best camera for sporting adventures!

  2. Ancient Design Wireless Charger Pad

    Looking quite otherworldly with its ancient Hebrew letters and symbols from the Key of Solomon this is the perfect device for recharging your smartphone. It doesn’t have ancient wizardry but rather the latest wireless charging technology that works with all major smartphone brands including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and more. Perfect gift if your best friend likes the paranormal!

  3. Beeropoly

    This game was created by real life best friends who ended up marrying each other! The objective of this game is to complete all the beer challenges on the board as you move along with the roll of dice. Beeropoly involves a little skill and a lot of enthusiasm that will automatically come when you are drinking and having a great time with your best friend!

  4. Best Friend Candle

    “My friendship is like a candle. Forget me and I’ll burn your f*cking house down.” This beautiful soy wax candle will smoothly expose the strong emotions you feel for your best friend. Its powerful message can be combined with any of the 10 fragrances that are listed on the product page, each one will shake up your senses!

  5. Biden Obama Coffee Mug

    “You’re the Biden to my Obama”! This is a wonderful novelty cup celebrating the spirit of friendship shown by the most adorable President and Vice-president team. Their grinning faces will bring a smile on your best friend’s face every time. This mug is made from the highest quality ceramic which will not scratch or fade easily and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

  6. Dr. Martens 8 Eye Lace Up Boot

    Gift your best friend the boots that are as sturdy and long lasting as your friendship. These original 1460 Doc Martens have the classic smooth leather, grooved sides, heel loop, yellow stitching and a comfortable air-cushioned sole. These instantly recognizable and best performance boots are available in several different color options and all standard sizes.

  7. Elegant Whiskey Glass Set

    Premium elegance comes packaged in an impressive gift box with this classic Diamond-cut whiskey glass set. These glasses are made from lead-free, non-toxic, ultra clear crystal glass and have passed US FDA 21 and CA Prop 65 testing! This set will give your best friend the perfect Scotch drinking experience, he will love these lustrous, sparkling highball glasses.

  8. Friend Folded Book

    This unique book is not for reading but only for display! It spells out the word “Friend” with its folded pages in a beautiful script font. Its outside cover celebrates the treasures of friendship with a moving quote and the inside cover is decorated in an ornamental pattern with pearl embellishments down each side. It is made by hand and customizable.

  9. Graphitti Designs Buddy Christ

    Christ didn’t come to earth to give us the willies, he came to help us out! He was a booster! Buddy Christ reminds us of this truth with his infomercial host grin and phony Bang Bang gesture. He’s the happy, scrappy son of God! This gift will liven up your religious best friend’s spirits. It can be used as an altar piece, table decor or as a car dashboard figurine.

  10. Industrial Brass & Copper Drink Dispenser

    Look at this magnificent drink dispenser made with the most basic materials arranged in the most minimalist yet strikingly industrial design that will capture the heart of every connoisseur of alcoholic drinks. It automatically aerates its contents and works with bottles of all shapes and sizes. Choose this gift if your best friend is a wine lover or a home brewer!

  11. Iron Art Musician Clock Figure

    This vintage musician clock is an exemplar of delicacy and craftsmanship. It features a guitar player wrought together from small iron parts into a smooth shiny galvanized body alongside a functional antique clock. The theme of this gift is music and if your best friend plays some other instrument than the guitar you can choose from 9 different musical instruments!

  12. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

    Keurig Single-Cup Brewing System is a revolution in home brewing and if your coffee loving best friend hasn’t yet experienced it you need to gift him this exceptional coffee maker to bring him the joy of having the perfect hot or iced lattes and cappuccinos at home. It works with any K-cup pod and has an inbuilt milk frother that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

  13. Lego Friend Portrait

    Only the best is good enough when it comes to getting a Lego Portrait of your best friend. Just send this artist a few photos and tell him a bit about your best friend’s personality and he will return you a handmade Lego Version of your bestie in a high resolution digital format that you can print and frame. This gift is extra special if you have played Lego Bricks together!

