gifts for two year old boy

    Here’s your one-stop-shop for the best gifts you can buy for any two year old boy! Two years into life is such a drastic milestone that people call this period the “Terrible Twos.” But it’s also a beautiful period that leaves behind many unbeatable memories and lots of joy!

    When choosing gifts for a two year old boy, you need to keep in mind his growth level as well as his parents’ desires and frustrations. We have carefully considered the best and the worst things about two-year-old boys for selecting the most excellent gifts that range from toys, gadgets, clothes, potty helpers, and more!

  1. allobebe Baby Balance Bike

    Can you imagine your two year old boy riding a nifty bike? With this amazing gift you can! With its outstanding appearance this balance bike is eye-catching with its futuristic appeal and damage proof with its sturdy structure and durable construction. It’s perfectly safe to play with, as certified by American standard tests, and has a 50 degree limited steering for avoiding falls!

  2. Anti-slip Safety Cushion Knee Pad

    Your crawling toddler would love to have this gift for keeping his legs and elbows safe from scratches, cuts and bruises! This safety-first gift is hand-made from high quality combed cotton which is very soft to wear and is well studded with durable cushioning material to protect your two year old boy during all his crawling adventures. You can choose this in five beautiful colors.

  3. Baby Food Maker

    When your baby boy is two years old he needs some delicious homemade food for survival. That’s why this gift will hit the right spot at this right age! This all-in-one food processor is especially designed for all your baby food requirements. With it you can make all kinds of puree, gruel, mini meals and warm bottle feeders. It’s easy to clean and easy to operate.

  4. Baby High Chair Easy Seat Harness

    It has never been easier to put a two year old boy on a chair for feeding than with this gift. This easy seat harness is lightweight and compact so you can carry it anywhere and attach it to any chair whether in a restaurant or at your relatives’ house. Made from comfortable materials and fall proof design, it is machine washable and tear proof.

  5. Baby Photo Outfit

    Toddlers look very cute so you must capture their beauty in photoshoots. This gift is for those special moments when you are getting your two year old boy ready for capturing a lifetime memory of him looking absolutely dashing! Hand stitched on order from some of the softest materials, this newsboy outfit comes with a paper-boy cap, bow-tie, suspenders and Herringbone shorts.

  6. bbluv Trimo Electric Nail Clippers

    Here’s a unique and caring gift for your two year old boy: completely painless electric nail clippers for his baby fingernails! So discreet and comfortable that you can clip his nails while he’s asleep! With its non-aggressive approach and precautionary design this gizmo is the perfect gift to relieve the lesser appreciated parental tasks. It comes in a carrying case with batteries and extra filing discs included.

  7. Connectyle Toddler Fleece Lined Winter Hat

    Here’s a gift that offers smart winter protection to your two year old boy while making him look like the cutest baby on earth! Made with 100% soft polyester fleece this double layered baby beanie is very comfortable to wear and will keep your toddler’s head, ears, neck and shoulders warm in the cold season. It’s available in two sizes and three different colors.

  8. Fisher-Price Stride-to-Ride Puppy

    Here’s a great multi-functional toy that can be used as a strider as well as a rider. It will help your two year old boy become a more confident walker with its brilliant multi-mode design. It has colorful blocks that can be fed to the puppy for some engaging role play! Plus it has over 50 songs, sounds, numbers, greetings and more.

  9. Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Activity Train

    This gift will help kick start your two year old boy’s obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine at the right age. And he will love you for it! This choo-choo train comes with two button operated cargo cars, one with a cow and the other with cute little chicks that move. It features lots of fun effects that will delight your little one!

  10. Fresh Fruit Feeder Pacifier

    Here’s a simple but creative solution to a very practical everyday parenting chore. This baby food nipple can be filled with fresh or frozen fruits, medicines and vegetables to give your developing two year old boy his much required nutrients in the most convenient package. Made from 100% food grade silicone and completely free from toxins, it is very easy to clean and reuse.

  11. HOMOFY Musical Learning Table

    Here’s a multi-purpose gadget for your quick learning and fast growing two year old boy. This gift will teach him music in the most fun way! It’s very easy to take it apart and convert the table into a hand-held or attach it to the back of your car seat with its inbuilt hanging clips. It has many more features for your baby boy to explore.

  12. I Had Boobs For Breakfast Bodysuit

    This cheeky bodysuit has a slogan that will make everyone do a double take before they realize the innocence hidden behind its meaning. Printed in a funny and bold font it will pull people’s smiling glances towards your little one making him feel happy for being the center of attraction! It comes in multiple sizes and numerous color options to suit every boob sucking occasion!

