funny coffee cups

    A unique coffee cup can help you start the day with you being you while being funny.. The Right Way!

    Coffee cups make great gifts and while most people don’t realize it, we start our day with our favorite drink, and the mug we have it in has an effect on our overall mood. Funny, eccentric, and out of the ordinary mugs which will lift up your spirits and spread good vibes which is absolutely necessary at the start of your day.

    We have 30 such funny coffee cups that are sure to excite and hog the limelight, making them perfect for the coffee lovers you know.

  1. Alien Cup

    unique funny coffee cups alien

    The hype around Area 51 is real and while you may or may not storm the perimeter, this cup is sure to take your house by storm. The green cup with an alien design looks amazing and fits perfectly in your shelf hogging all the limelight. The wonderful detailing and the perfect finishing makes its the best gift a coffee lover could get.

  2. Anger Management Mug

    unique funny coffee cups anger

    An unique cup with an extraordinary design, the I Flunked Anger Management cup is perfect for those who hate to get up early and are always in a cranky mood. The cup looks amazing and could also be used as a decor. It could be used in multiple ways and makes for an amazing gift.

  3. Bamboo Travel Mug

    unique funny coffee cups wooden

    A bamboo travel mug with a stainless steel body, it is made for those who are always on the go. The amazing design of the cup grabs your attention almost instantly, while its insulating quality ensures that your beverage remains hot for you to sip throughout the morning.

  4. Bee Mug

    unique funny coffee cups butterfly

    A wonderful cup with a bee inscribed on the front, your mornings are sure to start on a buzzing note. A beautiful cup overloaded with cuteness, this handmade cup is unique, and you will never find one with the same design. A special gift for a special person, this coffee mug would express things that you could never put words to.

  5. Camera Lens Coffee Cup

    unique funny coffee cups camera lens

    Geeky, freaky and cheeky this is an unique coffee cup, unlike any other you will ever see. Zoom into the hidden photographer in you as your morning cup of coffee awakens you. It has a beautiful design and people are sure to be confused, yet intrigued by this cup that doubles as a decor while sitting pretty in the shelf.

  6. Clay Coffee Cups

    unique funny coffee cups black cup

    An all black coffee mug with an unique design, these handmade clay cups are so cute that you will want to take them home right away. Made with naturally available materials, the craftsmanship of the cups is amazing and the build is sturdy. A gift suited for all, this pretty pair is sure to add charm to any place it dons.

  7. Coffee Cup with a face

    unique funny coffee cups small

    An eccentric coffee mug with a face on the front, it is sure to hog all the limelight and add a new charm to your coffee cup collection. A study cup with a wonderful design, the detailing on the cup is amazing and it brings out a beautiful look with a fine finish. A cute yet quirky gift for those who love their coffee, this mug will make sure they are reminded of you every morning.

  8. Coffee Makes Me Poop

    unique funny coffee cups poop

    Funny, odd and outlandish, this coffee cup is sure to make heads turn. We all know how the coffee kicks in a makes the morning routine that much more easier and this cup is designed to represent the same. It’s an hysterical gift that sure to bring smiles to everyone’s face.

  9. Doghnut Mug

    unique funny coffee cups donut

    An adorable mug made of ceramic that reminds of your favorite treat, this doughnut shaped mug is sure to excite and entice you. The quality of the mug is amazing, while the large size enables you to get your fill with ease. Lovely, lively and super fun, this wonderful gift is sure to earn you some brownie points.

  10. Don’t Be A Cuntasaurous

    unique funny coffee cups cuntasaurous

    Cute and quirky with a mean message, this cup is sure to make your day brighter as you rise and shine. The graphics on the cup is amazing, and the dinosaur adds a charm while the wordplay makes it wacky. Doesn’t it make for the perfect gift.

  11. Don’t Speak

    unique funny coffee cups wait

    This funny coffee mug represents the importance of your morning beverage with amazing graphics. It gives the people a measure of when to talk depending on how much coffee you have had which is absolutely hilarious yet very true. An eccentric cup which depicts your morning mental state, this is simply the perfect gift.

  12. Don’t Want Your Drama

    unique funny coffee cups llama

    A handmade coffee cup with an attractive design conveying a message so powerful that it could completely alter how your mornings begin. Nobody wants to start the day with drama and that’s exactly it asks people to do while you enjoy your cup of coffee in peace.

  13. Dounle Wall Cup

    unique funny coffee cups balance

    An insulated double wall coffee cup with an unique design and extraordinary looks, it’s a cup unlike any other. It is of premium quality glass and is built for durability, capable of handling heat and making sure your favorite beverage is served just right, that makes it an amazing gift for any coffee lover.

  14. Game of Thrones Mug

    unique funny coffee cups got

    A coffee mug for the eternal Game of Thrones fan, this cup is sure to excite and entice those obsessed with dragons. The design of the cup is amazing and is studded with swords all over reminding of the battles fought while the dragon which sits on the handle makes you feel like the Khaleesi herself.

