gifts for architects

Architecture is the science of creating a world of art, and an architect gets to see the best of both worlds, it’s quite difficult to understand an architect’s work, and the extensive tools needed to complete it. You might be perplexed with the way an architect functions and gifting something that they will like needs more work than meets the eye. Well, you have landed at the right place, we have a wide range of gifting ideas tailor made for an architect.

30 awesome gifts for architects!

AIO Robotics 3D Printing Pen

This 3D printing pen will bring your art to life ! It’s ultra slim with an all metal body with options to adjust the speed and temperature to fit your needs. It’s USB powered and comes with an OLED display so that you can monitor the flow, but you’ll need a mirror to see the glow on your face when your art comes to life.

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Lego Architecture House

The Farnsworth House, the architectural marvel that has stood the test of times and has amazed architects with its stunning design which almost six decades on is as relevant as ever. Bring home this awe-inspiring structure as a lego set and capture a part of history at your place.

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Creality 3D Printer

This 3D printer is a feature rich powerhouse that will transform your work space and you would be doing that on a budget. Most work spaces make the use of these printers to bring out their designs with precision and flair, making these machines very popular. A futuristic machine for practical applications, for an architect this makes it a perfect gift!

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Best Pick For Something Formal!

Huion Graphics Drawing Board

Tablets do make your life easier and this does exactly that. You can draw and design with ease on this tablet that is compatible with most graphics applications. The strokes are smooth and the curves are perfect, which makes for a great gift. What’s more? This tablet is inexpensive, and you don’t compromise on reliability. 

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OLFA Self Healing Cutting Mat

This self healing mat makes the perfect sense for people who work on a desk all day with sharp objects. It is designed to take all the cuts from both sides but make no mistake, it will not die and not by a thousand cuts. A lasting gift for everyday use? Well, this is it.

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Grids & Guides Notebook

Books are considered to be a conventional gift but how would you like to gift an unconventional book as a contemporary gift? This book is almost perfect for doodlers and some would say that they are meant to be. Unite this book with the people who need it the most and rest assured, your gift will be loved the most.

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Amico Desk Lamp

Light up your desk with this modern lamp with an architectural design. It comes with an adjustable swing arm with multiple options of brightness to suit needs. The design of the lamp requires minimal space and it gives a distinct look to the desk space. The gift of light is appreciated by all.

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Cast Iron Decor

The cast iron jack is retro and hip at the same time and you could use it as a decor or put it to work using its heavy body. Gift the piece and put the person’s creative mind to work and the cast iron is sure to enhance the look of any place it is ensconced in.

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Cathedral Mug

This architectural mug with gothic arches makes for an absolutely flawless gift. The oversized mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe and the attention to detail on the mug is stunning, bringing out the structure of the cathedral while encompassing the mug perfectly.

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Skyline Chess Set

This chess set is meant for playing, but it will fit right in as a display piece as well. The quality of the product is exquisite, while the finish is amazing, intriguing the mind with its design by accommodating the iconic buildings of London and giving them space to move.

You cannot go wrong with this gift.

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Blueprint Illuminating Bags

Isn’t this simply perfect for the architecture geeks? A blueprint that lights up is the stuff of dreams, and you could make that dream come true with this gift.

The bags come in three sizes and are made up of paper, so it’s not only a gift to the architect, it’s also a gift to the environment.

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Architect Keychain

Now, keychains are standard gifts and you cannot go wrong with it but this one is customized to suit an architect.

The design and the quality of the keychains are good while ‘architect’ tag along with a good quote will only make the architect like the keychain more.

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Bonsai Tree

A bonsai tree is considered good luck and there isn’t a better gift than good luck, is there?

That’s not all, this bonsai tree is absolutely beautiful and would change the space forever.

It’s cute, trendy and will hog all the limelight while you get all the praise.

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Architectural Bookmarks

Bookmarks make a good gift, on the other hand architectural bookmarks make an amazing gift.

This set of four bookmarks is exactly what you were looking for, and they come in an all metal design which would add beauty to all your stationeries.

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Diamond Whiskey Glass

Shapes and structures are what intrigue architects and this diamond shaped glass with a unique structure will win them over.

The glass is thick and durable, perfect for everyday use. It is sure to add a charm to your evenings and grab the attention of the visitors when you turn host.

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Sun Catcher

This ready to hang stained glass will disperse light during the day and blend as decor by the night. It does serve a purpose but also adds beauty to the space.

It refracts the light giving out an enchanting prismatic effect that could be maximized by a chain and swivel making it spin. People are sure to love it once they see it.

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Architecture Scarf

This designer scarf is made of chiffon and would make the perfect gift for your female architect. It’s lightweight and has a silky feel that comes with unmatched quality. The print is detailed with immaculate coloring and is sure to steal the show.

You just couldn’t go wrong with this gift!

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Architecture Templates

These landscape templates are a godsend for architects, and they would make an architect’s life so much easier.

This is a two piece template with a yard design which ensures accuracy and is sure to speed up the work and save a lot of time.

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Pentel Drafting Pencil

A premium drafting set for professionals, the design of the pencils makes it perfect for everyday use and meets the technical demands of a professional.

It had got a comfortable grip and comes with refillable lead and replaceable eraser.

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Rocketbook with cloud connect

This book is simply perfect for all the architecture geeks you know. The designs made in this book can be scanned and uploaded to all major cloud services which is convenient and ensures connectivity.

A smart notebook is a smart gift!

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Handmade Case

You know that the architects carry a lot of things with them wherever they go and that makes this handmade leather organizer the perfect gift. It will de-clutter that desk and ensure mobility which is almost a superpower.

The quality of the leather is amazing and the product is hand stitched which gives it a premium finish that makes it both practical and beautiful.

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Blueprint Tie

The dinosaur ties that Ross wore were geeky, and he loved them and your architect buddy would love these. The architect inspired ties with floor plans and patterns is hand printed and detailed.

The fabric is of great quality and comes in different colors to mix and match with the shirts from your closet.

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Star Wars Print

If your architect buddy is a Star Wars fan, you have found the gift you are looking for. The Star War prints come in a set of four and are high quality prints.

Imagine clubbing the professional and fanboy together in admiration of your gift.

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Vinyl Architect Clock

A vinyl wall clock with an architect on it is just meant to be with an architect and makes for an amazing gift. The black decor would fit most walls and add a charm to any empty wall.

The skyline simply adds to the beauty of the product and is sure to mesmerize people.

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The modern design of the birdhouse is simple, yet elegant and looks good almost anywhere you hang it.

It is handmade and crafted beautifully which will add a charm to your garden, and the birds would bring the space to life.

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The Encyclopedia of Landscape Design is what every budding architect needs, the book helps in discovering the world of landscape architecture and is full of ideas offering extensive design recommendations and planting techniques.

It’s just perfect for architects obsessed with nature.

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Eclipse Craft Center

This eclipse craft center with a studio design would be perfect for a workspace. It comes with an angle adjustable table, a padded seat ensuring comfort while working and the storage space could house enough tools.

The desk center is durable and the quality is fantastic.

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Children’s Architecture Story Book

The famous children’s book about an architect passionate about buildings is a must have for all young kids wanting to be architects.



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Magazine Holder

A stylish magazine holder for all the architectural digests on the table would not only make sense but would also add a charm to the space.

The modern design complements most spaces and is able to hold books, files and documents to suit your needs.

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Maple leaf Illuminaries

The maple leaf pattern is sure to light up any space it is put in and will hog all the attention.

It can be used as a decor and the shadows of the leaves give a beautiful look to the room.

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