How do you decide what gifts to buy for a five year old boy? Simply go through this list of the choicest gifts and pick your favorite ones! Five year old kids have a bad rep for being too unruly and aggressive, but you can direct their excessive energy through creative outlets to work in their favor.

    Here we have selected gifts specifically aimed at five year old boys and each one will help them with entertainment and lead to the development of their mind, character and personality!

    You will find here gifts related to arts and crafts, electronics, outdoor fun, childhood engineering and more.

  1. AMKOV WiFi Kids Camera

    Gift this camera to your five year old boy and he will become the chief family photographer in no time! This kids friendly camera is so easy to operate that your little boy will master it in minutes. It can take 1080 pixel HD video and audio, and has seven unique filters for photos. With its WiFi you can upload your videos on youtube with just one click!

  2. Best Learning EduQuiz Basic Set

    This is one of those gifts that are best appreciated on long car journeys and plane rides. This entertaining solo game will teach your five year old boy interesting foundational concepts that will enhance his life. It includes sixty activities involving mazes, patterns, animals, math, comparisons and much more! It’s electronic interface makes the game-play extremely engaging and easy to keep score of.

  3. DEERC Take Apart Dump Truck

    Dumper trucks are a symbol of clever systemization and cleanliness. Cultivate these feelings in your five year old boy with this take-apart build-your-own dump truck toy. It comes with a kid friendly wrench and electric drill to screw and unscrew all its parts. Two helmet wearing action figures and movable parts make it extremely fun to play with.

  4. Delta Children Bed, Disney/Pixar Cars

    It’s Lightning McQueen race car bed from the Disney classic film Cars! This fantastic gift is sure to fill your five year old boy’s dreams with joy and give him a smooth ride during nighttime. It measures 28.75″ W x 19″ H x 53.25″ L, which means that it will be a comfortable fit for your boy along with all his toys!

  5. Dinosaur Duvet and Pillowcase Set

    Prehistoric times are back again! A Tyrannosaurus Rex is ready to gulp down your five year old boy, but it’s all in good fun. This realistic dinosaur is scary to look at but is perfectly safe for cuddling. This gift will turn bedtime into a Jurassic adventure! Made from 100% cotton, this duvet cover is available in two sizes: twin bed, or full/queen sized.

  6. ETI Engineering Building Blocks Set

    This 101 piece construction set is full of endless possibilities with multiple degrees of complexity: easy, intermediate and advanced. Which means your five year old boy can engineer real toys based on his own skill level. It comes with an eighty page ebook with entertaining toy designs which can be used as examples before your kid starts designing his own. It has an exra wrench for team play.

  7. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

    Pogo sticks are a great gift for any five year old boy because of their health benefits. Especially this one is the best because its innovative mechanism is designed to be kid-safe in every possible way. Its base is made from extremely durable foam that will never scratch your floors. Plus it has a bungee cord that stretches up to forty inches for incredible bouncy boing fun!

  8. FunLittleToys Traffic Police Station

    A DIY gift that won’t cease to amaze your five year old boy: a police station building kit which includes everything a modern police station would have. Great for pretend-play and creativity! It features a police office with cops, cop cars, traffic signs, helicopters, trees, street lights and more. It’s made from the highest quality 100% recycled ABS plastic and conforms to US toy safety standards.

  9. How Do You Care for a Very Sick Bear?

    With a sweet picture book like this one you can guarantee that your five year old boy will build a sure and solid foundation of positive empathy that will make him a very considerate man in life and a better human being overall. This book offers gentle, reassuring advice in flowing rhymes that will teach your little man how to behave with somebody who is dealing with illness.

  10. IPIDIPI Flippy Dragon Squishy

    Gift this eye-popping squishy dragon to your five year old boy and you won’t have to worry about his busy hands anymore. It will bring down any excessive energy built up inside him after eating or playing. It’s especially good for kids with autism, ADHD and ADD because it will keep them calm and focused. It can be easily washed in the sink.

  11. Jetpack Backpack

    Five years is about the right age for your child to be getting his first backpack. Make it this one for launching his imagination into space and helping him around his daily orbit. This jetpack-inspired backpack features two nozzles with fabric fire coming out of them which flaps and flickers in the wind. It has a spacious interior for carrying books and toys.

  12. Kid’s Balance Bike

    Five years is the correct time to get your little boy his first balance bike, so here is the best bicycle you can gift him in 2020. It doesn’t have training wheels because you don’t want him to look uncool! Made from the highest quality materials, this comfortable kids’ bicycle has got a vintage look with its wicker basket, muted colors and old-school bell.

  13. Kids Travel Tray

    This gift will help you enjoy your sanity while traveling with your five year old boy by giving you one convenient place for storing all his coloring books, toys, pencils and knick-knacks! It has a flat tray which is great for drawing, solving puzzles and having food. You can easily carry it around with its padded shoulder strap and simply fold it for very compact storage.

  14. Little Dentist Set

    This little dentist kit has all the tools you need to understand everything about the importance and maintenance of oral hygiene. It will teach your five year old boy how to take care of his gums and teeth and may even inspire him to become a dentist when he grows up. Give this gift to remove all fear of the dentist from his mind.

