Looking for a gift to celebrate and entertain your six year old boy? You’ll find lots of great options here! When kids turn six they exist in an intermediate stage between early and middle childhood.

    Finding the right gift for a six year old boy is difficult because he is either too young or too old for most standard toys! But we can take you out of this fix with this list of the best and the most suitable gifts for six year old boys.

    We have here excellent and extraordinary electronic gadgets, clothing items, shoes, educational toys with augmented reality, books, arts & crafts gifts and more!

  1. Augmented Reality Interactive Globe

    Globes are a great educational gift for any six year old boy, but some may find them too plain and not engaging enough. This beautifully illustrated Orboot Globe overcomes those problems with an app that gives life to it when you hover over it with your smart device. It shows you 1000+ animated facts and 400+ fun highlights jumping straight out of your globe.

  2. Blipblox- Kids Synthesizer

    Mozart was a full fledged musician at the age of six, your little boy will be next one to join the club of child prodigies with this incredible blipblox synthesizer that will bring out musical talent of your future virtuoso with its simplified yet fully functional interface which makes it easy to create new songs and melodies. It’s designed to encourage curiosity and creativity!

  3. Buki Mini Sciences First Basic Microscope

    Kick-start your six year old boy’s scientific journey with this absolutely fantastic gift that will open his eyes to the world of microorganisms and micro-structures around him. This microscope is more than just a toy, it’s a spectacular learning experience! It comes with a pipette, tweezers, petri dish and illustrated activity cards full of fun facts and creative projects for the microscope.

  4. Custom Kids Shoes Minion Sneakers

    Kevin, Stuart and Bob–the most popular Minions are here to electrify your six year old boy’s feet with their captivating presence on these crystal studded custom sneakers. You can personalize these shoes with the name of your little one printed with high quality vinyl. They are available in all standard kids sizes and will make a great gift for any style conscious boy.

  5. Dino Egg Dig Kit

    Dinosaurs eggs buried deep inside the earth became fossilized and now they are ready to hatch! This gift will add twelve new dinosaurs to your six year old boy’s dinosaur collection. It includes the most popular species of dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus, Deinonychus, Stegosaurus, Corythosaurus, Styracosaurus, Iguanodon, Pterodactyl, Orntthommimus, Ighanodon, Parasaurolophus, Diplodocus and Ankylosaurus! It comes with chisel and brushes for digging out the eggs.

  6. Disney Little Boys’ Toy Story Briefs

    A six year old boy won’t be embarrassed by this gift of cartoon underpants, rather he’d be impressed! Because he’s still too young to care about externalities and knows what’s fun. This set of seven licensed Disney/Pixar briefs come with the fantastic crew of Toy Story characters over wonderful designs. Made from 100% cotton and safe for machine wash, they’ll be well loved.

  7. Etna Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

    You can tell by this product image how much fun this gift is going to be. This incredible inflatable bowling set is the perfect entertainment for kids as well as adults. Great for birthday parties, family get-together and summer outings. Easy to inflate with a hairdryer, this over-sized bowling set is made from durable PVC that will last for years of play.

  8. iPlay, iLearn Backyard Baseball Pitching

    Practice makes perfect, therefore this gift will lead your six year old boy to batting perfection! Outdoor sports like baseball are amazing for your child’s physical development and confidence. This gift will set him up for a healthy and a happy life! It includes one automatic pitching machine, five Polypropylene balls, and one lightweight plastic bat that’s just the right size for your child.

  9. JAMSWALL Retro Mini Game Player

    Nostalgia for adults but for a six year old boy a perfect entry into the world of classic video games! These games have been loved by millions around the world and now they are available to win the heart of your little boy. This handheld console is easy to play, it can relay output to a TV, and it has a rechargeable lithium battery!

  10. MasterMagic Magic Kit

    Magic is never so magical as it is in childhood because that’s when it’s real. Gratify the budding magician in your six year old boy with this extraordinary gift of magical tricks that are just right for his age. This kit includes an actual magic wand, color vision cube, mystery drawer box, magic ball & vase, exploding dice, appearing flower and many other magical articles.

  11. My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

    A perfect gift for the inquisitive six year old boy who wants to know everything! Your kid will love this charming encyclopedia which has novel graphic elements and story telling format articles. From the cavemen to the Egyptian Pharaohs, clouds, weather, rain and plants, to cities, languages, animals, people and outer-space! It really covers everything that’s important to entertain your little one’s curiosity.

  12. My First Mind Blowing Science Experiment

    This is the best science kit for your six year old boy because its materials are the best quality and all its activities and experiments are aimed at his age. It allows you to create mind-boggling, colorful and exciting science projects and experiments without any expert’s help. A great introduction for your little boy to the amazing world of scientific exploration and experimentation.

  13. Niskite Automatic Dinosaur Car

    Back in the Jurassic Era dinosaurs ruled the earth, but now they will roam around in your living room! It’s the best gift for any dinosaur loving six year old boy because it brings a combination of tyrannosaurus-rex and triceratops motor cars that produce real dinosaur sounds with light effects. Just turn them on and watch them zoom past on your floor automatically.

  14. Outdoor Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher Kit

    Chasing butterflies, catching bugs and outdoor exploration with friends–that’s what childhood is about! At six years of age these are the most important things in life but you need an adventure kit like this to make it all happen! Send your little boy outdoors with this amazing gift of a butterfly net, bug container, tweezers, magnifying glass, binoculars, flashlight, compass and much more!

