Gag gifts for men

    Trying to find the perfect gag gift for your man?

    Finding the best gag gift for a man can be tough what with countless number of options. Which is why we decided to look for absolute funny ones across the internet that are bound to crack open some laughs. Checkout below from 50 options of gag gifts for men to find the absolute perfect and best one.

  1. “NOT TODAY SATAN” Desk Sign

    This big bold sign asking Satan for a break could be an effective strategy against those days when things get just a little too much for you! It comes in 3 different colors for the stand: Gold, Silver and Black, and 8 different colors for the slogan to match your desk. Satan hates red but you can always go for the pink one if you are buying this for your evil boss!

  2. 1880 Classic Beer Holster

    Give John Wayne a run for his money with this 1880 classic beer holster. It will hold all your standard cans or bottles of beer and instantly give you an immense cowboy appeal. Not only is it stylish but also extremely handy for BBQs, hiking, shooting pool, gardening and all types of outdoor activities. It will attach to any belt up to 1.5 inches wide.

  3. A Hole Paperweight

    This thoughtful gift is handmade from recycled steel in the Salt Lake City. It weighs 2 pounds and features a round hole in the middle of the steel slab next to the letter “A”. This emblematic paperweight efficiently performs its pressing duty of holding down loose sheets of paper under the mighty weight of a big A-hole! Best gift for a nasty boss or coworker.

  4. A Jar of Nothing

    What can you give to the man who already has everything? This gift! This jar of nothing is well suited for somebody who always insists that you give him nothing. Let him have his heart’s desire with this beautiful glass jar that contains a pint of absolutely nothing! You can have it gift wrapped for making the most lasting impression on him!

  5. Americana Themed Beverage Holder

    “4 score and 6 beers to go” reads the slogan on this patriotic beer belt which is the perfect accessory for any outdoor event like camping, fishing, hiking, tailgating and more! Made with 100% polyester and a quick snap buckle this adjustable belt will comfortably fit upto a 40 inch beer belly. This ludicrous gift is aiming to make America drunk again!

  6. Archie McPhee Handerpants

    Keep your hands warm in style with these classic men’s Handerpants! Useful for all sorts of professionals: Architects, Chefs, Stone Masons, Knitters, Night Bloggers, Bikers… Keep your hands protected in these convenient tighty whities while letting your fingers loose for doing the job. This gift is perfect for your nimble fingered friends!

  7. Bacon Scarf

    This elegant soft-knit acrylic scarf is the perfect accessory to wear at any event–formal, semi-formal or informal. It’s forever ready to spread its magical aura of bacony goodness wherever you go while protecting your throat from the bitter cold air and harsh looks. It is 71 inches long and will easily look good on any decent man who dares to wear it.

  8. Banana Phone

    One of the earliest memes on the internet has now become real with this spectacular Banana Phone! It works like a charm with its crystal clear audio, durable construction and extremely long battery life. Just connect it to your iPhone or android through bluetooth and make all your phone calls from it! This gift is for somebody who is comfortable being silly in public.

  9. Baseball Hat with Spiked Hair

    Get the hairpiece of your dreams on the go with this super spiked hair baseball cap. Just put it on and it will change your whole personality in a split second. Become a master of disguise with its 14 brilliant color options! This adjustable hat has a 50 to 60 cm circumference and is made from pure cotton and fake hair. Best gift for a bald or balding friend!

  10. Basket Head Basketball Hoop

    What better way to pass a boring day at work than playing basketball hoops on your own head? Simply fasten this one-size-fits-all basket to your forehead and start tossing the 20 balls that come with it! Invite your co-workers to join in and you’ll be the real MVP in your office! Give this gag gift to your socially challenged workmate so that he can make lots of friends!

  11. Belly Button Lint Brush

    Brushing twice a day is as good for your teeth as it is for your belly button! Get rid of that fuzzy lint from your body with this pragmatic navel groomer handmade with precision and fortitude for the modern metrosexual male! Your gift recipient will remember you fondly each time he uses this nasty brush! The size is perfect for any regular adult sized belly button.

  12. BigMouth Inc The Willy Warmer

    Here is a knitted glove for the male genitalia, a beautiful cap for your cock, a comfortable sack for your schlong. This heart winning willy warmer is the perfect gift of love to spread the warmth of your passion on the manhood of your lover. This cape for the snake will keep you safe from the harsh cold winds and envious looks of other people.

