Do you want to buy a gift for a four year old boy? Settle in, for we have got a long list of heartwarming gifts just for you!

    Four years of age means a quick burst of vocabulary, increasing spatial awareness, mastery over gross and fine motor skills, uncontrollable curiosity, beginning of friendships and basic formation of personality.

    When so much is happening, it can be overwhelming for both the child and the parents. To make this period super easy and fun we have collected here the best gifts for four year old boys that will encourage physical growth and emotional expansion along with cooperative play involving caretakers and friends!

  1. auryee Flying Bee Toy

    Very few electronic gadgets will catch your four year old boy’s attention like this electronic Bumble Bee which comes equipped with infrared motion sensors. It can follow hand gestures and fly wherever you want it to! It can also be controlled with the tiny remote control that comes with it. Super smart at avoiding objects and glowing with multicolored LED lights, it’s the prefect gift for silly entertainment.

  2. Baby Shark Toddler Nap Mat

    Toddlers need a couple of naps everyday, which can be inconvenient if they are in a public place or in transit. This gift will give your four year old boy a great nap anywhere with its easy to roll ultra soft coral plush blanket, quilted polyester mat and pillow all in one! Now your child will never have to miss even a single nap.

  3. Bunny Rabbit Slippers

    The Tale of Peter Rabbit has inspired this handmade creation for little kids. These bunny rabbit toddler shoes are perfect for daily wear around the house and the garden. Knitted with soft acrylic yarn, these crochet slippers are available in several sizes for a snug fit. They feature a fluffy tail at the back and non-slip double soles for extra comfort.

  4. Construction Plate & Utensils

    Constructive dinners can now begin with this awesome gift for your four year old boy. It will make every meal a construction site of imagination and role-play, taking away all the mealtime worries and anxieties! This dinner set includes a bulldozer pusher, a forklift fork and a front loader spoon designed with functional play in mind. It’s dishwasher safe and made from FDA-approved materials.

  5. CoolToys Monkey Balance Cool Math Game

    Monkey see monkey do, now let monkey teach your four year old boy with this monkey balance game! This is a special gift that will teach math and counting skills to your preschooler through an engaging game-play and goofy design. So start monkeying around and go bananas with this STEM game that will keep your toddler busy with multi-dimensional learning.

  6. DEERC Robot Toy for Kids

    Here’s a smart gift for your smart kid! This soccer robot will come rolling to your four year old boy when called. It can detect voices, clapping sounds, hand gestures and touch for interactively talking, walking, rolling, singing and dancing while avoiding obstacles and changing modes! With its auto-sleep mode it will snore after five minutes and say bye-bye after two more minutes.

  7. Disney – Where’s Mickey

    “Where’s Waldo” can be too hard for a four year old boy but “Where’s Mickey Mouse” will be right up his alley. Join Mickey Mouse and his friends in their fabulous adventures across the globe and beyond in this limited edition look and find book. It is filled with several popular Disney characters including Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and more!

  8. Electric Fire TruckElectric Fire Truck Kids Toy Kids Toy

    Kids love firetrucks and this one is the best! It features realistic sound effects, sensor based obstacle avoidance, multiple movable parts and 4D LED lights that will throw blazing colors in every direction! This gift will encourage fantasy play and help your four year old boy develop fine as well as gross motor skills. It comes with 100% happiness guarantee or your money back.

  9. First 100 Board Book Box Set

    Make sure your four year old will be the smartest kid in school by preparing him with this fun set of board books that will teach him his first 100 words, first 100 animals and all the essential numbers, colors and shapes! These well-padded books are perfectly made for little hands. They are the best educational gift for building vocabulary and developing speech.

  10. Fisher-Price Nickelodeon PAW Patrol

    Nickelodeon PAW Patrol trike will be the utmost style statement for your four year old boy. It comes equipped with fun gadgets that will rev up all his adventures! Its three-position adjustable seat ensures that it will always be perfectly sized for your growing kid. Its safety features include a wide wheel base, an oversized front wheel, slip-resistant pedals and easy-grip handlebars.

  11. Genius Art Sand Art Painting

    This arts and crafts kit makes use of colored sand to inspire creative artworks by young hands. Your four year old boy will love this gift because sand painting is a fun and unique experience. This kit includes several color markers filled with sand, four stencils with peeling stickers, four nice rubber frames for displaying the finished masterpiece and a tray for managing sand.

  12. Goldilocks and the Three Bears Toy House

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears toy house can be easily assembled by your four year old boy as it doesn’t require any tools, screws or glue. It comes with a picture book that can be enacted with the help of character pieces and easily identifiable design elements. It includes a forest tree-house, a working swing, bowls of porridge, furniture and a swimming pool!

  13. JumpOff Jo Rocksteady Balance Builder Set

    Rocksteady Balance Builders are designed to help all toddlers gain confidence in walking. Each set contains eight interlocking and nesting beams that have non-skid pads and colorful raised-dots on the surface for safety. They can be used on any surface, indoors and outdoors, to provide several opportunities for solo and cooperative games that will train important muscles and improve gross motor skills.

  14. Kidzlane Microscope Toy for Kids

    Introduce your four year old boy to the wonders of science with this ultra brainy toddler microscope! This gift is sure to encourage scientific curiosity in your preschooler’s mind. Its monkey design, easy-to-turn focusing mechanism and soft-frame eye cups are ideal for a comfortable and fun viewing experience. It comes with one Petri dish, tweezers, scalpel, activity book and plastic bugs!

