Everybody knows that Chemistry has everything to do with science but it is also as close as it gets to real magic. You create things from the scratch, and some of those things have the power to bring down buildings to dust, some might consider it a super power. Now what would you gift a person who has access to superpowers?

    It might be a difficult question, but you’ve chosen the right website for an answer. An extensive list hand picked to suit a person plying his trade in the Chemistry field, we bring you unique gift ideas to minimize your work and maximize your options to pick the perfect gift.

  1. Be Er Bottle Opener

    A wall mount bottle opener with a beautiful print abbreviating your favorite beverage would dawn the walls in all its glory, attracting people’s attention while making those social gatherings very easy to handle.

  2. Beaker Shaped Cookie Cutter

    A beaker shaped cookie cutter fits right in with people working in the chemistry field. The cookies are not only unique but bigger too, giving them a distinct look that would make the chemistry geeks drool on the shape and the cookie lovers drool on the size. You are in luck if you love both !

  3. Beaker Vase

    An unique vase that can house plants and transform the look of your desk completely, this is exactly the kind of gift people can’t stop raving about even after years. The design of the vase is absolutely incredible and when the plants do pop out of the little bulb, it does make for a mesmerizing sight.

  4. Caffeine Molecule Coffee Cup

    This mug is perfect for people obsessed with chemistry, it has a beaker shape with a molecule print of caffeine and is made of heat resistant glass offering you a comfortable hold on the hottest of beverages. A quality mug for everyday use which would make any chemistry nerd happy.

  5. Chemist Journal

    A handy book with a funny description of chemistry on the front, it is sure to draw attention and a few chuckles as well. The quality of the book is amazing and the size is simply perfect, allowing you to carry it easily wherever you go.

  6. Chemist’s Table Necklace

    Cute, nerdy and trendy, this necklace is anything but ordinary. The test tubes more than make up for a pendant and while the design is unusual, it does have a charm of its own. This necklace is just meant to be with a science geek and they will love you when you play the matchmaker.

  7. Chemistry Fomula Phone Case

    An adorable protective case for your phone with an appealing design that is sure to catch people’s attention. The doodles of chemistry on the case are engaging and while the case gets noticed because of its charm, it does its job particularly well defending the phone against all obstacles you face in everyday life.

  8. Chemistry for Babies

    Don’t be fooled by the name, Organic Chemistry for Babies is a book for everyone interested in chemistry. The name simply implies that the book is well written in simple language avoiding jargons and would make the perfect gift for anyone interested in Chemistry giving them a head start.

  9. Chemistry Pun Hoodie

    A simple hoodie with a joke that all science geeks can understand, it is sure to be an icebreaker at your school or workplace making people notice you while they share a laugh. It is made with premium quality material ensuring you are comfortable while spreading smiles.

  10. Coasters

    Keep your place spick and span with these lovely coasters with lab equipment printed on them with fine detailing. Chemistry has much to do with the preparation of your favorite drink and celebrate it with coasters that pay tribute to it, while making sure that your glass doesn’t leave a ring.

  11. Cooking Through Science

    Everybody has a lab in their house and they simply don’t realize it, it is called a kitchen. Chemistry plays a huge role in the kitchen and what’s more fitting than a book that explains cooking using science and that’s exactly what The Food Lab does. It is a bestseller that combines the best of both worlds helping you become a Masterchef.

  12. Crazy Chemist Lego

    You simply cannot go wrong with this gift, be it a kid, a chemist, or a student, a minifigure of a scientist is loved by all. What’s more? They get to build it too, which makes it all the more intriguing and an engaging gift.

  13. Herbs Formula Cutting Board

    Geeky, nerdy yet sturdy and durable, this handmade cutting board would make for a wonderful addition to any kitchen. The engraved structures of popular herbs are absolutely beautiful and the finish of the board is outstanding. If this isn’t the perfect gift for a person obsessed with chemistry, what is ?

  14. Molecule Socks

    Now socks don’t make the case for a compelling gift but this is one certainly would, especially for a chemistry geek. The molecular structure printed on the socks makes it unique, while the material used is makes it comfortable to wear be at a long day at work or to be cozy at home while it’s cold outside.

  15. Molecule Wall Clock

    This wall clock is anything but conventional and has elements of the periodic table on it to help you tell time. It is geeky, nerdy and as strange as it is, the elements fit right into the clock giving it a distinct yet beautiful look. It would add a charm to any empty wall while bringing about a smile from anyone who looks at it for the first time.

  16. Molecules Scarf

    A scarf which is pretty, funky and nerdy all at the same time, this scarf makes for an amazing gift to any girl interested in chemistry. The vibrant colors are an instant attraction while the periodic table printed on it brings out the nerd in everybody.

  17. Molecules Spice Rack

    This spice rack could be used to house sugar, spice and everything nice. The set comes with test tubes and flasks which would give your kitchen a lab like look befitting for a space where chemistry does all the magic. Isn’t this an amazing gift ?

  18. Periodic Table Tie

    The periodic table and lab equipments all rolled into one and put together on a tie is what every science geek wants to wear and that’s exactly what we have got. The print on the tie is amazing, and the vibrant color brings out the best in any shirt you put it on.

  19. Water bottle/Thermos

    A water bottle that doubles up as a thermos is perfect for the science geeks you know. It not only fits in their bag but in their minds too with formulas printed all over it. This bottle is just meant to be with a person obsessed with science and all you have to do is unite them.

  20. Wine Glass

    A wine glass in the shape of a beaker is the true calling for any science nerd. Enjoy your evenings sipping your wine from this geeky yet classy glass which is sure to catch people’s attention and you could count on it to be a conversation starter.