  13. Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

    unique funny coffee cups poop

    This uniquely shaped coffee mug shines bright with the message “Coffee makes me poop” printed in white over a poop colored background. From a distance this cup can be mistaken for a pile of steamy shit and that is exactly what makes up for its appeal. It comes in a gift box and can contain over 12 ounces of hot coffee or used to display your enthusiasm.

  14. Dickhead T-Shirt

    The message is clever and the t-shirt is comfortable with its 100% preshrunk heavy cotton. It is available in 6 beautiful colors and is the perfect gift for that deserving dickhead in your friends circle or workplace. Heck, he may even enjoy wearing it out in public if he is a true dickhead! Do not think twice before buying this gift meant for public embarrassment!

  15. Emergency Underpants

    Picture this: you are on your way to a date that will decide the future of your love life, or an interview that will make or break the rest of your career and you find yourself underwear less! It could easily become the defining crisis of your life but not if you have a can of these emergency underpants! Give this gift of protection to the friend you truly care for.

  16. Fake Belly Waist Pack

    Did you always want to have that dad bod but could not ever get one? Don’t worry, this dad bag is for you with its realistic hairy belly. Or you could buy it for your friend who is always looking for the best fanny pack. It’s available in 5 different styles to match your desired belly shape and color. It is water resistant and can carry upto a big stomach’s worth of goods.

  17. Flask Book Box

    This is the perfect gag gift for the discreet gentleman in your life. Not only will it instantly make him appear like a cultured man, it will also uplift his spirit with the spirits hiding inside it. Just take a sip from this page turner to imbibe the spirited wisdom contained in its pages without reading a single sentence or worrying about overdue library fees!

  18. Food In My Beard Face Plates

    The unpleasant sight of getting food in the beard is what keeps many men from growing long beards. This beautiful set of beard plates will encourage them to overcome that irrational aversion by making them look at food over a bushy beard every time they use them! Made from the finest porcelain they are 9.5 inches in diameter and dishwasher safe.

  19. Frankenstein Salt and Pepper Shaker

    Bring your dinner table to life with this Frankenstein’s Monster salt and pepper shaker. It is individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin and has pure glass shakers for the condiments. The expression on this monster’s face will discharge anybody’s appetite with the utmost requital, making it a must-have for any serious gourmand!

  20. Fried Egg Watch

    To some people this fried egg wristwatch may even look like a good idea, but to others it will be obvious that this is the greatest wristwatch ever made. Available in 9 different colors, this thing of beauty will surely be a joy forever to the recipient of this gift! Be careful whom you choose it for, because he will fall in love with you and the watch!

  21. Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

    Kegs are one of the greatest inventions for college students, but when you leave college kegs become a symbol of immaturity and/or alcoholism. Hey, don’t worry, here’s a gift that allows you to continue having your keg and drinking it too. There isn’t a more mature and classy way to drink from a keg than this superior quality melon and pumpkin smasher for drinking enthusiasts!

  22. Funky Junk Wipes

    This gift is a discreet way of telling a friend that his nether parts smell like rotting poo. Save him from the endless social embarrassment of having a funky smelling junk with these appropriately packaged antibacterial wipes. This is the best gift for the chronically unshowered gentleman who will profusely thank you for this life changing doodad!

  23. Funny Ding Ding Squishies

    These ding ding squishes are the very definition of a thoughtful gift that will please every recipient with its mesmeric appeal. Gently rubbing or squeezing these stretchy silicone ding dongs will provide hours of fun during workdays, family celebrations and romantic dates. They are made with extremely satisfying slow rising technology for the perfect arousal!

  24. Grass Flip Flops

    Walk on a lush carpet of grass wherever you go with these premium grass flip flops. Available in 4 different sizes to fit most children and adults, these sandals are the perfect gift for any nature lover in your life. Walking over grass is known to rejuvenate the senses and the surprise factor of actual grass on these thongs makes this an odd but amazing gift!

  25. Hamburger Cat Tank Top

    Finally a worthy tank top design for the people who love fat cats and hamburgers! Made from spandex and polyester this workout shirt is soft, comfortable, breathable and lightweight. Its space cat design is fade and shrink proof and printed with high quality 3d tech to make it stand out. Check out this listing as it has many other gag worthy designs that you can choose from!