  15. Little Tikes Fun Zone Dual Twister

    Bring summertime fun and excitement to your five year old boy with this fun zone dual twister which can be enjoyed solo or with another friend. Just attach it to a garden hose and it will start spraying water if you push its activation button. Or if it is too cold outside, you can use it indoors as a spinner without any water!

  16. Love Tree Kids Play Tent Castle

    Made from 100% natural cotton canvas, this Love Tree tee-pee tent can accommodate parents and children together and is big enough to fit your five year old boy’s bed inside it! It has four windows for good air circulation, two doors with zipper closure and a portable design. This gift will give your little boy a wonderful place to rest, role play and have amazing fun!

  17. Magic Storytelling Box

    There’s no other gift like this one–a magical storytelling box! It creates story-time on demand, which means your five year old boy can choose his own adventure through its simple dial-based mechanism. It includes forty-eight starter stories and hundreds more that you can download. These age-appropriate stories can be interwoven with many possibilities for endless personalized adventures.

  18. Original Smooth Speed Cube 2×2

    Rubik’s Cube is an amazing toy that’s incredibly good for the brain, but your five year old boy may find that too hard for his age. So here comes the simpler 2 x 2 x 2 cube which is just as much fun with the right level of brain challenge. This toy was featured on Ron Burgundy’s desk in Anchorman. It comes in a beautiful gift box.

  19. Pussan Smart Watches for Kids

    Don’t let your five year old boy become jealous of your Apple watch, give him his own unique smartwatch! Five years is about the right age for him to start wearing his first wrist-watch and this one will suit him perfectly. With it he can take selfies and filtered photos with his friends, play with several included video games and enjoy its many more advanced features!

  20. Remote Control Robot Dog

    Here’s a super smart doggy robot that can be your five year old boy’s next best mate! It can be controlled with voice commands or with the included remote control. You can easily program it to perform tasks based on your instructions and make it sing, dance, speak and do tricks to entertain you. Or change its barking to any of the other ten animal sounds that it can imitate!

  21. Search & Find Storybook Puzzle

    This fifty-four piece jigsaw puzzle comes with a storybook full of classic fairy tales like the Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs and more. Once you know the stories your task is to solve the jigsaw puzzle and find all the fantastic characters from those stories! This puzzle packs in many attractive visuals and is aimed at improving your five year old’s concentration and reasoning skills.

  22. Sesame Street Elmo Manners Books

    A well mannered child is everyone’s delight! Let Elmo, the red menace from Sesame Street, teach your five year old boy all about feelings, working together, taking turns, being a friend and more! These eight small books pack in a lot that will stay with your child forever and turn him into a gentleman for life. They are easy to read and richly illustrated.

  23. Threeking Smart Robot

    Gift this android robot to be your five year old boy’s companion and he won’t be disappointed. Cady Wike robot is well equipped to keep your kid entertained with its gimmicks and robotic moves. It can be controlled by hand gestures or through the provided remote control. You can even progam it to do whatever you want! It lights up in multi-colored LED lights for nighttime play!

  24. Toy Choi’s Construction Workbench

    Wrenches, clamp, hand saw, drill, hammer, screwdriver, nails, pliers and more! This construction set comes with 100 real tools that are all safe for kids. Your five year old boy would love to use these tools for building his own workbench with which he can pretend play to be your house carpenter! It comes with safety googles, mask and helmet.

  25. ToyVelt Dinosaur Blocks

    There’s something about dinosaurs which makes little kids obsessed with them. Lucky for you because you can win their heart with this gift: a seventy-two piece Jurassic era construction set. It contains lots of dinosaurs, some still in their eggs or breaking out of them, vehicles, trees and other dinosaur themed items. These construction blocks connect with the traditional LEGO bricks as well.

  26. ToyVelt Dinosaur Play Sand Kit

    Here’s a fabulous arts and crafts gift for your five year old boy. This unique set of colorful sand and fantastic molds will turn your little one into a sculptor of castles and dinosaurs! It comes with three bags full of magic stretchable sand which never dries out! Plus twenty-two dinosaurs and four different castle shapes. Its mess free design won’t leave behind any residual sand.

  27. USA Coloring Tablecloth

    Who knew a tablecloth could make your little kid an expert of geography, but that’s exactly what this gift will do. It is illustrated with a hand-drawn map of the United States. Each state on the map has its state bird, flower and animal beautifully drawn, all waiting to be filled with colors! It includes ten washable markers which wash away in warm water.

  28. Vintage 5th Birthday Shirt

    Here’s the perfect 2020 birthday gift for your five year old boy who was born in the year 2015. This “Awesome Since 2015” t-shirt is a tribute to the five amazing years your little boy has given to you. Available in three color choices and three standard sizes, this handmade shirt is created from 100% jersey cotton and has a durable ribbed neckband.

  29. Zjoygoo 3D Design Dinosaur Helmet

    This red roaring dinosaur is designed on the principles of anthroposomatology! So you can rest assured that it will not only make your five year old boy look terrific but it will give him premium protection as well. It features an adjustable chin strap, quick release buckle, rear lock adjustment and a comfortable air-circulatory pad. It’s optimal for outdoor sports like cycling, skating, snowboarding and more!