Seven year old boys can be easily pleased with the right gift. So if you’re planning to gift them something special, have a read of the list below!

    Seven years of age means your boy has already entered into middle childhood, so he is more responsible, independent and his brain has reached its full adult size! That’s a great achievement which you can celebrate by spoiling him with some breathtaking sports gifts or boosting his creative and cognitive energy with some captivating educational gifts.

    You can simply choose from this list of the latest and the greatest gifts for seven year old boys.

  1. AOKON Walkie Talkies for Kids

    Commando style communication is at hand for your seven year old boy with this fantastic gift of pretend war. This multi-functional gadget includes a walkie-talkie, a magnifier, a night light, secret capsules, a compass, and a reflector! It comes in an amazing action packed gift box. Its transmission range is from 2 to 3.7 miles.

  2. Be Cre8v LED Based Infinity Mirror

    When you stare into the infinity, the infinity stares back at you! That’s the magic of this D.I.Y. educational electronic kit that will help your seven year old boy construct his own infinity mirror. It’s really an illusory perception of great depth on a thin mirror array. An amazing project and a great finished product for showing off and astounding other kids!

  3. Build Your Own Animal Kit

    This amazing construction kit will take your imagination to amazing heights and make it easy for you to create adorable abstract animals! Each animal comes with detailed instructions for creation from its high-quality steel and non-toxic painted parts. Once you learn this technique you will be able to create your own from any piece of old hardware.

  4. Conthfut Archery Set Green Bow and Arrow

    This gift will turn your seven year old boy into a bowman and make him a skilled archer with practice. It’s the ideal game for strengthening his physique while improving his focus and concentration. This archery set includes a colorful firm bow, six suction cup arrows, a four ring target for score-keeping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  5. Dreamingbox Compact Binoculars

    Gift your seven year old boy exactly what he needs to examine life up close! These multi-use binoculars are shock-proof, durable and compact. You can adjust their focal length with a rotating dial and they are super comfortable on the eyes with their soft rubber eyepieces. They are available in ten vibrant color options.

  6. Family Charades

    This gift box of Charades is fun for the entire family. For a seven year old boy it provides a great way to improve his acting and interpersonal skills. Playing this game will definitely make him more creative, empathetic and charming. This box contains six entertaining decks that will appeal to everyone, three sand timers, jumbo die, pencil, score pad and an instruction booklet.

  7. Geospace Walkaroo ‘Wee’ Balance Stilts

    Things that give you the most fun will appear scary at first, just like these amazing stilts! They are designed to be super comfortable with easy to control handles, adjustable height and large rubber feet for maximum stability. Your seven year old boy will get used to them within a few minutes and from there it will be just fun and games.

  8. HUSAN Electronic Piggy Bank Mini ATM

    Make your seven year old boy money wise with this thoughtful gift. This electronic piggy bank operates like an ATM that can be used to deposit and withdraw coins as well as paper money using its intuitive interface. It can be password protected, which means it will teach your boy the basics of security with its light and sound mechanism.

  9. iPlay, iLearn Golf Set

    The earlier in life you start practicing golf, the greater your chances are of becoming a major world champion. That’s why the time is perfect for you to gift this kids special golf set to your seven year old boy. Easy to carry and operate, its ball feeder works with a hands free foot release mechanism.

  10. Kamigami Scarrax Robot

    Here’s a scary looking scorpion which is actually a menacing robot that can be programmed to do whatever you like! There is nothing in this gift which a seven year old boy won’t like. It will not only scare and excite him but will also build his creative and logical thinking skills to have an overall positive effect on his life.

  11. Kolt Mining Gardening for Kids

    Gardening is a great life-giving activity. With this gift you can lay the foundation of the most blissful hobby in your seven year old boy. It has colorful illustrations with step by step instructions for growing simple plants, vegetables and flowers in your backyard or in pots. It comes with a tool belt, hand trowel, gardening fork and gloves.

  12. MagicFun 24MP Kid Digital Camera

    Even though this camera looks colorful and simple, it has features that will outshine any adult point & shoot camera. It has a 24 million pixels dual camera for photos and 1080p HD videos, large LCD display screen, filters and digital stickers! It makes photography easy through autofocus shooting, self-timer, face recognition, smile capture and continuous shooting mode!

  13. Marvel Super Heroes – Me Reader

    This unique combination of physical books and electronic audio reader will provide an easy entry into the world of superheroes to your seven year old boy. It includes eight hardcover comic books featuring heroes like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Groot and more! They can be read and listened to with dramatic voices.

  14. Mini Adventurer Exploration Pack by Thinking Owl

    This premium outdoor exploration kit includes everything you need to turn your seven year old boy into a great adventurer! It includes a hands-free drawstring bag, 4 x 30 magnification binoculars with flexible rubber eye pieces, LED flashlight, pocket sized compass, magnifying glass, whistle, bug container and more! Perfect for camping, sleepovers, safari and fishing trips.