  26. Hot Dog Soap Set

    Americanize your bathroom with this hot dog soap set which includes a sausage, a bun and a retro styled wrapper. This body soap is handmade with great precision to make it look just like the real thing, so don’t be surprised if somebody tries to take a bite off! They will quickly realise from the soapy taste that it is not supposed to be ingested. Hopefully.

  27. Kim Jong-Un Candle

    This spitting image candle of the world’s sexiest man is the best gift for a friend whose sexiness you look up to. Adorable and devastatingly handsome Kim Jong-Un’s face graces the paraffin wax of this handmade candle making it the best effigy you can burn in your house. Watch his cute chubby face melt away leaving behind its sweet fragrance with this gift of romance.

  28. King of the Throne Toilet Paper

    The corny dictum on this toilet paper roll makes it well suited for gifting to your dad on some very special occasion. Take revenge for all his lame dad jokes with this powerful reminder of how it feels to be at the butt end of those. Don’t worry if he even manages to laugh at this gift, it will surely annoy him when he has to read it everyday while sitting on his throne.

  29. Mealivos Bad Boss Voodoo Doll

    This super cursed voodoo doll is the best gift to cope that difficult boss who just wouldn’t budge from his relentless ways. This damned doll contains 13 different spells on its body to fulfill your workplace desires like send me home early, no overtime and cancel meeting! This potent doll is 7 inches tall and comes with a pack of 6 needles to discharge all your frustration!

  30. My Heart Boob Cookies

    Showcase your passionate love with this elegant gift of boob shaped cookies! This gift will bring the taste of the sweet milk of your kindliness into your lover’s mouth and make him beg for more and more once he starts munching these crunchy knockers. This gift is available in 3 human skin colors to ensure that your lover remembers only you while sucking them.

  31. Nailed It Desk Organizer

    Nail every good business opportunity down to your desk with this hammer-and-nail desk organiser! It is built from recycled steel and salvaged tool parts giving it that junkyard industrial look of vintage charm. It’s the perfect gag gift for the boss who’s always nailing the secretaries and hitting it off with all the clients!

  32. On The Rocks Set

    So you like your drinks on the rocks? Well then, stop lying and serve them on actual rocks! These granite discs are hand collected from the beaches of New England to perfectly chill your drinks without the diluting effects of ice. This gift set comes with 6 round granite rocks on a wooden tray along with two finely crafted 5 fluid ounces whiskey glasses.

  33. Potato Pal – Your FACE on a real potato!

    Gift your mates an authentic work of art with this Potato Pal which will put your face on a real potato. You simply upload a high quality image of your pal and an optional message to print on a robust Idaho Potato. Imagine the look on his face when he receives the potato parcel with this neat surprise inside it. Note: the potato will last for 3-5 weeks before sprouting!

  34. Quarter Pounder

    This white elephant gift is for the meat lover in your life who can never have enough quarter pounders! But they will never be able to finish this one because it is a work of art made from an ingeniously creative idea which turned wood, metal and coin into the literal object of a burger aficionado’s desire. This gag gift measures about 4 x 2 Inches.

  35. Realistic Pizza Throw Blanket

    Delicious dreams are made of this! Extremely realistic giant pepperoni pizza that will keep your mouth watering is the world’s best blanket. It will keep your body nice and cozy and it comes packed in a real take out pizza box! It is approximately 60 inches in diameter, wide enough to cover two pizza lovers together on a couch. Just remember that it’s not edible!

  36. Reclaimed Rope Beer Lanyard

    Convenience and elegance are combined into one practical gift with this reclaimed rope beer lanyard. You no longer have to stand awkwardly carrying your beer in hand anymore, simply put it into this beautiful necklace and have handsfree fun. Now you can stylishly carry your cold one while dancing, fishing or doing whatever your heart desires. It won’t look awkward at all. Promise.

  37. Right Or Racist – Adult Party Game

    So you have a friend or a relative who can be a bit racist sometimes? Make him reflect on his world view with this funny and hilarious party game which will gently get him to confront himself! It will also work well for the friend who is way too sensitive and politically correct all the time. This is the best gift for making your friends debate and fight over sensitive issues!