  13. KIDDERY TOYS Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

    As your two year old boy takes his first steps, this gift will play an increasingly important role in his life. Looking extremely cute and built from superior quality wood, this walking toy has rubber-trimmed wheels to protect your floors. It comes with creative cubes in whimsical colors that will keep your child entertained while stimulating mobility with its sturdy design!

  14. labebe Baby Rocking Horse Llama

    This rocking horse is actually a very beautiful multiple awards winning Llama! It has the perfect softness for your child’s sensitive skin and it features a fabulous design that incorporates the best coordination mechanism to boost your two year old boy’s activity and exercise. Plus this gift is certified safe and comes with a sturdy buckle and handmade fiberfill pad for long continuous play.

  15. Meerkat Bowling

    These adorable African Meerkats are standing tall for your toddler to knock them down in an exciting round of bowling! This unique adaptation of adults’ favorite game will be a sure hit at any gift giving occasion for a two year old boy. These cute animals are made from rubber-wood and painted in attractive pastel shades. The set includes five animals, one ball and a drawstring bag.

  16. Montessori Pull Up Bar

    This gift is the perfect companion for your two year old boy’s developmental milestones. Hand-made with top quality natural wood that’s polished with beeswax, this pull up bar can be easily attached to any wall with its provided screws and wall anchors. It’s available in three different sizes to match your room and its requirements. Note that the mirror does not come included!

  17. Noise Cancelling Baby Ear Protection

    Loud noises can be frightening to two year olds and likely to disturb their sleep and overall well-being. That’s why this gift is so uniquely special and caring. These noise-canceling headphones will not only make your two year old boy look ultra cool but will also ensure him a peaceful sleep and safe fun in every environment. They are designed to fit those little ears perfectly!

  18. ONEDONE Portable Potty Urinal

    This practical gift will be well appreciated by all the parents who take their two year old boy on car journeys. This portable emergency urinal has a spill and leak proof design that is well suited for any public place like the supermarket or the hospital. It can be easily washed in any dishwasher. You can buy this gift in three different colorful designs.

  19. Silicone Baby Bibs Easily Wipe Clean

    Bibs made out of cloth have several disadvantages, they stain easily and are impossible to keep clean, plus they don’t even catch the crumbs falling out of your little one’s mouth. That’s where this gift of Ez-Clean silicone bibs really shines. It will save your two year old boy’s clothes from drips, stains and food crumbs. To clean these bibs you simply put them in the dishwasher!

  20. Summer Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center

    Two year old boys need to be taken outdoors more and more for their optimal growth, so get ready for joining your little boy on some awesome summer adventures with this Pop N’ Jump activity gift! It will hold him straight up safely while giving him a bunch of toys to play with. It’s easy to roll it up and carry on your shoulder.

  21. The 3-Step Cradle Cap System by Fridababy

    It’s very common for baby boys to get cradle cap which is a type of flaky rash on their scalp. What’s not so common is a gift that can cure this condition so easily. You won’t believe how well it works until you draw out all the cradle cap while giving your two year old boy a super smooth scalp that looks fresh and clean.

  22. Toddler Bed House

    Here’s a premium gift for the lucky two year old boy who deserves the best: a toddler crib bed house! It’s hand-made from your choice of high class polished wood: aspen or alder. The wood is painted with non-toxic baby safe wax which has the pleasant aroma of honey. Available in multiple sizes, this gift will create a world of his own for your toddler.

  23. ToyerZ Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

    Simple and effective, this early childhood jigsaw puzzle set is one of the best games for any two year old boy. Made from top quality natural wood, these attractive puzzles are non-toxic and BPA free. Plus their smooth edges and child-safe paint ensures no harm will be caused to your baby boy. Based on Montessori design this gift will make your kid smarter!

  24. VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

    Let your two year old boy shake rattle & roll with this gift of superstar microphone that will amplify his voice to make him sound like a rock star! It has a puppy button that will encourage him to sing along with inbuilt 60+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases! Plus it has instrument buttons that can play twelve different melodies from various genres and instruments.

  25. VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

    You push the puppy or pull it and the puppy will sing for you, that’s the simple mechanism of this super fun toy! This gift is designed to promote the development of fine motor skills in two year old kids while introducing them to numbers, colors and parts of the human body. This puppy will attract your baby boy with its light-up nose, flashing sounds and musical responses.

  26. VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball

    This gift is an electronic gizmo designed to help your two year old boy’s language development and fine motor skills. With its attractive sensory stimulation this crawl along ball will keep his attention engaged for long periods of play. Every animal and object on this ball comes alive with sound and motion to interactively teach your kid. It comes with batteries included.