  15. Origami Paper Magic Kit

    The ancient art of Origami is great for improving concentration, hand-eye coordination, geometry and problem solving skills all at once! This kit provides some of the best designs and materials for creating magical works of paper art that will stun the viewers. It comes with detailed and easy instructions for the creation of 20 such artworks.

  16. Reusable Cardboard Creation Stickers

    Imaginative energy of seven year old boys knows no bounds. Here’s a special gift that will tap into that inherent energy and direct it towards creative works of art. Simply with stickers, cardboard and instructions your child will be able to turn these simple materials into a rocket ship, a race car and even a kitchen!

  17. Ring Toss Deluxe Outdoor & Indoor Game

    Ring Toss remains one of the most popular carnival games of all time and with this gift your seven year old boy can play it in his backyard or at the beach or a picnic with his friends and family. Very easy to set up and play, this sturdy set is made from superior quality wood and ropes.

  18. Rolife Dollhouse Miniature Green House

    This ain’t no ordinary dollhouse but one that your seven year old boy would actually love to own! For one, there are no dolls here, just a very stylish, and incredibly designed miniature D.I.Y. greenhouse. The structure of this glass house, as well as every object inside it, is pitch perfect down to the minutest detail.

  19. Scary Bingo

    This gift will add a scary twist to your seven year old boy’s playtime repertoire. Created by the artist Rob Hodgson, this game of scary bingo is full of weird and eerie creatures like Billy the menacing mummy and Eric the eyeball monster, beautifully illustrated with vibrant colors and printed on its bingo cards and chips.

  20. Shadow Art Story Telling Theater

    Shadow puppetry is an ancient form of theater that uses chimeras created by shadows on a screen to create a mesmerizing effect on the audience. Let your seven year old boy indulge in this extremely gratifying outlet for creative imagination with this top quality shadow art kit. It’s Halloween themed so get ready for some seriously scary fun!

  21. Sillbird 12-in-1 Educational Solar Robots

    This gift will mark your seven year old boy’s entry into the fascinating field of robotics. Technological challenges are the best tools for developing your young one’s scientific intelligence and engineering skills. With this kit he can build twelve different types of robots that operate through solar power without needing any batteries!

  22. Solar System Canvas Wall Art

    There is nothing as fascinating as outer-space and the solar system, if you think about it. But why think, when you can have a giant display with bombastic colors and impressive illustrations right in your room to blow your mind everyday! This gift will perpetuate the scientific curiosity hiding inside your seven year old boy.

  23. The Best Engineering Building Set

    This is the most complex and most entertaining STEM engineering construction kit you can find for your seven year old boy. Gift it to him and set him up for a life of alacrity and brilliance. With this kit he will mastermind engineering marvels with its 151 versatile pieces and construct working models of airplane, race-car, helicopter, tractor and a motorcycle!

  24. The Great Escape Pop-Up Search Book

    You are Iris the super sleuth who needs to investigate, locate and capture all the members of the evil X-Unit gang to save the city of Criminopolis from their sinister schemes! The engaging story-line, mind-boggling pop-up visuals and interactive game-play make this a great and memorable gift for your seven year old boy.

  25. Threeking Rc Stunt Car Off Road Truck

    You really need to see its video on the product page or you won’t believe the kind of action this stunt car is capable of! Full 360 degree rotation dance, 360 degree stunt flip, 3D deformation, double sided running and what not! This gift guarantees a great off-road experience that will electrify your seven year old boy’s mind and senses.

  26. Try Not to Laugh Challenge – 7 Year Old Edition

    The “Try Not To Laugh Challenge” has published this special edition for seven year old kids that will have them in splits! This hilarious gift is perfect for any occasion that calls for a happy and cheerful mood. It contains the best of the highest rated jokes that will encourage your seven year old boy to become a master of humor.

  27. Warner Bros. Superman Cape T-Shirt Set

    Seven year old boys don’t need any excuse for wearing a costume, especially when its an awesome superhero cape! That’s why this gift will be well loved and regularly worn to the amusement of everyone. Your little one can choose to become Batman, Robin or even Superman with this easy to wash, colorful and comfortable t-shirt cape.

  28. Werewolf & Zombie Monster Mismatched Socks

    These colorful monster socks are scarily cute and so wonderful to wear! Your seven year old boy would love to wear and show off these purposely mismatched socks to everyone. Made from superior quality thick cotton, they have nonskid grippers to prevent slipping on slippery hardwood floors. They will become the new topic of conversation wherever he goes.

  29. whoobli Punching Bag for Kids

    This freestanding punching bag is one of its kind with its American boxing colors and tough PU leather. It will provide a great outlet for your seven year old boy to let out his steam. With it, you’ll gift him a superb fitness regime that’ll build his discipline for physical fitness. It comes with a pair of boxing gloves and a free air pump.

  30. Wooden Ferris Wheel Building Kit

    A ride in a giant Ferris Wheel is an outstanding experience but you can’t experience it everyday. This gift is a nice substitute though, especially for a seven year old boy. Not only can he enjoy it every day but he can also gain a complete understanding of how it works and the marvel of its creative mechanism.