Looking for the perfect gift for a three year old boy? We’ve got the goods! Three years of age is a magical time in any boy’s life because that’s when he starts making fully conscious use of his body. It’s a challenging time too because he can throw major tantrums and needs complete potty training. During this period of intense development and exploration you can support your three year old boy by finding him the most beneficial and entertaining gift!

    In this list you will find the best gifts that will stimulate his body and mind while introducing him to cooperative and imaginary play, and inspiring him to express his creativity through arts and crafts!

  1. AinDen Matching Eggs – Toddler Toys

    An egg-tray is naturally very attractive for toddlers though it leads to many messy situations. But don’t worry, these play eggs won’t break so easily! This educational gift will keep your three year old boy entertained with some quality playtime that’s really good for his brain. This toy set is made from high quality non-toxic ABS material, safe for your child’s skin.

  2. Birthday Boy’s Personalised Story Book

    This personalized gift is the perfect collection of bedtime stories for your three year old boy because each story and poem in this book will mention his name making him the hero in these beautiful narratives and colorful illustrations! You can choose between hardback and cushion-back cover and personalize it with your child’s name, gender, street name, house number and personal messages.

  3. Busy Board for toddler – Three Little Pigs

    This Montessori toy is aimed at toddlers who are beginning to take interest in stories and narratives. This gift showcases the classic fairy tale of three little pigs by making it come alive on its hand-made wooden board that’s full of mechanisms for developing fine motor skills and coordination of movement. Your three year old boy will be immersed in its beautiful fantasy!

  4. Converse Kids’ First Sneaker

    This pair of brand-new Converse All Star high top red sneakers will be the delight of your three year old boy because of its stylish appeal that has enthralled many for generations. You can choose from the seven other color options to suit your taste! Made from top quality canvas and terrycloth, this gift will make your toddler look good on every occasion.

  5. Coogam Wooden Lacing Apple

    This alluring lacing toy is based on Montessori research to improve your three year old boy’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, patience and concentration! A perfect gift for his overall development. Its a durable and compact game which your toddler can easily play even during transit. The game-play is simply designed to help the hungry caterpillar munch through the delicious red apple!

  6. Coogam Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game

    This gift adds a new twist on the classic toddler game of magnetic fishing by adding an extra layer of matching colors and letters of the alphabet. It will give your three year boy double entertainment with an extra boost of creative education. Made from top quality sturdy materials with child-safe smooth edges this game will endure the most competitive play by multiple players.

  7. Count the Dinosaurs!

    Here’s your opportunity to gift your three year old boy his very first dinosaur book! This amazing book will not only introduce him to dinosaurs but will teach him to distinguish between different shapes, colors and animals! It’s a perfect gift for early learners for developing their observational skills. It features numerous species of dinosaurs illustrated in vibrant colors on high quality magazine pages.

  8. GiBot Toddlers Crayons

    These finger crayons are especially shaped for tiny hands. They will help your three year old boy quickly develop a good grip for holding pencils and utensils with ease. Each package contains twelve stacking crayons in the prettiest baby colors that can be put on fingers or gripped with palms for drawing. It’s the perfect gift for your toddler’s first arts and crafts project!

  9. Gilobaby Kids Robot Toy

    If you are looking for that one gift that will make you the favorite uncle or aunt of a three year old boy, look no further. Give him this Gilobaby kids robot toy and rest assured of a lifelong friendship! This smart android is voice/touch controlled to make it sing and dance for your toddler while giving him his first experience of advanced technology!

  10. Hammock for Toddler Bed House

    Hammocks are fun for everyone but for a three year old boy a hammock means learning to control his body while using his inner muscles to swing it. Based on the Montessori approach, this ultimate gift will add an extra layer of fun to your young boy’s life as he can play with all his other toys while swinging on this comfortable cotton hammock.

  11. iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Bull

    Here’s a handsome riding bull for your three year old boy which he can ride, hop and bounce upon without any fear of falling. Its anti-slip design and low-center gravity ensures the complete safety of your child while giving him full rodeo entertainment! It’s covered with zero friction plush cloth that is extremely soft on the skin and can be machine washed.

  12. KIDCHEER Ice Cream Candy Trolley Cart

    Here comes the ice cream truck bringing with it happiness and joy for everyone! Let your three year old boy indulge in the sweetest pleasures of childhood by giving him this wonderful gift. It plays the characteristic ice cream tune and comes with several different ice cream cones, ice lollies, sweet sandwiches, popcorn, juice and more! Plus it has a spinning top, money bowl and toy coins!

  13. Kidoozie Wild Wigglin’ Sprinkler

    Gift your three year old boy this Kidoozie Wild Wigglin’ Sprinkler and see him have the utmost fun this summer time! This crazy caterpillar has eight legs from which it shoots out water unpredictably in every direction. This gift will encourage your kid to be more active around the yard. You can easily attach this sprinkler to any regular garden hose without any equipment.

  14. Kids Dinnerware Plates & Bowls Set

    Get your lucky three year old boy ready for his first set of cutlery and plates! There can be no better mealtime gift than this intensely cute panda shaped plate, bowl, cup and utensils designed in the perfect shape and size for your little one. This dinner set is made from non-toxic plant-based material that’s safe for both microwave and freezer.