  38. Shower Beer Holder

    Drinking beer while taking a hot shower will promptly send you to the heights of ecstatic delight! This shower beer holder will give you that nirvana conveniently in your own bathroom. This is the perfect gift for the man who works hard and needs extreme relaxation in his life. It comes with industrial strength Velcro so you don’t need any screws to fix it.

  39. Slap Yo Monkey! Stress Relief Toy

    There is no better way of releasing stress for a man than to slap his own monkey. That’s what makes this gift particularly useful for giving to your stress prone friends. It comes with 12 serious golf balls that can swing the maximum distance and are very durable! Mulligan the monkey has a hand stitched heart and a zipper compartment that can hold a pair of golf balls.

  40. T.J. Wisemen Remote Control Fart Machine

    There isn’t a more juvenile prank than secretly making farting noises near unsuspecting people. This remote controlled machine will help you achieve the perfect execution of this prank with its superior fart sound making mechanism. The boom box technology in this second generation (No. 2) fart machine produces 15 unique and realistic farting noises to freak everyone out!

  41. The Face/Butt Towel

    You’ll never want to use any other towel once you get used to this! It has the word Face boldly printed over white background on one end and the word Butt printed over brown background on the other end. It measures 30 by 56 inches and is made with 100% cotton which makes it very convenient to use and a great gift for anybody who cares too much about hygiene.

  42. The Freebird Mullet Wig Skull Cap

    Are you balding or scatter haired and still want to be an easy rider in your life? Don’t despair, this perfect gift will give you the personality you always wanted! This American flag skull cap comes in two different colors of mullet–blond and brunette, to match your hair type. Just put on this bandana, kick start your engine and become the ultimate badass!

  43. Toilet Golf

    While you are waiting to drop a deuce, play a round of mini golf with this exciting bathroom time waster. This game will actually help you build the pressure you need to pass your stools easily. It includes a green patch, two golf balls, a golf club, a flag with a cup and a “do not disturb” door hanger. Put this potty putter in your workplace toilet to make shitting fun again!

  44. Urinal Shot Glasses

    Urine for a treat with this gift! Bring class to your drinking routine with these urinal shaped shot glasses made from high quality durable ceramic. Family, friends, coworkers, everyone can appreciate the beautiful aesthetic of these small urinals especially when you fill them with your yellow drink! Each glass can hold 1.5 ounces of liquid.

  45. Vintage Squirt Wee-Boy

    This is a classic mischievous gift that was probably used by your great grand father on his buddies! Made in the 1960s, this vintage Squirt Wee-Boy toy is a clever little boy in a yellow suit and a blue cap who will squirt pee all over your victims if you pull down his pants! Just fill his leg with water to start having some good old fashioned fun!

  46. Wallmonkeys Asia Old Man Wall

    Asian parents are known for their calm and casual facade that disappears in private where they become strict, nosey and controlling. This homely appeal is what this Asian dad wall decor is aiming for. This is the best gift for the coworker who needs that extra bit of motivation that can only come through having an Asian parent watching over them while at work.

  47. Waxed Bacon Floss

    Flossing is an important oral hygiene practice and bacon is an important food source–combine these two together and you will eliminate all excuses for not flossing your teeth everyday. That’s the magic of this gift–Bacon flavored floss, which will keep your mouth bacon fresh all the time! Bring home the bacon with this latest invention in dental technology!

  48. Weener Kleener Soap

    Finally a soap that focuses on the most significant part of a naked man’s body. It’s conveniently shaped as a round disk to provide easy access to your tool for the best cleaning possible with rapid in-out action. One size will fit most of your friends and relatives and deliver lots of hygienic laughs in the locker room showers.

  49. Westminster Butt Face Soap

    You’d be amazed that every soap in the world is not already designed like this! This revolutionary butt face soap compartmentalizes one soap into two distinct zones for easy identification and optimized purgation. Give your best friend this gift of cheek to cheek cleansing so that he no longer has to worry about which side of the soap to use!

  50. Witty Yetis Dehydrated Water

    Finally a sensible gift for the backpacker in your life! No more wasted space in their bags with those large bottles of water which are not only cumbersome but also risk damage and leak. This handy tin can is all they need to pack to ensure that they have the most essential thing in life. It contains the best 100% organic, BPA free, low sodium dehydrated water. Just add water!