  15. LEGO DUPLO Big Construction Site

    Get your four year old boy hooked to LEGO bricks with this insanely fun construction site building set. It includes a toy dump truck, a toy crane with a rotating cabin and working claw, a wheelbarrow, three construction workers with safety helmets and lots of other tools! This gift is ideal for keeping your little boy engaged in pretend-play that’ll boost his creative imagination.

  16. Little Patient STEM Toy

    Erwin measures seventeen inches in height and inside his tummy you’ll find the six essential organs of the human body: lungs, heart, intestines, live, spleen and kidneys. They are all color coded plush toys which can be identified with the help of the accompanying booklet. This extremely unique gift for your four year old boy will prepare him for his pre-pre-meds!

  17. Little Tikes Fun Zone Battle Splash Water Play Table

    Get your four year old boy ready for some amazing summertime fun with this multiplayer water spray game! It supports many activities like shooting targets, building your pillars, sinking your friends’ boats, filling the hanging buckets and splashing each other with water spray! This gift will give your toddler his much needed time in the sun for vitamin D while bonding with other kids.

  18. Lydaz Race Track Dinosaur World Bridge

    This is the perfect gift if you want to make your four year old boy go “Wow!” This toy set includes a 142 piece track that can be used for designing roads in any desired shape, a battery operated safari car, two dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus-rex and Triceratops, a hanging bridge, trees, slopes and Dinosaur World entrance door! It will encourage exploration, curiosity and creativity!

  19. MAGNATON Magnetic Blocks

    Magnaton construction blocks snap together with ease because of their strong inbuilt magnets. They can be easily turned into various shapes, structures and even toys. Your four year old boy may start by building only simple 2D shapes but as his imagination and creativity grow he will be developing super 3D structures! They are made from non-toxic material and have very smooth edges for your child’s safety.

  20. Organic Sheep Pillow

    Handmade from organic fair-trade cotton fabric, organic spelt hulls and Kapok floss, this Sheep Pillow is as soft and cozy as it looks. It is designed to nourish your toddler’s senses with its softness. It can be easily washed in lukewarm water and dried naturally in the sun. This comfy gift will immediately become your four year old boy’s favorite source of contentment.

  21. Parenting Your Four-Year-Old

    Here’s the instruction manual for every four year old boy! This is the best gift for scoring extra brownie points for care and empathy. It includes weekly milestones that your boy can achieve during this unique phase of his life, along with chapters on love, fun, health, technology and faith! This book isn’t too wordy but gives powerful concise ideas based on years of research.

  22. Safe Wooden Knife for Kids

    How about letting your four year old boy use the kitchen knife? Don’t worry, this is no ordinary kitchen knife but one that’s perfectly safe for toddlers! Created from your choice of real Maple or Cherry wood, this knife and board set is hand-sanded for a smooth buttery finish. You can engrave this gift with your little one’s initials for personalizing.

  23. Spring& LCD Drawing Board

    How to unleash the creativity of your four year old boy? By gifting him this colorful LCD tablet for drawing and writing! With the help of its pressure-sensitive stylus your toddler will be able to release his natural creative instinct with ease and he will no longer ruin your walls with crayons! It comes with three different pen tips for realistic brush strokes.

  24. Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Rocket

    100% kid powered rockets are the perfect gift for making your four year old boy jump with joy. And every time he jumps he’ll be shooting one of these rockets high up in the air, glowing in the night sky and landing over fifty feet away in the distance! Watch your boy run, jump and stomp to fill his daily quota of growth exercises with this amazing gift.

  25. The Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

    Here’s a car for your four year old boy which doesn’t require any gas, pedals or batteries to operate. It depends on your little one’s internal muscular control to help him develop his core strength, motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s the best gift for healthy exercise with thrilling entertainment. This car runs on all hard surfaces and comes in six colorful designs!

  26. The Wonderful Things You Will Be

    Some books are so special that they become a classic right after their publication. This is one of those books, written for inspiring all young children to become brave, bold, creative and clever! Emily Winfield Martin uses the magic of her rhythmic rhyme and beautiful illustrations for delivering an amazing story that will resonate through your four year old boy’s life.

  27. Tickle & Main – Dinosaur Birthday Gift

    Here’s the best dinosaur gift for your four year old boy! This Dino-Mite birthday gift set includes a toddler sized dinosaur party hat, a dinosaur plush toy and a rhyming storybook illustrated by the artist Ana Santos. The story in this book is about balloons, cake and everything else related to birthday celebrations. It comes ready for gifting in a stylish gift box.

  28. TOP BRIGHT Magnetic Catching and Feeding Game

    Top Bright bird feeding game is a unique toy that focuses on the emotions and attention span of toddlers. It will draw out their emotional curiosity about nature and motherhood. It’s the perfect gift for encouraging pretend-play which is shown to have a direct impact on early childhood learning ability. This game will keep your four year old boy happily focused for hours.

  29. ToyerBee Bubble Machine

    Kids are fascinated by bubbles maybe because bubbles help them in various ways like developing their visual tracking skills, proprioception, hand-eye coordination and awareness of space. Which means that this gift is not just about silly ol’ fun but is also an educational toy for your four year old boy! This frog shaped bubble blower has several wands for creating hundreds of super rich bubbles per minute!

  30. WolVol Take-A-Part Building Train

    This take apart toy train comes with a child-safe Philips screwdriver and flat-head screwdriver making it fun to reassemble again and again. It’s the best gift for improving your four year old boy’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills all at once! Once assembled, it makes exciting sound and light effects and provides hours of fun.