  14. Matching Best Friends Hoodies

    What better way of making a public display of your best-friendship than wearing these hoodies that point to each other with arrows under the Best Friend ensign?! Made with ring spun cotton these hoodies are super comfortable like your friendship and the soft textile flex print gives them a really high-end finish. Available in 3 colors and all standard sizes.

  15. Men’s Silky Satin Smoking Jacket

    Made from ultra-soft lightweight silky satin fabric, this smoking jacket feels luxurious, fits well and looks adorable! If your best friend is a classy gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life then treat him with this boombastic jacket which is perfect for lounging and relaxing around the house. It is available in 5 sizes and 4 different color options.

  16. Notes of Whiskey Soaps

    Here we have the 3 classic cocktails–Rusty Nail (Drambuie and Scotch), The Rob Roy (Scotch and sweet vermouth) and Manhattan (rye, sweet vermouth, and bitters), but they are not for drinking! They are the 3 flavorsome whiskey soaps made in Scotland that you can get for your whiskey loving best friend! Each of these soaps comes in a vintage style tin box ready for gifting.

  17. Pavaruni Paper Watch

    Paper watch? That’s right! This watch is made from premium waterproof papery material called Tyvek which contains high-density polyethylene fibers. The watch is extremely lightweight, durable and fire resistant. The watch band is made of magnets so it’ll fit everybody comfortably. It looks very cool and comes in a decorated box making it a good surprise gift.

  18. Personalized Amp Doormat

    This doormat is well suited for your musically inclined best friend. It is designed as a replica of the extremely popular Fender amplifier for guitars and you can personalize it by changing the Fender logo to your best friend’s family name in the same iconic font. It is made in Albany, New York, from dirt absorbing material that is easy to clean with a wet sponge.

  19. ROBOTIME 3D Puzzle Music Box

    Meet Orpheus, the DIY robot that houses a music box which plays the melody called “Cycle of Happiness”! Turn on a switch and Orpheus’ heart will light up in red. The music it makes is inspiring and uplifting and its design is astonishing with moving gears. It needs to be assembled together from 221 individual pieces and that’s the real treat for all DIYers and music lovers!

  20. Steampunk Stainless Steel Cup

    The horror of this Warrior Skull in Steampunk design will make your best friend scream with joy! This is a good quality stainless steel mug that’s encased in a sculpture made from resin and metal parts; it looks grotesque and that’s its appeal! It comes with a skeleton shaped teaspoon and can be used for drinking any kind of liquid hot or cold.

  21. Steampunk Style Goggles

    These spectacular steampunk goggles are any time-travelling airship navigator’s dream! Deep from a mad scientist’s treasures comes this unique gift for your best friend for his intergalactic adventures! This is the ideal gift if your friend loves cosplay, theatre, LARP, music festivals, raves and more such fun activities. These vibrant lenses glow in the dark UV light and are available in 18 different colors!

  22. Steampunk USB Drive

    This steampunk USB device looks like it is a part of some ancient advanced machinery rediscovered in some sunken ship. It is handcrafted from copper and brass and is full of little details like the Austrian Eagle Crest that is acid etched onto it as part of its design. Use this gift for sharing your most cherished movies, music, photographs and memories with your best friend!

  23. Sunshine Sloth Print

    This Sunshine Sloth poster will surely charm its way into your best friend’s heart and make him join the happy majestic sloth in its carefree fabulous stance. It says, “When you can’t find the sunshine… Be The Sunshine” in a beautiful print that will uplift everybody’s spirits. The soft and neutral colors on this artwork make it easily integrated with any modern decor.

  24. Upgraded Unisex Knit Bluetooth Beanie

    You can wear this headset to bed and listen to music comfortably while going to sleep. This bluetooth beanie is also very practical while exercising for taking calls hands-free with its built-in microphone and one touch call accept/decline feature. It works for 8 hours straight on a single charge and can be recharged through its USB port. It’s washable and comes with a lifetime warranty!

  25. Victorian Telescope Foldable Cane

    Does your best friend need to have a cane for walking or would like to have one? Then give him this extremely stylish and stable 3-fold walking cane that comes with a fully functional golden telescope attached on its comfort-grip handle. This polished hardwood walking stick measures 39 inches in height, weighs 2 kg and has a perfect royal vintage look.