  15. Googly eyed mug

    unique funny coffee cups monster

    A coffee cup with a funny design with a space to house your favorite cookies, this cup is sure to make heads turn. A solid blue coloring gives it a vibrant look while the googly eyes are so well done that you cannot take your eyes off it. A handmade cup with amazing craftsmanship, it makes for the perfect gift.

  16. Handmade Custom Mug

    unique funny coffee cups beauty

    A handmade cup with colors so vibrant that it pops your eyes, this makes for the perfect sidekick to your morning coffee. The amazing design and wonderful coloring attests to the craftsmanship while the quality is unmatched and it all adds up to become an irresistible package.

  17. Have A Nice Day

    unique funny coffee cups middle finger

    This cup wants you to ”have a nice day” while slipping the finger to the naysayers. Start your day on a positive note with a cup that spreads pleasant vibes. The design of the cup is amazing with a 3D print at the bottom and is sure to raise a few eyebrows while enjoy your cup of coffee.

  18. Hulk’s Fist

    unique funny coffee cups hulk

    This mean and green cup with a sturdy build is absolutely amazing and makes for the best gift for the quintessential Marvel fan. The hulk lending his hand to hold your cup of coffee is an amazing sight while the vibrant color and unreal detailing is sure to make people look twice and take notice of the Hulk.

  19. Insulated Coffee Mug

    unique funny coffee cups blue

    A well built metal coffee mug for those who like to take their coffee everywhere, this handmade mug is insulated to ensure that your favorite drink retains heat and remains hot. A well designed mug with options to personalize, this makes for the best gift to any coffee lover and would make their lives so much more easier.

  20. Just one cup a day

    unique funny coffee cups giant cup

    A quirky and comic gift for those who are obsessed with coffee, this cup is sure to make you chuckle, while it serves a big dose of your favorite caffeinated beverage. This enormous mug with a hilarious message would simply make the perfect gift while some might also think of it as a practical joke.

  21. Kraken Octopus Mug

    unique funny coffee cups octopus

    Get ‘kraken’ on your day with a hot drink in this wonderful and unique cup. It has a beautiful design and comes with a matching coaster which makes for a pretty decor when it’s not in use. An amazing addition to your house which is sure to be the center of attention, this gift is sure to bring happiness and spread cheer to your mornings.

  22. Lego Cup

    unique funny coffee cups lego

    The build your own cup for the all Lego nerds you know who love their coffee just as much, this cup is anything but ordinary. This creative mug makes for a great gift and looks amazing when put together while also doubling as a toy for the kids who are sure to be intrigued.

  23. Nama-stay

    unique funny coffee cups bed

    Your coffee in bed just got a better as this cup would spread smiles with its unique design and a wonderful message. An amazing cup that says ‘Namastay’ as you wake up ready to slay, this simply makes the best gift for a coffee lover.

  24. Owl Coffee Mug

    unique funny coffee cups owl

    An unconventional cup which is perfect for all caffeine dependent life forms, this cup with an owl design is everything you need. It also comes with a spoon that has a little owl on top, overloading cuteness atop the eccentricity. It’s a cup that is bound to get attention while it ensures that you get to keep yours.

  25. Recycling Mug

    unique funny coffee cups garbage can

    A coffee cup designed like the trash bin, this cup is sure to capture your imagination while you sip on your coffee. An eccentric cup made specifically to confuse people, it has an extraordinary build ensuring durability. If you are looking for a funny, yet practical gift, it is simply perfect.

  26. Sensitive Coffee Mug

    unique funny coffee cups hot cold

    A heat sensitive mug which changes color according to the temperature of the beverage, this is something every coffee lover needs. A great addition to your coffee mug collection, it has an unique use and ensures that you get the temperature of your coffee simply right.

  27. The Starfish mug

    unique funny coffee cups starfish

    A beautiful mug with a pretty design, this mug is so cute that it would make you feel guilty if you used any other mug. A starfish inspired mug which also comes with a spoon studded with a little star on top, the detailing is amazing while the craftsmanship is fantastic, the complete package which makes it an amazing gift.

  28. Toilet Mug

    unique funny coffee cups toilet

    A funny, unique and an outlandish mug which is as good as a practical joke, this cup is sure to attract attention while spreading laughter. It’s a hilarious and an eccentric gift and serves as a reminder how your coffee kicks in and makes for an amazing gift.

  29. Ugly face cup

    unique funny coffee cups weirdo

    An ugly faced mug with an amazing design, this cup unlike anything you have ever seen. The handmade ceramic cup is crafted beautifully with wonderful detailing. The unique shape of the cup and it’s eccentricity is an instant hit among people, and it simply makes the perfect gift for people who like extraordinary things.

  30. Unicorn of the Sea

    unique funny coffee cups unicorn

    A cup so beautiful that it is beyond description, the ‘Unicorn of the Sea’ coffee mug is so amazing that it will leave you speechless. An absolutely adorable cup that makes for the perfect gift for anybody from a kid to a grandma, this unicorn is sure to add charm and sprinkle your mornings with happiness