  15. Personalized Kid’s Night Light

    Personalized, gorgeous and heart-warming, this night light is the best gift for adding beauty to your six year old boy’s bedroom. You can choose from fourteen fantastic handmade designs and add the name of your little boy to customize it and have a unique gift that’s tailor-made just for you! It comes with seven soothing color modes and a multi-color mode.

  16. Sand and Snow Castle Kit

    Everyone loves playing with sand and snow; building castles with them is a great way for kids to expand their creative skills! This kit will help your six year old boy display his prowess at designing castles using the best tools and resources it provides, including a window cutter, battlement bricks maker, split system cylinder, multi-tool and an easy to clean mesh bag.

  17. Selieve Toys, Walkie Talkies for Kids

    Spring outing, summer camping, even going shopping will never be same again for your six year old boy with this gift. Featuring crystal clear sound quality with high anti-interference and enhanced noise-reduction, these lightweight walkie-talkies with their uncomplicated interface are the perfect gift for your young adventurer! Their range is three miles in open fields and one mile in residential area.

  18. Slingshot Bow Catapult Toy Gun

    Do you want to turn your six year old boy into a brat with a slingshot? Okay, but do it in style with this brilliant gift of explosive fun! It’s a classic toy redesigned for modern kids by giving it not just a trendy look but also multiple new functions. It features dart loader blaster arms, easy string-pull mechanism and foam-bullet darts.

  19. Smartivity Stem Formers Rover Bot

    Here’s a great STEM toy that will have your six year old boy using gears and wind-up mechanism while learning the concepts of elasticity and projectile. With this educational D.I.Y. gift your little one will be motivated to become an innovator, creator, designer of his own phenomenal toys! It includes high quality engineered wood for construction and richly illustrated instruction booklet.

  20. Space Shuttle And Toy Rocket Ship

    Here’s an incredible gift for the young space explorer in your life! It’s a working model of a space shuttle and a toy rocket ship which comes with Astronaut figurines, ground vehicle, rockets and a full launch site with several complex pieces that will stimulate the mind of your six year old boy and make him deeply excited about space missions and aerospace engineering.

  21. Spiderman Kids Headphones

    Awaken the spider sense of hearing in your six year old boy with these headphones endorsed by the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! These headphones are premium quality, kids friendly, foldable, lightweight, noise-isolating, multiple-device compatible and they have an authentic styling, adjustable headband, pivoting ear cushion and parental volume limiter! So many reasons why this is the best gift for your little boy.

  22. The Floor is Lava!

    The floor is lava is a classic game which can be played outdoors as well as indoors and it’s one of the most popular pastimes for kids. This gift will thrill your six year old boy with the most exciting pretend play that will have him running, leaping, jumping and thinking quick! It is best played in a group of 2 to 6 players.

  23. The Purple Cow Doda Yoga for Kids

    Yoga is extremely good for kids, confirmed by several scientific studies! It has positive effects on their physical health and helps them concentrate and remain calm. Which is why this gift is a great choice for six year old boys with supportive parents who want a healthy lifestyle for their whole family. It’s a fun and approachable introduction to yoga for parents and kids.

  24. Toy Cash Register Money Machine

    Six year old boys aren’t known to be careful with cash, mostly because they don’t yet understand the concept of money very well. But you can change that with this brilliant gift! This toy cash register speaks in two languages: English and Spanish. It teaches financial calculation by ringing various grocery items and paying for them with cash using various denominations and debit cards.

  25. Toy Story 3D Wall Decal, Personalized

    This amazing wall busting personalized wallpaper is hand designed and printed on a high quality easy to install vinyl sticker. It is durable, UV fade resistant and waterproof. You can select this gift in seven size options to match the room and requirements of your six year old boy. He’ll be delighted to have company of the best loved cartoon characters of all time!

  26. UWANTME Digital Target for Nerf Guns

    Take your six year old boy’s Nerf gun action to another level with this unique gift that will improve his focusing skills while teaching him to be competitive in sports. This electric scoring target has got everything to make it engaging for young kids. It has colorful graphics, sound and light effects, automatic self-standing targets and easy to use interface. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

  27. Western Chief Printed Rain Boot

    Rainy days are fun when you are young, and they are even more fun when you have pretty rain boots from the trusted Western Chief brand. Its USA fire department design will set your six year old boy up for awesome firefighting pretend play while keeping his feet free from mud and water. Their bright design and easy pull handles are a sure winner.

  28. What Should Danny Do?

    From the popular Children’s Philosophy series “The Power to Choose” comes this bestseller book featuring Danny, a superhero in training, who makes empowering choices in everyday situations. This gift will teach your six year old boy how to make powerful choices from the various possibilities that exist in his environment day by day. Its colorful illustrations and interactive format will captivate your little one.

  29. WisToyz Hover Soccer Ball Set

    There’s no other indoor sport as entertaining for kids and adults as air-soccer! And you can play it with this hover soccer ball which can bounce and rebound against walls and furniture, slide across any smooth surface including low-pile carpet and hardwood. It can be played in the dark with its multi-colored dancing lights! It’s got a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

  30. WolVol Perfect Dinosaur Storage Carrier

    Here’s a unique dinosaur gift for your six year old boy that will keep him engaged in exciting play. This Dinobot will amuse him with its transforming mechanism which makes it a carrier of military vehicles, tank, helicopter and various unique dinosaurs. It’s easy to carry around and showcase to all your friends. Its eye catching design will make this gift an instant favorite!