    Gifts For Female Best Friends!

  26. Aisuo Night Light with Bluetooth

    This velvety night light encases a bluetooth Hi-Fi speaker that can be easily connected to all your bluetooth devices for playing music and taking hands free calls. It is portable, dimmable and there’s an option to make the light react to your music which creates a breathing atmospheric effect. It includes an 8 hour battery which can be recharged through its USB port.

  27. Beauty Box

    This is an easy way of cheering up your lady best friend! A box full of top quality handmade beauty items like Goat’s Milk Soap, Calming Rose Balm, Cocoa Mint Lip Balm, All Natural Lip Stain, Spellbound Woods Moisturising Lotion and more! All these skincare products are made from natural ingredients and packed in a lovely gift box with an artisan gift card!

  28. BeautyWJY Womens Handbag

    The neon shine on this handbag comes from its hologram Pu leather which creates a stunning effect under sunlight. It is designed in a geometric cross chain pattern to maximize this effect! It measures 8.26 x 7.08 x 2.85 inches so that it can conveniently carry your iPad, smartphone, makeup, stationery and more! Gift this to your fashion conscious best friend!

  29. Best Friend Forever Rings

    Two rings for best friends with “Friends Forever” or “Friends For Life” (your choice) engraved on them, one for you and one for your bestie! This is the perfect reminder of each other’s presence in your lives. These rings are made from 12 gauge polished aluminum decorated with floral engravings. You can choose from 3 different sizes for the perfect fit.

  30. Best Friend Phone Case

    A pair of phone covers which spell out “Best Friends” and reveal a decorated heart with an intricate design on joining them. These covers are transparent and made from non toxic thermoplastic polyurethane which is very flexible, strong and lightweight. Each of these covers can be ordered for any popular smartphone brand and version that you and your best friend have.

  31. Best Friends Butterfly Suncatcher

    This metal and glass suncatcher has real dried flowers pressed between the glass and comes with a chain that’s attached for easy hanging. It is built in the alluring shape of a butterfly decorated with hanging crystals and a heart with the word “Friend” carved upon it. This is the most gentle gift for showing your best friend how much you appreciate her.

  32. Bestie 01 Bestie 02 Hoodies

    BESTIE 01 and BESTIE 02 can be customized to any other number if you have a favorite number with your best friend! It will be vinyl printed on these super comfortable preshrunk hoodies that are available in all standard adult and kids sizes. You can also choose different colors for each individual hoodie and its text from a list of several options!

  33. BFB Laptop Tote Bag for Women

    This laptop bag has the most important thing you need for your female best friend: it is exceptionally elegant and chic! It measures 15.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall and the handle length is 26 inches. You can tell it’s designed by a woman because it has already accounted for all you can ask from the best office bag for women.

  34. BFF Engraved Cat Necklace

    Two cats, one on each necklace, one engraved with the word “best” and the other with the word “friend”, together they are each other’s best friend! Show your best friend your love for her by sharing with her this catsome gift! The necklace measures 16 inches in length and is available in 4 different color options: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Multicolored.

  35. Boho USB Bracelet

    Wearable technology has never looked so beautiful as this bracelet which is real jewelry USB drive! It is made from a braided leather cord and stainless steel encasing. You can fill it with 8 GB worth of photos, videos and songs that have a special connection to your best friend, or help rescue her computer with the Live CD of your favorite operating system!

  36. Bracelet Band Quartz Wrist Watch

    Stunningly fashionable and charming to a T, this women’s wrist watch gets full marks on appearance and its high quality precise quartz movement is hard to beat. It has a push button buckle on an aesthetic rubber strap that’s 56.5 cm long so it will loop around your wrist a few times. This pretty gift will be well loved by any woman you give it to.

  37. Dandelion Wishes Pillow

    Amazingly sentimental but very minimalist, this pillow has a wish printed upon dandelions blown by the wind. The wish reads, “Times and seasons change but our friendship will always remain”. Designed with a soft color palette and whimsical line artwork, this gift is a gentle reminder of how much you cherish your friendship with your best friend.