  15. LOJETON Kids Play Tent

    The value of a tent for a kid can never be overestimated. Especially when it’s a tent like this one, which has a tunnel, a ball pit and a small basketball hoop! This gift will be a treasure trove for your three year old boy. It’s made from soft but durable polyester fabric and you can easily carry it in the included zipper bag.

  16. Melissa & Doug Safari Wooden Chunky Puzzle

    Melissa & Doug are rated number 1 for their creativity boosting toys and puzzles. That’s why this gift of their popular chunky puzzle has the assurance of being well loved by your three year old boy. The pieces in this puzzle are African safari animals that are cut out in vibrant wooden chunks to make them playable by themselves for imaginative play. This gift comes with a 100% happiness guarantee!

  17. Montessori Learning Wooden Toy Moon Cycles

    This premium gift is well worth it for setting the spark of creativity and outer space curiosity in your three year old boy. Made with baby safe materials, this busy box has numerous features related to space adventures and aliens that will keep your baby boy fascinated with engaging play. Plus you can use it to teach him about the stars and the planets!

  18. Nursery Rhyme Blocks

    Nursery rhymes play an important role in the linguistic growth of all toddlers. Give this gift of twenty-eight classic Mother Goose rhymes to your three year old boy to hook him to the magical wisdom they all contain. These beautiful words and illustrations are embossed by hand upon wooden blocks of Basswood from the trees grown in the Great Lakes area in Michigan.

  19. Playskool Classic Dressy Kids Boy Plush Toy

    As you three year boy starts to take interest in fantasy play this classy Playskool friend “Dapper Dan” will help him learn how to zip his pants, button his shirt, buckle his shoes and fasten his jacket. You can carry this huggable doll anywhere with its easily attachable kids-safe clip. With this gift you are actually giving him a classic and helpful playmate!

  20. rolimate Hammering Pounding Toy

    Your three year old boy wants to grasp things in his little hands and hammer them down because it helps him in his tactile development. This gift will provide him a safe place for such hammering and pounding while making light melodious sound that will stimulate the development of his hearing skills. Based on the Montessori method, this colorful toy includes a real Xylophone!

  21. SKYROKU Potty Training Toilet

    One of the most difficult things about being a toddler is potty training. But this thoughtful gift will take away all the pain and give your three year old boy a great experience of independence with its easily climbable step ladder and splash free comfortable cushion seat. Its length is adjustable and its non-slip design is CPC certified to ensure your child’s safety.

  22. Super Magnetic Putty

    Here’s a strange other-worldly gift for your three year old boy. This magnetic putty comes alive in the presence of the included Neodymium Iron Boron magnet. Your little boy will be astonished to see this putty dance in front of the magnet as he controls it with intelligent play. Probably the perfect gift to make him a science lover at this early age!

  23. Tiny Captain Toddler Boy Dinosaur Grip Socks

    These Tiny Captain socks are printed with a unique Dinosaur on each pair and they come in all the popular colors to match with every outfit. This gift will be a great introduction of the Mesozoic era rule of the Dinosaurs to your three year old boy. Tightly knit in a non-slip pattern with rubber sole grips these toddler socks are top quality!

  24. Toddler Step Stool

    As your three year old boy starts learning to climb one step at a time, this sturdy hand-made stepping stool will become his favorite piece of furniture. This gift will encourage him to exercise his natural urge to climb in a very safe manner. Plus it will help him in many other activities like reaching for the sink and the kitchen counter!

  25. Toddler’s First Coloring Book

    Here’s a gift from New Zealand to jump start your three old boy’s arts and crafts journey with the best materials! Made from 100% pure beeswax and food grade pigments these toddler crayons are safe for infants and kids of all ages, and big enough for them to hold easily. This gift includes a coloring book full of cute images of native North American flora and fauna!

  26. Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

    This tree top activity center is divided into four interconnected yet entirely comprehensive sections that will each be irresistible to your three year old boy! He will automatically want to investigate all the numerous mechanisms it contains. It includes gliders, spinning dials, springy flaps, bead runs and much more! This developmental gift is full of bright colors and detailed graphics to stimulate the senses.

  27. Vermont Giant Teddy Bear

    Gift this genuine Vermont Teddy Bear to your three year old boy because there will never be another age in his life when he’ll be happier with it than now! Let him indulge in lots of big hugs from this classic cutie who’s the perfect cuddly companion to relax and play with. It is hand-stitched with the highest quality fur in Vermont, USA.

  28. VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

    A three year old boy wants to pick up and hold things in his hands for play. Therefore something as sturdy, colorful and tuneful as this toy flashlight will easily become the object that he holds the most. It glows with bright colors of the rainbow and plays exciting songs and animal sounds. This educational gift will even teach him phrases and counting numbers.

  29. WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set for Kids

    Kids can be exceptionally good at music, especially three year olds who are just beginning to develop their sense of music free from societal prejudices and expectations. Enable your three year old boy’s musical creativity to soar with this electronic drum set built for his little hands! This gift is a versatile learning tool that will improve his fine motor skills and attention span.

  30. World of Eric Carle, Hear Bear Roar

    Part book and part gadget this gift will give your three year old boy the unique experience of listening to the real sounds of wild animals along with their beautifully drawn pictures. It includes all the popular animals like the grizzly bear, prairie dog, elephant, snake, lion, monkey and many more! It promises a multi-sensory experience that will stimulate his imagination with curiosity.