  38. Earth and Beyond Bracelets

    This is a set of 10 vibrant bracelets which can be worn together or individually for adding a bohemian or gypsy touch to your personality. They can accentuate any outfit with a celestial sparkle through their distinct colors, beads and charms that are related to different planets and the sun and the moon. This gift will especially appeal to your free spirited best friend!

  39. Favorite Bitch Mug

    “You’re my favorite bitch to bitch about bitches with”, with a print like this you won’t be able to gift this to anybody other than your best friend! A beautiful floral design along with this message is printed on both sides of a premium quality white ceramic mug that’s dishwasher and microwave safe. You can choose between two different sizes-11 oz and 15 oz.

  40. Friends Custom Cartoon Portrait

    This gift is a genuine work of art with a hand-drawn caricature of you with your best friend. It is a one of a kind gift in which you will receive a lifelong memorable digital portrait and you can also ask the artist to send it to you already printed on a canvas which you can then frame.

  41. Gourmia GSI180 Frozen Dessert Maker

    Transform fresh or frozen fruits into the creamiest yummiest frozen desserts in minutes! Just push them through this machine and you will get a deliciously creamy sorbet from the other end. It’ll be better than any store bought sorbet because it wont have any additives and preservatives! Your health conscious best friend will love this gift!

  42. Personalised Soul Sisters Mug

    With this gift you choose a cup size and then describe yourself and your best friend in terms of your hair, skin tone, clothes and more. Based on your descriptions the artist will imprint a cup with a charming illustration of you two along with your first names in a wonderful design with “Soul Sisters” printed on the other side!

  43. Personalized Photo On Wood Pallet

    A wood pallet may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of a photo frame, but there is a natural appeal to this pine wood frame! Choose the best photo you have with your best friend and send it over to be printed on a thick wooden pallet coated with a clear layer of protection from stains, water and scratches.

  44. PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Oversized Coat

    This oversized coat is pretty swank as well as pretty cozy. It is made from soft fleece which is skin friendly and will match with any basic T-shirt, top, shorts, jeans and leggings to create a glamorous look. You can also wear it at home in your pajamas and it will keep you warm in the chilly winter. It’s available in 7 classic color options.

  45. Sugar House Miniature Fairy Figurine

    This garden sculpture is titled “best friends” and it shows two young girls with angel wings sitting with an arm around each other. This is a magical gift for your best friend’s fairy garden which can be her actual garden, or a display shelf in her room. It measures 2 5/8 inches from wingtip to wingtip and from head to toe.

  46. Tea Leaf Reading Kit

    Is your best friend into mysticism and psychic readings? Then this gift will be of a great interest to her. This tea leaf reading kit provides an easy gateway to Tasseography, the ancient art of divination based on tea leaves residue. It comes with instructions, a dictionary of symbols, black tea leaves and a nice sturdy mug, which is everything you need to tell the future!

  47. Top Plaza Cosmos Necklace

    This necklace is really out of this world, it contains an entire galaxy and a planet! You can choose which planet you want inside your cosmos in 11 different options – our 9 planets + Sun and Moon. It is handmade by an experienced craftsman and comes with a braided rope and an alloy chain in a jewellery box inside a velvet bag!

  48. Two Peas in a Pod Keychain Set

    Such a beautiful thought encapsulated in such a simple form! This is a set of 2 keychains with “two peas” and “in a pod” engraved on each in a font of your choosing from a list of 19 different options including those in uppercase. Each keyring has an attractive trinket of 2 peas in an open pod! Optional gift wrapping is also available.

  49. Well-Read Women: A Reader’s Journal

    This artistic journal is created by Samantha Hahn who is a well esteemed illustrator for a number of literary publishers. This captivating book is filled with exquisite watercolor portraits of literature’s most beloved heroines from ancient Greek to modern classics along with their best quotes. It also provides spaces for readers to record and reflect on their favorite passages from books.

  50. Willow Tree Friendship Plaque

    This Willow Tree Plaque on the theme of friendship follows the sentiment “Forever true, forever friends” written on its enclosure card. If that sentiment rings true for you and your best friend then this is the gift you need to give her. The emotion displayed on this plaque is so universal and unique that everyone who has ever had a true best friend will straightaway connect.